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Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book  Swearingen, Beedle as Simon & Garfunkel”

AJ Swearingen and Jonathan Beedle as “Simon & Garfunkel”
AJ Swearingen and Jonathan Beedle as “Simon & Garfunkel”
Swearingen, Beedle as Simon & Garfunkel”
AJ Swearingen and Jonathan Beedle have been performing this remarkable tribute to the music of “Simon & Garfunkel” for more than a decade and their sold out shows prove the effect on their audiences is undeniable. A chance meeting in 1991, in a local club in Bethlehem, PA, brought these two talented artists together. A brief introduction and moments later they were blending their voices as if they had been performing together for a lifetime. AJ’s warm baritone and Jonathan’s soaring tenor combine flawlessly to capture the essence and magic of “Simon & Garfunkel’s” sound of the early years in Greenwich Village. With a quiet stage and an acoustic guitar, A.J. and Jonathan re-create the memories of the classic hits and obscure songs of “Simon & Garfunkel.” Discover why audiences are cheering for this duo as they capture —the magic of “Simon and Garfunkel.”


Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Kings Of Classic Rock
The Kings Of Classic Rock
They aren’t household names. . . . but they’ve shared the stage with lots of them. You’ve definitely seen or heard one or more of these guys at some point, either in concert, on TV, or on a CD or DVD. For over 25 years the members of The Kings Of Classic Rock have played for many of the great legends in rock, both in concert and in the studio.

They’ve toured and/or recorded with bands such as Iron Butterfly, The Animals, Edgar Winter, Sheryl Crow, The Fixx, Tears For Fears, Paul Revere and The Raiders, Vanilla Fudge, Genesis, Chuck Berry, Meatloaf, Percy Sledge, Lita Ford, Peter Gabriel, Olivia Newton John, Spencer Davis, Gary Myrick and The Figures, Loverboy, Buddy Miles, Manhattan Transfer, Thelma Houston, Jennifer Love Hewitt, DeBarge, Sugarloaf, Bobby Kimball and Simon Phillips (Toto), The British Rock Symphony, Brand X, Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Robbie Krieger (The Doors), Eddie Van Halen, Steve Lukather (Toto), Brian Auger, Jonatha Brooke, Glenn Shorrock (Little River Band), Dwight Twilley, Walter Trout, Eric Sardinas and more.

The Kings Of Classic Rock met while playing for Eric Burdon and The Animals, and a strong musical bond was forged. After years of very successful worldwide touring, the guys felt that somehow they had to stay together rather than go their separate ways and end up playing as hired guns for other artists as they had done for so many years.

So “The Kings Of Classic Rock” was born. The concept was simple; play the very best songs from each of their former bands, throw in some other great songs from the era, and create an irresistible set, as much fun to listen to as it is for them to play, and make it appealing to anyone who is a fan of rock music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

In addition to lots of touring, you’ve seen and heard them with their previous bands on numerous VH1 and MTV music videos, VH1 documentaries “Storytellers” and “Behind The Music”, PBS music specials, concert DVDs and many music CDs. With all this combined experience in front of an infinite variety of audiences, The Kings Of Classic Rock know how to deliver an entertaining, dynamic and powerful performance packed with hit after hit. The band was put together with the intention of being the ultimate classic rock band, and they are guaranteed to leave a great, unforgettable impression at corporate events, festivals and concert showrooms.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Ballroom Blitz
Ballroom Blitz
Ballroom Blitz Bio Ken Tamplin has always been referred to as a “singer’s singer” with vocal references to his cousin Sammy Hagar, while guitarists have hailed his playing, songwriting and production in equality to some of the biggest names in the business. Ken’s past successes, such as his highly acclaimed groups Shout and Magdallan, has continued to expanded horizons for Tamplin to be asked to sing for such groups as, Foreigner, Motley Crue, INXS, Skunk Baxter, Jeff Lynn (ELO), Geazer Butler (Black Sabbath), Accept, and even Peter Frampton.

Ken has performed in arenas all over the world including the Monsters Of Rock festival touring with Ozzy Osborne, Bon Jovi, The Scorpions, Def Leopard, Judas Priest and has even headlined for the President at the Phoenix Memorial Coliseum and for Governor Arnie for the RNC at Madison Square Gardens.

Ken’s group “Ballroom Blitz” has been featured in major feature films such as The Punisher, Inspector Gadget, The Perfect Storm, The Waterboy, Charlie’s Angels, Mod Squad, Wild America, Major League III as well as TV series’ such as Laguna Beach, The O.C., MTV’s The Real World, The Hills, Melrose Place, 90210, The X-Files, Baywatch, the theme for Ace Ventura (Nickelodeon), Spin City, On Disney Now!, and Entertainment Tonight.

His band features world renown players that have performed with:

Temptations, O’Jays, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Quincy Jones,

Natalie Cole, The Manhattan Transfer, Frank Sinatra, Lionel Richie, En Vogue, Patti La Belle, Lou Rawls, David Foster, Maya, Janet Jackson, Glenn Hughes, The Zippers, Haute Chili, Brothers Johnson, Coolio, Sophie B. Hawkins, Sheena Easton, Stanley Clarke, George Duke and many many others.

