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Frank Palangi

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Upstate, NY musician whose music ranges from acoustic rock to heavier flavors who performs, writes, and creates all his music, has been a blessing for him, Palangi said due to some of his past medical issues. Growing up with those hardships but overcoming them with the passion and drive for music.

As a writer, he says he focuses on creating songs people will want to hear over and over again. And nostalgia, he believes, is also an important facet of songwriting. “Music should be entertainment. The more you listen, the more you want,” Palangi said. “It's all about revisiting songs and remembering when you heard them in a certain time of your life – almost like a photo album.”

Palangi likes to perform as frequently as possible. He plays heavily in the area around Upstate, NY, the city he calls home. Any chance he gets to play either solo or with a live line-up, he rocks the house. With wanting to branch out with live shows in other states/tours... the future is wide open for this musician. His constant playing (and constant writing, recording, promoting too) are signs of his passion for music – something he believes is required for someone to be truly accomplished as a musical artist. “If you want to play music, it must be a passion and a drive. Practice is the key to getting better. I have no plan B in my quest in my career, this is what I want to do the rest of my life. Also songs need to bring a certain personality to them, a character so to speak. Every track is for me with personal meanings and the meaning of the listener."

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise and knock you off your course on to your heartfelt passion. I have no plan B in my path toward my career and always hard at work."

Songs are selling through major digital retails. Itunes/Amazon/Rhapsody/Napster/and many more digital retailers!

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