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Dennis Kinch

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Dennis Kinch is one of the most “down to earth” lecturers and patient level pain management consultants in the US. He has helped thousands of individuals become winners over their pain. He has studied and counseled leaders in the pain treatment field from patient groups to professionals. Dennis is the most important voice of the patient to come along... ever. He is the author of 2 non-fiction books: “Journey through Pain, the Walk for Healing”, “America, 3000 Miles on Foot, the film”, “The Answer Lies Within”, and other pain educational materials. There is also ...a magazine, “Patient to Patient, again, designed to interpret professional articles and information into language that can be understood by all. That is the premise of everything Dennis does, “street level understanding of how positivity and other self empowerment tools, can make you stronger and more vital than you've ever been, even with a permanent, very painful disease. Dennis did more than just talk the talk, he walked the walk, spending one year of his life, after the worst year of his life, learning and doing, meeting and greeting. He learned about the Pain Cycle and discovered a way out, an inner secret that we can all use. His talking ventures far beyond pain and shows us how to turn down the negative amplifier which influences our path and destroys our dream.

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