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Gary Draffin Bass & Vocals

Gary is the founding member and leader of THE CONTENDERS. In his career Gary has worked with some of the biggest and brightest stars in the business. His versatility always shows whenever he is on stage, with the ability to perform almost any style of music and sound authentic!along with a strong sense of SHOWMANSHIP! THE CONTENDERS are always a favorite in every venue in which they perform!

Gary has always strived to work with other musicians with the same goals, which has always lead to a winning combination!! Ray Still Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer & Vocals

Ray is a multi-talented entertainer with the ability to emulate the sounds of any musical instrument that a keyboard synthesizer can produce. This along with his extraordinary skills on the sax and his vocals makes Ray a top-notch entertainer!

Ray Still has been nick named "The Man of Still" due to his capability to do anything and everything with his Guitar Synthesizer. The audience is always mesmerized by his talent.

If you listened to The Contenders with your eyes closed, you would be carried away by what you would think is a six or seven piece band!

Ray also played alongside Gary Draffin with The Marvells, one of the top show bands in the country and has worked with a number of huge stars throughout his career. In a word, the description of Ray Still is.....AWESOME!!!!! Bubba Feathers, Guitar & Vocals

Charlie Feathers Jr.[Bubba] has also been in the music business all of his life. He started working with his father [THE LEGENDARY SUN STUDIO RECORDING ARTIST CHARLIE FEATHERS] as a young man.He,along with his dad, are honored in THE ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME! They performed all over the world headlining at major events and venues. Bubba is a true professional in every sense of the word. With his SHOWMANSHIP combined with his guitar playing abilities along with his excellent vocals go hand in hand with Gary and Ray, making The Contenders A WORLD CLASS BAND! Steve Alban, Drums

Steve and Gary became a team while playing in the World famous, THE BOX TOPS. They worked so well together that they decided to continue on as a team after THE BOX TOPS disbanded. Together with Ray Still they reformed The Contenders. It is uncanny the way that he and Gary work together, they are so tight it's like they can read each others minds!

Steve is also able to play any style of music and always sound authentic ! All eyes are on the stage when Steve performs a drum solo, its always something that makes you stand with your mouth open and wonder, WOW! that guy is AMAZING!!!He is famous for his ability to never make a mistake!

The combination of these four talented Entertainers make them a Hit at any venue that they perform!

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