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If you are interested in rock and pop music, we at Crazy Wolf Entertainment, the music mediators entertainment agency, can help your corporate event, event planning, private engagement, or outdoor festival, by handling all aspects of your booking entertainment needs. We also book entertainment nationwide and if need be, Crazy Wolf Entertainment can guide you or produce your next event. Our executive roster of entertainment includes some of the finest musicians suitable for your next business event, entertainmentplanning, corporate event entertainment, or office party planning. Crazy Wolf Entertainment have some of the top, experienced, professional, mediators to help you. We specialize in corporate event management, event organizing, or event planning. If this is your first time event, we have the capability to have one of our corporate event specialists successfully manage for you a turn key operation. We are nationwide and route bands as well, which will allow you the best prices available. Crazy Wolf Entertainment and our professional, experienced staff will always try to work within your budget range.

Now that you're ready to book your next corporate entertainment event from our exclusive roster, we suggest that you fill out our Talent Request form, so that we can review your request and be able to meet your needs and give you the best, most memorable, and successful corporate event ever.

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Formed in late 2007, Turophile is a collaboration of four experienced musicians. The Band combines elements of Alternative Rock, Funk, Classic Rock and Grunge to create is own unique sound. Based out of Toledo, OH, Turophile has steadily been gaining attention wherever they go.

The Ahleesah Jesslyn Trio is her newest band consisting of Bassist Romuald Filizot from France and Jesse Robbins from Glen Ridge, NJ on Drums. Both players are highly skilled and creative players and a joy to watch and hear. Their new album will be recorded in April 2008 and it will feature all of the newest songs and some older ones (that can be heard on myspace,along with photos). The pop-rock music she writes is a blend of different styles mixed with catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics. It easy to sing along with these songs. You'll be hooked once you start listening. New photos of the band is in the works.. Thanks for your interest!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Chad Rager Grove
Chad Rager Grove
Chad Rager grew up listening to horn bands and drums. From school jazz bands to the Big Bands of Benny Goodman; Count Basie; Woody Herman; Buddy Rich's Big Band; and horn bands like Tower of Power; Blood, Sweat & Tears, and Chicago; the power and sound of horns coupled with the craftmanship of a great drum sounds fueled his dreams.

In 1993, Chad began his journey to fulfilling his musical dreams by starting a big band. Chad decided to try a new approach with a sleeker, scaled-down instrumentation. With five horns and a three piece rhythm section, Rager was able to accomplish his musical goals and, at the same time, create a new sound.

Naming the band the "Chad Rager Groove"reflected the fact that this band is not confined to traditional big band jazz selections, but ventures out into rock and funk selections as well. The guiding principal of the band is "the groove", smooth tasteful sounds that appeals to listeners are what will greet their ears.

Chad Rager and his band bring a fresh groove to old and new arrangements. When considering a song, Chad wonders, ". . .what I can bring to this tune to lift it, drive it, and make it as musically great as possible. Every song selected has affected me in a musical and personal way. I feel blessed to be able to perform them!"

Brothers of Industry
Though their name might conjure up images of a post-apocalyptic society dashed against a background of bleak steel, the members of Brothers of Industry are anything but automatons off a New York City assembly line.

Lead singer, Kwaku Aning has bounced around for the past ten years trying to find his niche in various bands. In 2003 he decided to step out on his own. Kwaku met Gabe Pressman and after hearing him play with immense technical proficiency and a passion for perfection, he knew he had a lead guitarist. Bryan Spitzer, long time friend of Kwaku, was in Florida at the time studying music engineering. While home on break, Kwaku pitched the idea of the newly formed band. Bryan took a leap of faith, never looked back and now the band official had their bassist. In need of a drummer, Bryan put a call out to Jeff Shreiner who was also studying music engineering in Florida. Jeff was immediately excited about the band and instead of returning to his native Ohio, Jeff called his family and told them he was making a permanent stop in NY after school. Brothers of Industry was born. Together they released a six song EP entitled, "Self Defined." The EP was raw, passionate and generated a buzz in NYC which led to gigs and a residency at the famed Kenny's Castaways in New York City’s West Village where they honed and sharpened their skills.