Ken has many accomplishments with his musical groups over the years such as:

Dove Awards (Grammies) for “Best Metal Group” 1994, “Best Metal Album” 1989, “Best Metal Song” 1987.

Ken’s group has also had music placed in major TV ads such as:






















CCM Rock/Metal Chart #1 Singles

1995 TAMPLIN “Testify”

1992 MAGDALLAN “Big Bang”

1992 MAGDALLAN “Radio Bikini”

1992 MAGDALLAN “House of Dreams”

1991 TAMPLIN “Love’s Eternal Road”

1990 TAMPLIN “Livin’”

1989 SHOUT “In Your Face”

1989 SHOUT “Give Me An Answer”

1988 SHOUT “Find A Way”

1988 SHOUT “It Won’t Be Long”

1988 SHOUT “Shout”

1988 SHOUT “Winners or Losers”

Video Airplay


TAMPLIN “Dancing on a Volcano” TAMPLIN “Slavetrade”


TAMPLIN “Livin’”

VARIOUS “Hot Metal IV”

SHOUT “Give Me An Answer”

SHOUT “Live In Europe”


HONDA MOTOR COMPANY 2001 “Stand By Me” With Ken Tamplin

HONDA MOTOR COMPANY 2000 “The Way You Feel About It”


HONDA MOTOR COMPANY 2000 “Life” Starring Ashley Judd

MATTEL 2000 “Slammers”

HONDA MOTOR COMPANY 1999 “Zed” with ZZ Top

NISSAN 1998 “Mania” With Infectious Grooves

JAPAN AIRLINES 1992 “Found A Better Way, It’s JAL”

SHAKEY’S PIZZA 1994 “Have Fun At Shakey’s”

LUX SHAMPOO 1993 “The Difference Is You”

MILLER BREWING COMPANY 1992 “It’s Miller” With Ken Tamplin

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Murali Coryell

Murali Coryell
Murali Coryell
Murali Coryell
Murali Coryell

Son of jazz-rock fusion guitar legend Larry Coryell and author/actress Julie Coryell, contemporary soul blues artist Murali Coryell grew up surrounded by great music - by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis and Carlos Santana. Murali began playing drums at age 8 and continued through junior high school. He started playing guitar after discovering the blues in his early teens. "I was into the music of Led Zeppelin, particularly a minor blues tune called 'Since I've Been Loving You'. My dad told me if I wanted to hearsome REAL blues to get B.B. King's 'Live At The Regal' which to this day, I consider one of the greatest recordings ever made. The emotion and sadness in B.B. King's voice and guitar really spoke to me. That's When I first picked up a guitar." He took lessons for a while but picked up most of what he learned from listening to the music of other blues guitar greats...besides B.B., from early Clapton, Albert Collins, Jimi Hendrix and Albert King. The big turning point in Murali's musical career came at age 15 when he attended the National Guitar Summer Workshop in Connecticut. "For the first time in my life I got serious about my music. I started playing all the time. I got into jazz." He joined a jazz ensemble at college, studied classical guitar and graduated with a degree in music theory and composition. He founded a soul/blues band, The Ambassadors, in upstate New York in the late 80s. The band quickly became a regional favorite in New York's Hudson Valley area. In the summer of '94, while a faculty member at the Guitar Workshop, Murali met Duke Robillard who was teaching a master class. Robillard heard me sing at a concert and asked to sit in with my band. He called me a month later and hired me as second guitarist for his upcoming world tour. He featured me on a couple of vocal tunes, Ray Charles' 'I Got A Woman' and Albert King's 'The Hunter'". Soon after, Murali was signed by the fledgling Big Mo Records label as a solo artist resulting in his Stax/Volt influenced debut CD, “Eyes Wide Open” In 1999 Murali recorded “2120” for Marshall Chess' CZYZ label. Rolling Stone magazine named Murali “One promising new hound”. Since that time he's released several albums including 2003's "Strong As I Need To Be", 2005's "The Future Of Blues", the solo acoustic album "Don't Blame It On Me" in 2007, 2008's "The Same Damn Thing" and 2009's "Sugar Lips" as well as a collaboration with his father Larry and brother Julian "The Coryells" (2000/Chesky Records). In additon to performing with his own group, Murali has toured as a featured artist with award winning blues artist Joe Louis Walker and his father, jazz guitar legend Larry Coryell. "He can play beer-soaked blues until last call, and he can also hang with more pop-tinged material-think a grittier, bluesier John Mayer." (Mark Uricheck/Living Blues"

