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The Gentling

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The Gentling ? Don't let the title fool you. The Gentling is anything but a soft band. Sure, the group's music is full of solid melodies and songwriting lushness and the grooves and textures have a siren's allure. But there's plenty of muscle driving this Female-fronted hard rock act. This is music with a woman's touch and it's a touch that'll bring you to your knees.

Music is all about emotion and the emotions generated by The Gentling's potent songcraft are ones of high energy. It's an emotional wallop this band is packing and when the music smacks you down, it will inspire a sense of self-empowerment, righteous anger and pure, adrenaline-fueled excitement. The Gentling ain't messin' around

The Gentling believes that the secret to making fans happy is for the band to satisfy itself. “Be true to yourself and create what makes you happy.” The creative process will never reach its full potential if musicians are attempting to pigeon-hole themselves into fitting a mold that is at odds with their artistry. So The Gentling never does that to itself. Instead, it focuses on purity of creative flow and the making of songs that bring self-gratification and therefore fan satisfaction.

The Gentling has opened for Life of Agony, Kill Hannah, Strata and Suicide City. A number of gigs throughout New York are on the table and new songs are being worked on every day. “We just got out of the studio with nine songs recorded by Sean Hansen of The Ataris.” The new CD is ironically entitled “Hush.”

“The Gentling sneaks up on the listener with a satirical (and awesome) band name – the moniker attached to music that is uncompromising and heavy but always conscious of well-honed songwriting.” - A&R Select

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