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Joshua Price

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JOSHUA PRICE is a 20 year-old uprising independent musician based in southwest Florida. His songs capture listeners and bring hidden emotions deep in the heart to a surface where they are not alone. His musical style is best described as acoustic pop and each song is full of emotion and heartfelt lyrics that deal with personal issues such as suicide, love, racial difference, faith struggles and worship. Intimate words combined with beautiful melodies are Josh’s way of relating to others who deal with the same let downs and beauty in life. His casual yet energetic live performances allow him to connect with audiences on many levels. Joshua’s goal is to relate to individual audience members through his own life experiences expressed in truthful and melodious songs that leave them not only entertained, but also inspired to embrace and enjoy every aspect of life. His secret hobby of music performance turned into a passion after singing Happy Birthday at a friend’s party and amazing all listeners present. He was inspired and a month later, as a high school freshman, found himself in a chorus class with all girls. It was there his talent bloomed. After four years of Chorus concerts and punk rock bands Josh’s self motivation and surpassing passion to succeed caused him to turn his back on the seperate direction of his high-school band, SS Legend, and pick up an acoustic guitar. His guitar talent is self taught and is still in beginning stages but if told how long Josh has been playing any musician would be left wide eyed in disbelief. The same natural talent Josh showed in singing arose as he committed countless hours to his new love, his Alvarez acoustic/guitar. He was determined to be able to write and compose his own songs and within a week of learning his first chords, that’s exactly what he did. Joshua has recently been in the studio and is now working on completing his first album. Songwriting is a very personal process for Joshua Price. Each song has come from an important part of his life. Ranging from his everyday relationships to the beauty of Gods grace. Every lyric is a reflection of some moment of friendship, realization, grief, question, love and emotion that penetrate to the heart. Joshua has been a singer/ songwriter for nearly 4 years now and hopes to continue for the rest of his life. He says that if he never tried to take his God given talent and his intense passion all the way that he would always regret what might have been. So he pressed on in his pursuit to the top to see what might be.

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