Murali Coryell is known to some as jazz guitar legend Larry Coryell's son, to others he is known as "blues master". Other people call him the "soul man," and yet he can also be seen performing salsa or singing the American and Canadian national anthems at sporting events. The truth is Murali Coryell is all these things and more. One thing everyone can agree upon is that Murali has the voice which invigorates the music whatever type of material he is performing as one fan wrote, "has no explanation, but none is needed once you hear and understand." Murali Coryell was born in NYC October 27, 1969. During Murali's infancy the family moved around a lot living for a time in Scotland with bassist/vocalist Jack Bruce and in California with guitarist Carlos Santana. When Larry's career took off the family moved to a farm in Doylestown, PA where Murali's brother, Julian, was born in 1973. Then moved to Wilton, CT in 1975 and eventually settling in Westport, CT where Murali graduated from Staples High School in 1987. Vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, producer and record label owner Murali Coryell graduated with honors in 1992 from S.U.N.Y. New Paltz. There he studied languages and earned a B.A. degree in music theory and composition. Murali is fluent in French and Spanish and is able to read and speak many languages including Russian and Arabic. He also has a background in acting and theater. Among his first professional jobs were stints as guitarist for folk singer Richie Havens in 1993 and then as guitarist and sometime vocalist for blues man Duke Robillard in 1994. Shortly thereafter, Murali signed his first record deal which resulted in the debut CD "Eyes Wide Open" (released in 1995 and later re-issued in 2000) featuring songs written by Murali influenced by R&B of the 1960's and 70's. Mark Scheerer for CNN's "Showbiz Today" was impressed with a live performance and did a piece on Murali which aired April 15, 1997. Like his mentor Miles Davis, Murali has long had his own melodic and harmonic concept which has been shaped by his own unique musical and life experience. For this reason Murali is credited as producer or co-producer on all recordings that bear his name. Murali would rather not be categorized but would prefer to be recognized as an artist, who as one fan posted on "...has unparalleled rhythm and harmony sense no matter what form of music he touches." 1999 saw the release of "2120" (CZYZ Records). Executively produced by Marshall Chess (formerly of Chess and Rolling Stones Records), "2120" garnered a glowing three star review in Rolling Stone and drew comparisons to Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding in a New York Times review. In 2000 the release of "The Coryell's" (Chesky Records) chronicled the long awaited collaboration with father Larry and brother Julian in an acoustic exploration of blues and jazz.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Oneders (the full band!)

That Thing You Do! *
That Thing You Do! *
What's Going On
New Promo Video
That Thing You Do!
The Oneders (the full band!)
The Oneders (the full band!) The "One-Hit Oneders Revue" features Scott Rogness and Rick Elias , songwriting partners and bandmates since being introduced through Geffen Records in Los Angeles. Years later, their musical partnership and songwriting skills so impressed Tom Hanks, they were asked to read his script and "write whatever you want." The result was the creation of five songs that mimicked the sound of 1964 for Hanks' film THAT THING YOU DO!

As Scott puts it: "Rick and I were asked to create music for THE WONDERS, a band that would have been on the Billboard charts in 1964. So the songs had to have elements of all those great '60's bands, from the Stones, to The Beatles, The Kinks, and American Bands like the Knickerbockers, The Standells, Nashville Teens and the like. The music became a hybrid mix that took you back into that period and really propelled the energy of the soundtrack."

At one point, Tom Hanks and Producer Gary Goetzman needed one more song. They gave Scott and Rick a title and a deadline: "write a song called Let Me Be The One and bring it back tomorrow." They exited to a hotel room to create something and personally auditioned it for Hanks the next day! That is the kind of pressure and excitement that circled this project.

Rick was responsible for the guitar work on their songs and others as well as the classic 12-string guitar parts. Rick has also been a successful recording artist in his own right and a member of the late Christian artist Rich Mullins Ragamuffin Band. His is also a much in-demand producer in Nashville.

Scott contributed lead and background vocals in the film and soundtrack. He is the singing voice of Lenny, the young guitarist of The Wonders. Scott has been an accomplished songwriter/musician for years. He has done extensive vocal session work and continues to ride on Rick's coattails.

In 2002, Tom Hanks' production company PLAYTONE, called to say: "we're dropping one of your songs into this little independent film we're producing." Scott and Rick didn't think much more about it until it turn out to be the biggest grossing independent film of all time - MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING.

THAT THING YOU DO! continues to grow in cult status and is still broadcast on VH1's Movies that Rock and regularly on HBO.

The "One-Hit Oneders Revue" is a rare opportunity to hear songs from the film, songs by the original songwriters. They also take you on a journey through one-hit wonders from the 60's, 70's and into the 80's. It's a rock solid band of great musicians.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Michael St. Angel

Michael St. Angel
Michael St. Angel is The Elvis Entertainer for all occasions. Not only does Michael have the Look and the Moves, most importantly Michael St. Angel has The Voice, making his performance and presentation a valued and professional production from start to finish. Michael has an eye for detail and that is obvious in the first few minutes of his taking the stage (all areas of his wardrobe are exact replicas of Elvis' and his moves on stage are clearly reminiscent of the King's own shoulder-shaking, hip-swiveling, arm-lassoing frolics from his movie years in the 50's and 60's and live concerts in the 1970's). His tribute is one of great respect and sincerity, and his own character comes shining through with his colorful personality and sense of humor that immediately captivates his audiences.

In addition to private shows and public events at banquet halls, nightclubs and restaurants all over Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana, Michael has also had the pleasure of performing at esteemed venues such as the RAVE CONCERT HALL in Milwaukee and the VIC THEATRE in Chicago. Additionally, he has entertained and impressed audiences of thousands at professional sports stadiums such as the SEARS CENTRE ARENA, the UNITED CENTER for the Chicago Bulls game and CELLULAR FIELD for the Chicago White Sox game. Michael's credentials also include him being interviewed and filmed for a television special which aired on FOX NEWS the week of Elvis's birthday and that showcased his story as an entertainer and Elvis Tribute Artist.

