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Sista Soul UK

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Coming from Multi-Culti, Latino, Chinese, Caribbean culture was the birth of Sista Soul. Sista is born in London, England with Diploma in Performing Arts, Media & Marketing.

She had her own Advertising and Model Agency & specialized in Set, Choreography, Voicing, and Organisation & Presentation.

Her company worked with companies such as Mc Kann Eriksson with Brand names like “Maggi / Pepsi / Angostura / Vidal Sassoon / Pearl & Dean“.

She was make-up artist for film star Kadir Bedi: from the movie “Ashanti/Sando Khan“. She was well known in South America & Caribbean, where she produced and co-ordinated shows.

Later she returned to the place of her birth & was at the right time & at the right place, had the pleasure of being on stage with Jazzie B & Karen Wheeler. “Soul II Soul“ who had hits like “Back to Life“ and “Keep on Moving“.

Being an Agent of Talent extended her education in Stockholm, Sweden. In the Arts got involved in doing events in Asia, Scandinavia, Europe & Rest the world. She worked for Tour Agents with bands like Rolling Stones, Blackstreet, Warren G. & many others.

She then in Germany sang under the name “Sister Soul“. Westlake Studio & Andrew White (USA). Andrew was the one who gave her the name and with BMG Ariola as Label “Come into the Night“.

“Sista Soul“ her new cocoon composes, teaches voice (specializing in Power Voice, Phonetics), Make-up, Co-ordinates & Writes concepts for Events.

In Germany sang for VIP Parties for Günther Sax, Kitzbühl, Planet Hollywood, Valentinos, Pool Park, Bavaria Film Studio, Löwenbräu, Landeshauptamt Kirche (Gospel, Homeless, The Mission).

A Latin Lover by nature, a lover of understanding spirits writes her own lyrics for inner fullfillment and spreads passional philosophy with her magical voice with Gospel, Funk & Soul and now here with her new Album „Free my Soul“.

"For each tear that was shed beneath the surface are my friends which are but a few. My insides is like a fish heading upstream & I will continue to swim."

Love, Peace & Understanding with Communication.

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