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Thank You for Helping Tom and Annie Pacheco
April 28, 2019

UPDATE April 28: The GoFundMe page reached it’s target of $15,000. Thanks so much to all who contributed. 


Anyone who has had the inspiring, touching and universally human pleasure of listening to Tom Pacheco's music, and knowing the man himself, would be hard-pressed to describe those experiences any other way. Even though his career was born on 1960s Bleeker St., was marked on the calendar as recently as this past December, and is one that's traversed locations as far-flung as Norway, England, Scotland, Wales, and uh... Rosendale, we can happily and proudly claim him as OURS, a community member, friend, and beloved national and international treasure. Tom has written, collaborated, and performed with such luminous partners as Pete Seeger, The Band (Jubilation, Woodstock Winter) Steinar Albrigtsen, Tom Kimmel and Jay Unger...Richie Havens, Tom Russell, Jefferson Starship, and many others have had success with his songs.

On this very site, Gary Alexander very precisely drew a bead on Tom when he wrote:

“We don't have to tell're already in on the secret or you wouldn't be reading this now...Tom Pacheco is a unique and imaginative songwriter cast in a troubadoring tradition that stretches back, sometimes heroically, through centuries of song, launching poetic comment upon the tides of the time, the flavors of life, and all the wonders of its circumstances.”

Life's circumstances indeed.

 As for many of us, life can present challenges; it has for Tom in the last several years. While internet platforms for performing arts, music in particular, are almost always wondrous sites for discovery and enjoyment, and have made manifest revelations about and given exposure to fine new artists, there are other considerations that may affect the way in which recording contracts, royalty agreements, and promotional campaigns are carried out; in some cases, even venue bookings take into consideration an artist's presence online. Tom has felt some of that. Taken together with the decades-long disability of his wife of thirty-six years and his devotion to her, the ever-rising costs of daily life, and status as a senior member of the community, both privately and professionally, things have tallied up in the “difficult” column of life's ledger.

In one of those life circumstances almost worthy of one of Tom's songs, during a nor'easter on January 20, a 200 foot, 100+ year-old pine tree split vertically and violently crashed into his yard, ruining his car, slashing electrical service equipment (most of which is considered “personal property of the homeowner,”) damaged portions of the roof, caused mechanical issues with an aging furnace due to many hours without an electical supply, and damaged some internal pipes in sub-zero weather. Mitigation of the tree disaster alone is extremely expensive.  The expenses are just beginning to mount and there will be more....all this was..literally...on top of other difficult situations.

As many of us know, Tom has done countless benefits to help others, women's shelters, individuals, Family of Woodstock, etc., he's always among the first asked to perform and would be the last to ever say “No.”  A Go Fund Me campaign for Tom and Annie is underway to help him not only with the tree disaster but to also help alleviate some other significant burdens. They really need everyone's help and I think most would agree, are truly deserving of what we can give back.

To Donate

Donations are being accepted through the "Go Fund Me" site. Go Fund Me is a safe, efficient, and really wonderful way to donate.

Click here to donate via GoFundMe

However, you may also send a check. 
Make checks payable to “Friends of Tom Pacheco” and mail it to:

D. Bryan
P.O. Box 25
West Shokan, NY  12494

Many thanks in advance for continued love and support. Let's please honor Tom's own generosity and the pleasure he has given so many by reaching our hands out to help at a time it is really necessary. They are very moved by what is underway on their behalf, let's get together and blow their minds...I know we can.

— Donna Bryan

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