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Swing in Time

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Swing-in-Time functions primarily as an instrumental group. However, they carry on the big-band tradition of accommodating and appearing with vocalists. With a variety of vocal styles including music from the books of Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble, Swing-in-Time is fully prepared to appear with skilled vocalists.

In 2006, bandleader and tenor saxophonist, Nathan Anderson, contracted himself and 6 other musicians to play for a series of swing dances for the University of Central Florida. After a few rehearsals and dances, the band got hip to the idea of organizing and forming a group. The band started assembling a music library filled with custom arrangements. Stronger than ever, Swing-in-Time began to pack dance halls in record numbers. Since then, Swing-in-Time has appeared in many nightspots around Orlando, notably the Fusian UltraLounge and Jazz & Samba Nights. Each new opportunity provided multiple new directions to explore, and has left Swing-in-Time to be an extremely versatile ensemble, never worried about pushing the envelope.

Swing-in-Time’s recording career evolves constantly. Music from the studio collaboration, “A Christmas Gift from the Family at the Sonic Cauldron,” was highly acclaimed in the holiday season of 2007. Combining with musicians such as Charlie DeChant, Kayleigh Baker and jazz legend Sam Rivers. Currently, Swing-in-Time is involved in a number of projects, including releasing a full-length album of completely new music. By concept a “small big-band,” Swing-in-Time features each musician as an integral part of the performance. Each of the musicians performing with the band is a highly skilled professional, and has an extensive resume. Swing-in-Time musicians have played with the grammy award winning Sam Rivers RivBea Orchestra, grammy-nominated Dan McMillion band, the Gerry Williams Band, the cartoon band phenomenon the “Outer Toons,” and many more.

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