Whatever the situation calls for, Michael will be sure to accommodate your requests. His shows can include an abbreviated, yet exciting guest spot; a 60-80 minute high-energy set of classic Elvis songs- essential Elvis rockers and romantic ballads alike- in the style of one of Elvis' live Las Vegas concerts; or multiple hour-long sets, along with costume changes, covering his most famous songs spanning all eras of Elvis' blessed career. Live band options are also available. His show can be specifically tailored to completely satisfy your needs on all fronts.

If you are looking for Elvis entertainment for your corporate event, summer festival, wedding or birthday party, any occasion or event at all, look no further than Michael St. Angel, The Elvis Entertainer.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book ANTHONY AQUARIUS MYSTERY

Anthony Aquarius Mystery captures the Essence of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Anthony, the lead of this three piece-ensemble has distinguished himself with his electrified "Rock" as well as playing left handed. His original music has been said to start where Jimi left off. His repertoire includes all hendrix Tunes. Anthony Aquarius is an exact replica of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, sound as well as look.

ANTHONY AQUARIUS MYSTERY A Jimi Hendrix Experience Performance Artist * Guitarist * Vocalist ANTHONY AQUARIUS Date of Birth: February 8 Place of Birth: Youngstown, Ohio Height: 5' 11" Eyes: Brown Weight: 155 lbs Hair: Black

Films: Role: Produced By: "Jimi" A Musical Film Fantasy Jimi Hendrix Joy Productions Phoenix, AZ The making of "Jimi" Jimi Hendrix HBO "Special" Three Umbrellas in Central Park Jimi Hendrix Gideon, NYU Last Stop Before the Train Jimi Hendrix Jerome Preston Bates, NY

Theatre: Women in the Life of Hendrix Jimi Hendrix Barefoot Ballroom Off Broadway, NY Recordings: Soundtrack "Jimi" Joy Productions Phoenix, AZ Anthony Aquarius & The Shrangra-La Band Zurich, Switzerland Live at the Hartley Atlanta, GA Anthony Aquarius Mystery "Nocturnal Visit" Youngstown, OH

Interviews: Source: Entertainment Tonight Television Pheonix, AZ Straight Ahead Magazine Magazine New York, NY The Village Voice Newspaper New York, NY WRBP Radio Youngstown, OH

Performances: Los Angeles: Ohio: Long Beach Naval Academy Cleveland Stadium The Hollywood Argyle Clevland Convocation Center The Butterfly Club Cafaro Field Stadium "Budweiser" Frogs Northeast Ohio Circuit Tour New York: Bond Street Cafe Kenny's Cast-A-Ways Sun Mountain Cafe The Speakeasy Cafe Wha Washington Square The Village Gate Flannerys

Anthony Aquarius Mystery captures the Essence of The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Anthony, the lead of this three-piece ensemble has distinguished himself with his electrified "Rock" as well as playing left handed. His original music has been said to start where Jimi left off. His repertoire includes all Hendrix and classic songs from the Sixties and Motown.He embraces songs by Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn.


Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Turnstiles A tribute To Billy Joel

Turnstiles A tribute To Billy Joel
Turnstiles Debut Show from Pineapple Groove
Turnstiles A tribute To Billy Joel

TONY MONACO- Piano, Lead vocals

Tony was born into a musical family and began his musical journey at the age of 8. While he was fascinated with the piano, the guitar was a more realistic financial option. As a result, Tony studied guitar with his Father, Pat Monaco, and played it as his main instrument until the age of 13, winning both regional and national guitar competitions.

Over the years, his love for keyboards was rekindled when he fell in love with the Hammond organ which eventually led him back to his first love, the piano. He studied piano with many private teachers but credits Dave Frank (world renowned jazz pianist) for really focusing his efforts. As a result, many of his influences were jazz artists. However, when a close friend suggested he listen to more artists like Billy Joel, he reluctantly did so and to his surprise, he became enamored with the genius of Billy Joel. Billy’s piano style was one that Tony not only found inspiring, but also easier to relate what he learned from emulating Billy’s licks and listening to his lyrics to his efforts as an aspiring singer-songwriter with his own band, Thrills (As a member of Thrills, Tony did extensive recording and touring, opening for bands such as Foreigner, Quarterflash, Nick Lowe, Juice Newton, and Orleans). In the years following, Tony played with many of Long Island’s top bands and then in 1993, he formed what he believes was one of the first tributes to the piano man, “Stormfront”, which earned him an audition for the traveling production of the Broadway show, “Movin’ Out”.

