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Emerging from the hardcore underground scene of Los Angeles, BLAXMYTH represents an alternative to popular, commercial music while introducing a brand new sound/style/genre/movement to the willing urban music masses. BLAXMYTH is the hybrid offspring band originally formed by the late, great Dennis ‘D-Roc the Executioner’ Miles from the legendary group, BODYCOUNT. Spiritually wounded by D-Roc’s fateful passing front man Henry Haraway aka “Sackraphyce” reformed & reloaded the band with new members, spirit, purpose and mission.

Since then, they have rocked every major S. Cali club as well as major stages such as ‘The Smoke Out Tour’, ‘The Panasonic Shockwave Core Tour’ and The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They were recently voted national finalists in the ‘2006 Energizer Titanium E2 Best New Song Contest'. They have just been nominated for 'Best New Band' and "Best Underground Band' for the 2006 Rock City News Magazine "Rockies" and have been voted 'Best Live Band' by the top S. California music & culture magazines.

BLAXMYTH were stars of this past summer’s national reality TV series & finalists in the ‘BODOG Music $1 Million Battle of the Bands’ competition; defeating over 7,500 indie bands nationwide.

GHETTO METAL is a perfect melodic fusion of the most gritty and powerful forms of music: alternative rock, heavy metal, funk, blues, rap and hip-hop. The rhythms are vibrant, melodic, infectious, tribal and brilliantly crucial. The lyrics reveal the desperate quest for life’s understanding, human relations, true love, peace, tolerance and civil liberty amid the merciless tyranny, autocratic regimes and political monopolies prevalent throughout this world.

The GHETTO METAL ‘gospel’ is much more than just prophetic & passionate libretto blended perfectly over daring, orchestrated street symphonies. It is motivating analytical meanings cleverly woven within passionate, defiant messages. It introduces a revolutionary way of thinking & living and is the core foundation of our socio-political movement.

The BLAXMYTH name, image, logo and movement represent powerful radical ideals, re-education & enlightenment and the reclaiming of personal freedoms. Musical legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Bob Marley, George Clinton, Fishbone, Bad Brains, Public Enemy, U2, Paris, NWA, Rage Against The Machine, Spearhead and Tupac Shakur are a select few that have sacrificed and paved the way for the modern conscious, radical artist. This has motivated BLAXMYTH to resurrect and redefine the new urban rock sound & carry the torch onto the next generation.

Soon it will be known worldwide that BLAXMYTH is the messenger to the people & ambassador to the volatile streets and that ‘Ghetto Metal Gospel’ is the scripture for how to survive them.

Introducing: BLAXMYTH

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