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Peggy Atwood

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From New York to Nashville, New England to California, Europe to the Middle East, Atwood has followed her muse and participated in music scenes at home and abroad. Based in the roots music of Americana learned on the military bases, to the wailing of the minarets, her international upbringing exposed her to musical styles which she used to shape her unique personal sound.

From the age of six, Atwood sought out many forms of vocal expression to satisfy her passion for singing, from church choirs to ethnic toning, classical training to singing backup for hip-hop and rock bands. In college, she pioneered being a female DJ, exposing little-known artists, as well as running a campus coffee house and booking the live performances. She has continued to produce and perform in concerts, coffee houses, roadhouses and festivals. Lately, Atwood has been involved in a new group, “The Jesse Janes”, who recently opened for the subdudes in Woodstock, New York. Other “Janes” include folk-blues legend Elly Wininger, and the original biker goddess Terri Massardo.

With Grammmy-award winning co-producer John Guth (“Harry Potter” soundtrack), Atwood produced two of her own CDs, “Northern Country” and “Renegade of the Light Brigade”, which have received national and international airplay, as well as being used for background music for film and television in such diverse programming as Oprah to the Travel Channel. Critics and fans have sung her praises, citing everything from “She sings Patsy Cline better than Patsy Cline”, to “ . . . high notes like Joni Mitchell, low notes like Bessie Smith”. Atwood has graced the stage as opening act for Tom Pacheco, Rod MacDonald, John Hall, Eric Andersen, Livingston Taylor, Tom Paxton, Odetta, Pete Seeger, John Stewart and Ronnie Blakeley, and Bailey and The Boys, and has been on the bill with many other folk and country legends such as Joan Baez, Tom Rush and Don McLean.

When not working for the “greening” of New York state and promoting the alternative form of construction known as the “monolithic dome” (she has built one that she lives in high in the Catskills), Peggy continues to follow her passion for singing and writing songs of places and people who look a little deeper, laugh a little harder, love a bit too much; perhaps for a life that is somewhere in your dreams.

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