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David Ruffin JR

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Some call me "D-RUFF", Some call me "BAMBAM" and some family still call me "Little David" (The tallest man in the 6 foot 3 and ¾ tall, 229lbs! But I can’t complain…..I think deeply about being fortunate enuff to be called at all. I have been many places and seen lotsa things. I have known and know thousands of people. Every race and creed! (for real doe….lol) I could say, if I was being cocky, (which some say I am…but, I am just “knowing”), I could say that I have a lot of friends. And in light of the amount of trust that our countries don’t have for one another these days, I am glad to say that I have friends in far places.As for how life is treating me? Well, letz just say, that I am blessed to be in the race. Runnin around, like I’m crazy, tryin to WIN!! (you too right?) Cant stop now…….”keep on truckin”, like my Uncle Eddie says. My Father and Eddie Kendrick where like twins…(for real doughx2). Sad that some offspring of the Legends, Stars, Entertainers, Politicians,….you know people of an apparent “Status” of sorts, don’t know nor had the opportunity to know their Fathers (Mothers too, I’m sure)….. but I, DAVID RUFFIN JR. , was indeed blessed to know and love my Father. Lots of people ask….How was it to have him for a Father…..”whoa!!!..i’m thinking, when folkz ask me that. “it was cool, but not what’cha think” !!”Do you sing – do you sound like him”? But I respect and understand the expectations that have been placed upon me, but hopefully once they hear my voice on stage or in the studio it might become pleasantly obvious that I do my best to continue the RUFFIN Soul! I know, as the son of the late singer David Ruffin, the legendary former lead singer of the Temptations, that there will always be comparisons to my father’s greatness. While living up to such expectations would be a difficult task for some to handle, I, a native of Motown-Detroit have risen to the task more than a few, and is always striving to improve. Musically, creatively and mentally. Blessed with a first and second tenor and an equally powerful Baritone....I have had the opportunity to work with such stellar artists as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kurpurt, Daz, Nate Dogg (A Smoooove tone having mopho), Sisquo and Jazz of DruHill, Roscoe, Benzino, Dave Cochran DCX-(Mr Sax Sex), VNMG (Platinum Production!!), Capone! As well as local Detroit talent such as T. BASS Green (Platinum Bass Lix for Dayz), G-Dokes, Proof (R.I.P. Lil bro), 2WiseMen (UnderGround Kingz), Dave Mays, Amir, Young Ruff (My knuckle-head, HOT ON THE MIC Nephew), The Boss and Diamond (Under-rated MC). I have also performed with and opened for the legendary singing group, The Dramatics. As of 08, I have 15 songs ready and 22 independent recordings over the last four years, (twelve in the last 9 months) and came up with some new HEAT. As of recent, I'm going into a joint production with Doc Ross of Hidden Beach's "UNWRAPPED", to do 5 new songs a by spring.

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