Now residing in South Florida, Tony has decided to once again pay tribute to the music and man that has been such an influence in his musical life. In addition, with the formation of “Turnstiles”, he has been reunited with his life long friend and former band mate from Thrills, Dave Fullerton. Dave along with both new and old friends has now joined forces with Tony to bring this band to life for all Billy Joel fans to enjoy!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book NATASHA JAMES

natashajamesmusic's Channel

"Tequila Time is a very strong band playing music…a group of solid songs and sung by a lady with a message. That message is delivered by one of the best California troubadours to come from the West Coast in years. Laid back vocals throughout gives a feel that she could have come from just down the road. The spirit of Gram Parsons lives on in California music. A laid back, feel-good listen." – Jerry Henry - PLANET WEEKLY

Natasha James Interviewed Live Over KSVY 91.3 FM/Thursday, April 28@8:05 A.M.; Premiere Airing Of “My Country Has the Blues” In Advance Of It’s Radio Release Date!!

(SONOMA, CA) - Natasha James, one of the most compelling artists in the world of Americana/Roots/ Country music, returns with "MY COUNTRY HAS THE BLUES" (Highway One Records), the first single from the forthcoming album of the same name and follow-up to her critically-acclaimed and award-winning CD, "Tequila Time."

Natasha James is interviewed live by Ken Brown, Host of "Mornings In Sonoma," (heard over KSVY 91.3 FM), this Thursday, April 28 at 8:05 a.m. The program is also broadcast on SVTV Channel 27 and streamed on Call in live: (707) 933-3133. This will be the premiere airing of James' new song "My Country Has The Blues" in advance of its radio release date.

Produced in conjunction with Stephen Hart (White Stripes, Neville Brothers, John Lee Hooker) at The Site Recording in Marin County, engineered by Ronnie Rivera, and mastered by four-time Grammy winner Gavin Lurssen, "My Country Has The Blues" is a timely anthem for what is happening all around us in our country, a catchy tune with James' unique Americana blend of country, blues, roots, and rock.

My country has the blues / she's just like me and you

She's trying hard but she's confused / we better help her to get through

Instead of standing on the sidelines / we better get some guidelines

Instead of criticizing / we better start uniting

In "My Country Has The Blues," James once again shows us she has her finger on the pulse of the human condition, with lyrics as insightful as they are timely and universal, and married to an infectious musical track guaranteed to have you singing along, with the words running in your head long after the song has ended.

Recently back from a successful whirlwind European Tour that may also spawn a live album, James will shortly embark on some selected Northern California dates in support of "My Country..." Listen to Natasha performing live at the BlueBird Café’ in Europe, February, 2011.

James has recently enjoyed extensive European radio airplay on stations including Radio Eurohertz ("Doc Shultze Country Time" program); and "Country Time (UKW 88.0), as well as European station and website, Tell Them Country (read an interview with James by Tell Them Country's Sara Haskell).

Domestically, James was recently profiled on “The Wimmin’s Show” heard over 89.3 FM in Lincoln, NB along with fellow blues divas, Shemekia Copeland and Janiva Magness “Tequila Time” was played in its entirety on

Released in 2009, “Tequila Time” garnered James high acclaim and international airplay, making the top 5 of multiple formats in the charts. It also received favorable reviews from some of the most high-profile music publications both in the States and abroad (OUTLAW; MAVERICK; MUSIC CONNECTION; CASHBOX to name a few) as well as virtually every Nashville-based publication (MUSIC NEWS NASHVILLE; NASHVILLE GAB; NASHVILLE COUNTRY CLUB; COUNTRY ENTERTAINMENT USA). Tequila Time was honored as "Country Album of the Year" by the Los Angeles Music Awards in 2009, with James winning "Producer's Choice: Country Songwriter of the Year" at the 2010 LAMA's.

In addition to this eagerly-awaited and timely single, James is also currently writing music for some upcoming reality television shows produced by Dennis Gelbaum.

TEQUILA TIME was engineered by Ronnie Rivera (Lisa Marie Presley) and mastered by Grammy award winner Gavin Lurssen (Krauss/Plant, “Raising Sand.”)

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Rick Ferrusi Presents: with BIG BANG THEORY

Alive and Kickin'
Honey Dipper
Rick Ferrusi Presents: with BIG BANG THEORY,
Rick Ferrusi Presents
Rick Ferrusi Presents: with BIG BANG THEORY
Rick Ferrusi Presents: with BIG BANG THEORY, Original Members of National Recording Artist, D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival) ®. Rick Ferrusi on the drums, and Mike Lepond, the Bassist of D.O.A. and Symphony X, along with Tommy Dee, the Lead Vocalist of D.O.A. on Guitar, Keys and Vocals, known for their (Dead On Arrival / Alive and Kickin') world wide release CD. Including: Donnie Shickle as the Lead Vocalist fronting the band, also with Lead Guitarist Gary Cappuccio, wailing his amazing lead guitar riffs. Covering, (Classic Rock ) and (Modern Rock) also songs of the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's to Present with a Modern Edge. BIG BANG THEORY is a rock cover band out of Middletown, N.Y. They put this project together to create an ultimate arena rock style party band, and gig the northeast as much as possible. They have over 180 songs under their repertoire, including classic rock, new rock, 80’s metal, even oldies from the 50’s and 60’s. BBT's members come from a hard rock / heavy metal background, so they're always putting their own influences on their renditions of the songs they perform. They are also known for breaking into wild ad lib jams during their live Arena Rock type sessions. They like to give their fans rockin’ versions of their old favorites, but also creating something new and unheard of at every show!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Stevie B
Stevie B
Hit songs 'Party Your Body', 'Dreamin' Of Love', 'Spring Love', 'I Wanna Be The One', 'Love Me For Life'.

