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Man of Rain

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Facial Appearance Man of Rain keeps a shaven head and a chinned beard at all times.

Man of Rain was born Monnapule Norman Nosi on April 24, 1974. He is a South African Singer and Songwriter. The name Monnapule, is derived from a Setswana phrase “Monna-wa-Pula”, which means "Man of Rain".

Early Life Monnapule was born in Kimberley, part of the Francis Baard District Municipality (Northern Cape Province) in South Africa. He matriculated at the St Boniface High School in 1993 and obtained a National Certificate (N5) in Marketing Management at the Northern Cape Technical College in 1996. He worked for Statistics South Africa, from 1996 to 2000 and later worked for the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature, from 2000 to present.

On 02 April 2003, Monnapule married Phumza Grace Nodom and in 2005, they were blessed with their first daughter, Karabo Nombulelo Nosi.

Music Career Monnapule has been an entertainer since the age of 9. He was inspired by various artists and bands such as Michael Jackson, Seal, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Marilyn Manson e.t.c.

In 1984, Monnapule and his other two classmates, Oupa Trevor Hlakudi and the late Neo Vernon Monchusi (May His Soul Rest In Peace), formed a dance group called Break Dancers. They performed at a Stoop Concert that was held at the Saint Theresa Hall (Saint Peter’s Church).

Between 1988 and 1992, Monnapule was a Michael Jackson Impersonator. During the same period, he was introduced to the music of Iron Maiden, Jethro Tull, Meat Loaf, Metallica and The Rolling Stones.

Monnapule’s love to write songs was inspired by his Grade Eight-English Teacher, Ms Salang. He was tasked to write a poetic dedication for the 1991 Mother’s Day Celebration. In 1992, Monnapule started to write his own songs.

In 1989, he joined Phakama Productions, which was led by Mr Isaac Tau (Bra Ike). Though he did not stay much long with the production, he managed to grasp a few basic Keyboard and Piano lessons from Bra Ike.

In 1997, Monnapule and his friends (John Diphahe, Piet Kok, Olebogeng Sebesho and Velile Nkosi) formed THE FUNK MASTERS Kwaito Group. The group recorded their first debut album in 1999 (titled Sgupu Sa Baloyi), at Warriors Recording Studio (Kimberley). The album was never released due to lack of further commitment from the group.

In 2001, Monnapule started a Man of Rain Solo Project in order to create the type of music that he has grown to love and understand, World Music. “I believe in the Freedom of Creating ones own style of music. I love to make music according to my understanding and my own creativity, not according to the rules and trends of the music industry”.

In 2008, Monnapule established his own label, Man of Rain Productions. The production is responsible for Music Composition and Recordings, Live Performances, Singing and Song-writing as well as Marketing and Distribution.

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