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To book artists and talent such as JOEY LINDICY for your corporate event, private party, fundraiser, or club, just use our Talent Request Form or Contact us.
Joey Lindicy is the Creator and MasterMind of Los Abnormales of Comedy Latino Comedy Series, Joey has been the Host and M.C. of his Own Show While Traveling and performing in Comedy club venues throughout the New York/ Tri Srate area.

Joey got his start at Stand Up New York Comedy Club in NYC back in 1994 off of a dare from his friends from an add in the Village Voice, the add read " bring 3 friends and get 10 minutes of Stage time" , he took on the dare and the rest was HISTORY ! he learned from the BEST of the BEST during the early stages in his career and also being a pain in the BACK SIDE with the Clubs General Manager when it came to getting Stage time . Yep I just WOULD NOT GO AWAY !!

Joey is available for all types of Venues EXCEPT Kid Shows, I have 3 Boys of My own 16,14 & 9 , I REALLY enjoy and NEED the Time Away from the MANY headaches they Give me !

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