A New era of dance music was born when Miami native Stevie B's first independently release single, "Party Your Body", hit South Florida's glittering club scene in 1987. After years spent paying his dues doing everything for mowing lawns to washing cars, Stevie B's skills as a writer, producer and performer thrust him into the pop spotlight. "Party Your Body" worked its way up across America, eventually selling over 200,000 copies, an amazing achievement for an independently released single. This success paved the way for Stevie B's debut album, "Party Your Body". The album gave birth to two more hit singles, "Dreamin' Of Love" and "Spring Love," which propelled the album to RIAA Platinum status.

in 1989, Stevie B's sophomore effort, "In My Eyes" showed him growing as an artist, as the songs took on a much more sophisticated flavour. In addition to his trademark dance songs, the album also featured smooth and soulful ballads and giddy pop tunes. The first single, "I Wanna Be The One" solidified Stevie's crossover into the pop market as the song rose into the Billboard Top 40. However, it was the power ballad, "Love Me For Life," that took Stevie B all the way into the Top Ten and made him the artist with the highest debuting song in the history of R&R magazine. Like its predecessor, "In My Eyes" went on to RIAA Platinum status, setting the stage for Stevie B to become a household name worldwide.

Though the record debuted in the Top 10, "Love And Emotion" was released in 1990 to little fanfare. In fact, it was largely ignored until radio stations began getting slews of calls for "that song about the postman". That song was, of course, "Because I Love You (The Postman Song)" and it too would be a highlight and pinnacle for Stevie B. As soon as the song was released as a single, it rocketed to #1 and remained lodged there for four weeks, ultimately becoming the biggest single of 1990. All around the world. "Because I Love You" was a Top Ten hit rising to #1 in Japan with "Love And Emotion" gathering RIAA Platinum status at home.

Over the course of five years, Stevie B accomplished more than most artists can say of their entire careers: three RIAA Platinum albums containing a total of thirteen Top 40 dance and/or pop singles and one classic #1 hit. From heart-stopping ballads to hip-shaking dance songs, Stevie B has done it all.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Comedian John Carfi

Comedian John Carfi
John has opened for dozens of headline acts such as Donna Summer, Michael Bolton,Gladys Knight,Tony Bennett and many more in Casinos,Cruises, concert venues and resorts nation wide.He also performs at many corporate functions,parties and small to large events .

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Jimmy Pyro

Jimmy Pyro-taste of fire energematapoi
Jimmy Pyro
Jimmy Pyro specializes in all things fire. His captivating show includes fire poi, fire staff, zip poi, fire eating, fire breathing, fire flag, and more! Energemata poi was founded on the love and power of fire. The name Energemata poi is a combination of these two words. Energemata is Greek, and can be translated to “power used to put into effect”. Poi is the Maori word for ball. The Maori invented the art of swinging poi which through the ages has grown to fire poi.

Jimmy Cushingham (Pyro) grew up the same way many other boys did. Loving the glow and sounds of fire! As other children grew up and became wary of the flame, Jimmy only grew to respect it. Through this respect Jimmy mastered the techniques to perform such acts as fire transfers and fire breathing safely.

Jimmy Pyro was a natural born entertainer, growing up acting and dancing. However, it was not until he found the stage lights mixed with the glow of his fire did he find the calling he was looking for. Leave A Comment »

Street performing in the square Posted in Shows with tags kyle Dettman, marietta, zip poi on September 29, 2010 by jimmycush Street performing has always been a fun way to get to know a crowd and just enjoy performing. On Saturday the 25th I went to Marietta’s square and did some street performing. The temperature was great, the sky was clear and fire was in the air. A professional photographer by the name of Kyle Dettman happen to cross my path that night. With his skills he captured some of my fire. the night ended with a crowd of about 50 enjoying the fire and an exhilaration that can only be caused by performing.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Chesney Hawkes

Chesney Hawkes At Pontin's
Chesney Hawkes
During the entire nineties, out of approximately 50,000 UK single releases, only 13 of these spent more than 5 weeks at No:1. With five weeks at the top, the twentieth most successful release of that entire decade was ‘The One and Only’, the lead song from the soundtrack of the film “Buddy’s Song” sung by a 19 year old Chesney Hawkes.

The intervening years saw Chesney go back to his roots, namely song writing, and to date not a week goes by without a new song, or at least part of a song, seeing the light of day. In 2001 Chesney embarked on a ‘mini’ tour with his four piece band. Initially intended to take in five dates, it continued to be extended due to the overwhelming response being generated by the performances. The tour of universities, colleges and clubs continues unabated . Add to this Chesney’s performances at a number of high profile open air summer ILR roadshows together with working abroad and the combined ‘live’ audience to which he has performed during the period is now approaching 1 million.

