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Jennifer Hill & Co.

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I am not really one to talk too much about myself...I would like to let the music do the talking.

I have been driven by this force my whole life... sang in my community as a kid...majored in it in college...teach it as a private teacher...and dream of it every night.

Music is the reason I was created.

Sometimes I joke that it is a curse and a gift all at once. I don't live the same life as a lot of people doing the "normal thing." and some days I let my frustrations get the best of me. The difference is that the frustrations I experience...(or love or joy or pain...) will turn into a song and I will release it. I will use it as a tool to help others. I will let you listen to my life and hope that you will see that we are all the same, just people with emotions and busy lives who just want a second to sit and relax and not think...just be. I could tell you about the arenas that I've sung to 60,000 people in, and all the years I've struggled to get myself out there... or I could just say....SHHHHH Listen...and let my lyrics tell you the rest.

I hope you love it...visit me again!

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