Chesney has combined touring with appearing on Channel 4’s ‘Top Ten Teen Idols’, CD:UK, London Tonight, VH1, Popworld, Question of Pop, Banzai, Loose Women, Matthew Wright Show, This Morning, BBC’s The Cinema Show, Big Brother’s Big Mouth and Jonathan Ross on Radio 2. He has presented two shows for VH1/MTV and has taken part in a celebrity edition of The Weakest Link. Chesney has also taken part in Channel 4’s ‘The Games’ emerging a medal winner and has appeared on the Granada/LWT show ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time.’ He has also appeared on a Champion of Champions edition of ‘The Games’.

The Album. Entitled ‘Another Fine Mess’ this is Chesney’s first album for many years and is released on the Sargent Poppy label, his own imprint. The culmination of three years’ work it is a collection of 16 songs, all co-written by Chesney

Brimming with talented collaborators, producers on the album include Charlton Pettus, acclaimed for his work with Tears for Fears, Nik Kershaw who also co wrote the title song and some other song that Chesney had a bit of a hit with some years ago!! and Chris Nicolaides, fresh from his work on Mika’s Platinum selling album, Life in Cartoon Motion.

For more information contact: Brian Wade on or (44) 7944 640426

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ALMOST HUMANgottochoose.mp3
Ace Mills of ALMOST HUMAN KISS Tribute Band Smoking Guitar
ALMOST HUMAN - KISS Tribute Band: Commercial for their next show at Beemer's Pub
ALMOST HUMAN - The KISS Tribute Show.
Relive the 1970's all over again with, ALMOST HUMAN - The KISS Tribute Show! More than just a KISS Tribute Band, this is an experience. ALMOST HUMAN recreates the 1977 KISS, Love Gun Tour complete with the lighted KISS sign, lighted staircases, Fire Breathing, Smoking Guitars, Blood Spitting, Authentic replicas of the 1977 KISS Costumes and Much, much more. Experience is the key word for this band. Some members have performed in this role since 1991. ALMOST HUMAN is the closest that you'll ever get to the real KISS of the 1970's.

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Century of the Blues
Century of the Blues
Professor "Louie" & The Crowmatix
from Woodstock, NY have been recording and touring nationally for the past six years. They have five studio CD’s and two live CD’s on The Woodstock Records label. Professor “Louie” & The Crowmatix played at these premier Theatres: Fairfield & Newtown, CT at Proctors, Bolton Center and Bearsville Theatre, in NY and The State College Theatre, PA. Clubs: BB Kings & The Cutting Room, NYC, The House Of Blues in LA, The Towne Crier, Cafe Lena & The Turning Point, NY State.& Fitzgeralds in Chicago. Festivals: The Detroit International Street Fair, “Gathering on the Mountain” in PA, The Clermont & Norwich Heritage Festivals, NY and Toledo Blues Festival, OH. They have performed in Ontario, Canada at The London ,Windsor and Thunder Bay Blues Festivals. Professor “Louie” & The Crowmatix in 2006, were the featured artists on the syndicated radio show “Acoustic Cafe” from Ann Arbor, MI and ended the year as special guests performing live on the CBS 6 Television Special “Melodies Of Christmas” from The Proctors Theatre in Schenectady, NY.

They have received rave reviews in many magazines and newspapers: The Village Voice: “Professor “Louie’s upstate ensemble is an Americana template that jams out timeless rock, country, blues and New Orleans influenced originals”. The Record Review: “… a tasty mix of rhythm & blues and rock & roll. This is a great band.” Professor “Louie” & The Crowmatix CD "CENTURY OF THE BLUES” averaged # 20 for six months on the American Radio Roots charts. Their live concert CD “THE SPIRIT OF WOODSTOCK” was recorded at The New York State Museum to celebrate the anniversary of the Woodstock Festival held in Bethel, NY. The Museum hosted a series of programs and chose Professor “Louie” & The Crowmatix to perform. They garnered much praise for this concert accompanied by the Rock of Ages Horns and the Museum released a CD of the show. Professor “Louie” & The Crowmatix recorded as Rick Danko’s backing band on his critically acclaimed CD “Times Like These” and were the featured musicians on Garth Hudson’s solo CD “The Sea To The North”. They have performed as a double bill with: New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Commander Cody, Graham Parker, Cindi Lauper, The Wailers, Eric Burdon, Johnnie Johnson, Jimmy Vaughn, Bobby Blue Bland, Bela Fleck, James Cotton & Garth Hudson.

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This concert is divided into 10 15 minute segments that feature the music of some of the best-known songs released by each artist. With over 20 costume changes, two lead singers and audiovisual commentary between each act, the transition from one artist to the next is seamless and is sure to leave any audience awestruck.

Our full-length show consists of two 75 minute sets. However, to accommodate the various needs of our diversified clientele, we are pleased to modify our repertoire to lengthen or shorten the time devoted to each artist. You will find samples of our work by clicking on the artist's photo on left. We invite you to join us as we re-live some of the greatest moments in musical history.

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Matthew and Gunnar Nelson
Their songs transcend time. Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, revered for unforgettable past hits, explore fresh creative territory in the present. Magically melodic songwriting and soaring sibling harmonies ensure that this pair will be a vital part of the music scene’s future.

“After the Rain” was the hit debut album by Nelson, the band Matthew and Gunnar led in the early 1990s. They zoomed to number one with "(I Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection,” had three Top 10 singles, four #1 MTV videos, and became massively popular overseas.

Every magazine from Rolling Stone to People did cover stories, and the twins performed on television shows like "Late Night With David Letterman" and "Saturday Night Live." Critics tended to unfairly overlook Nelson, however, because of the brothers’ pin-up good looks… but that didn’t stop millions of fans from ‘getting’ what all the excitement was about.

With the rise of grunge rock in the mid-90s, pop music grew dark and foreboding. Matthew and Gunnar chose not to compromise their positive, drug-free posture to suit the trend. Those who continued to follow the brothers’ musical progress were rewarded with numerous gems on their seven subsequent albums on their own Stone Canyon Records label.

Matthew and Gunnar have rare insights into what it takes to earn longevity in the entertainment world. They continue the inspiring story of a most remarkable show business family. Their grandparents, Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, achieved immortality with "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet," the longest-running sitcom in television history. Earlier, the couple had enjoyed big band success and had scored a number one hit in 1934.

Rick Nelson emerged from the series’ popularity to establish himself as one of the most important rock artists of the ‘50s and ‘60s with 60 million career sales and three number ones of his own. So, with Matthew and Gunnar’s (I Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection, the Nelsons landed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the only family to reach number one record status in three successive generations.

The world maintains its fascination with the Nelsons. The A&E Channel’s Nelson Family “Biography” episode is still the top-rated ‘Biography’ installment ever.

Nelson has always been synonymous with entertainment in America. Matthew and Gunnar see all forms of media as vital links to their fans. While last year NELSON toured extensively with Peter Frampton and Styx, this year they’ve increased their television hosting work for VH1 and E. Gunnar is also the co-host of LIFETIME Radio’s nationally syndicated morning show.

Once again billed as NELSON, Matthew and Gunnar continue to perform sold-out shows around the globe. Contributing to their audience’s extraordinary devotion is the fact that Matthew and Gunnar tirelessly try to please. They take time to meet and greet each and every fan following all performances… for in their own words, “Our people are everything to us.”

Due to unending requests, they've worked some Rick Nelson classics into their set. They perform them with respect and enthusiasm. “We figured it's up to us to help keep his music alive,” Gunnar says. “Not only is it a true pleasure to play these great songs that people love, but it makes us feel profoundly closer to our best friend -our Pop." What people now get when they come to see

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lucy in the sky with diamonds
hard days night
Imagine: Remembering the Fab Four
Together since 1993, Imagine: Remembering the Fab Four has perfromed their all ages show throughout the US and abroad to fans as far away as Shanghai, China. As they approach their 1000th show they have had the privilege of sharing the stage with such notable acts as the Beach Boys, Chicago, Jay Leno, the Temptations, the Commodores, America and Glen Campbell to name a few. The two hour show pays tribute to the entire Beatles catelog complete with authentic costumes and instruments.

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Brenda Jones
Brenda Jones
Brenda Jones
About Brenda Jones The Brenda Jones Experience: Any true lover of music can appreciate a powerful singer—a singer that leaves you in awe after mesmerizing you with a mystical blend of melody and lyrics, descended upon your ears with angelic-like wings. There's something extraordinary about a singer who moves, stirs and touches your very soul in musical ways you never knew existed. That's the Brenda Jones Experience. Who is Brenda Jones? She and her sisters made up "The Jones Girls," the Detroit trio that charted during the late 70's and early 80's with hits like “You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else” and the breezy jazz-laden "Nights Over Egypt.” Their professional career began with the popular Dick Scott Revue, a mid-west regional show that included the Dramatics. The sister act opened for Little Richard and the Four Tops playing 3500-seat venues. Famed writing and production team Holland-Dozier-Holland signed the girls to record after catching one of the shows. Together the Jones Girls provided backing vocals for a host of recording luminaries like Aretha Franklin, Lou Rawls, Teddy Pendergrass, Norman Connors, Curtis Mayfield and Linda Clifford to name just a few. However, it was the tour with Diana Ross that segued into a major label deal yielding four albums on the Philadelphia International Records and a subsequent release on RCA Records. But as dynamic as the Jones Girls were as an ensemble, they had just as much to offer individually. And this time it's Brenda who takes the spotlight. As a solo artist Brenda has worked with Peabo Bryson, Isaac Hayes, King Floyd, Jermaine Jackson, Mary McGregor and other notables. Her voice has been featured as a step out on numerous recordings because of its beauty and tone. Brenda has an identifiable core to her voice that piques your interest and sustains it. A student of the 'vocal past', she idolizes singers like Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae, and Nancy Wilson, emulating that same depth of artistic prowess. She has a freedom of delivery where the notes seem to leave her without obstacle, contrivance or force. Brenda’s voice is individual, of superior quality of sound. It showcases her timbre and sultry musical personality. Her low notes speak to the listener with directness and simplicity, and this same ability extends to the very top of her range. And if nothing else grabs you, for sure her captivating emotion will. As singing legacies go, Brenda Jones is still a very present force to be reckoned with.

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