In August 2006, the band packed their bags and went to Woodstock, NY where they recorded a full length album entitled, "S.O.M.A." S.O.M.A is a record for forward thinking individuals and not for the brainwashed who buy into brilliant marketing schemes to compensate for singers without a voice and sub par musicians. Eleven tracks take the listener through a myriad of emotions and thought provoking lyrics. Kwaku has one of the best pure voices in rock today which doesn’t need to be aided with filters and over dubs. Gabe delivers so many intricacies while playing, you tend to look for a supporting guitar. Bryan plays every fret on the bass and with his famed "battle ax" bass, he delivers rumbles you can feel in your chest. Jeff, with his wiry frame, delivers a punch when his stick cracks the skin of his snare drum and his bass drum sounds like a cannon. Together they blend pure talent and deliver an irresistible sound reminiscent of the days where talent and not image was the driving force of a band. S.O.M.A will be one of 2007 best independent albums.

S.O.M.A will be released in March 2007 on the newly formed Brooklyn based independent label, Bridge City Records.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Blanch
The band Blanch was born at end of 2004. We are the band who plays in brit-rock style, has about 90 minutes of an energetic live program and wants to play it everywhere. Our main goal is to play with (or instead of :)) Radiohead.

for more info visit the website

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Greyhounds
The Greyhounds
If your looking for a fun exciting rock'n'roll band that puts on dynamic live show,The Greyhounds are your choice.This 5 piece band of veteran musicians loves what they do and it shows with every performance.From their first note to their last, The Greyhounds will have you rockin' and a rollin' like never before.Clubs,Festivals,Private Partys,where ever the scene is The Greyhounds will make it a happening. So let the good times roll....

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Manny B and the Rhythm Nights
Manny B and the Rhythm Nights
Manny B signed his first recording contract with Reprise Records at age 13.He has toured with greats as, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Wayne Cochran & the CC Riders, Hall & Oates, The Grass Roots and many more. From Segovia to Santana, and ZZ Top, you have got to witness this bundle of talent and energy. Donny Watts, Papa Phil, and Sheldon James, make up the rest of this explosive entertainment package With a blend of musical proess, hilarious comedy, and several costume changes, this group offers a winning line-up for any and all occasions.

The Jones Boys Band
The Jones Boys Band is a four piece band, based in the Tricities, that is dedicated to good times and great music. The band is made up of talented musicians which have played various genres of music such as: bluegrass, good country, jazz, ragtime/swing, funk, soul, r&b, classic rock and disco/dance music. They do covers as well as original favorites. They have a growing fanbase from "doctors to hippies". The Jones Boys show is focused on audience response and requests that lead to many different types of music. On a usual "Jones Boys" night, it is not uncommon to hear a Doc Watson song right before the Rolling Stones , or Stevie Wonder right after the Stray Cats . They are available for any event where only good entertainment will do. Come out and see these "boys" and have a great night of fun and dancing. and don't forget....."There ain't no Party like a Jones Boys party.... Cause the Jones Boys Party. DON'T STOP!"

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book HalfBrother Sid
HalfBrother Sid
HalfBrother Sid has truly found their sound. HalfBrother Sid has become one of the most well known and entertaining bands in the greater Richmond area. The name HalfBrother Sid also rings out in places far from their Richmond, VA roots. According to The Richmond Times Dispatch, “HalfBrother Sid puts on a great show, has fun onstage, and their sound is terrific.” With an ambitious gig schedule, frequent studio dates, and radio appearances, HalfBrother Sid has developed a strong connection with local fans and is steadily earning the admiration of fans and musicians up and down the East Coast.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book John Allan Friday
John Allan Friday
A big man with a big sound, a guitar, and a wild island style! Take a musical trip "down island" as the Tropical Balladeer brings you ballads, boat songs, and bullsh*t from the little latitudes. Gulf Coast tropical tunes, country and folk songs, and classic rock jams. Original songs as well.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Sky Band
The Sky Band
Unique, fun and entertaining, The Sky Band is an energetic trio that knows how to please a crowd!

With their perfect blend of soulful ballads and catchy pop/rock tunes, they encompass something magical for the young and the young at heart.

Troy Shondell
Recording artist who has sold over 3 million records, and has written or recorded 7 chart records, including 7 CD albums . Troy will be featured in a new video featuring artist from the 50/60's era, that will be appearing on PBS in the near future. For more info on Troy, visit his website at;

Rocket is a revolutionary concoction of fun, parties, bubblegum and beating hearts. Coquettishness-meets-bombast, kittens-meet-rattlesnakes; Rocket is the launching pad for a new generation of pop music.

The all-girl band mixes 60's girl group innocence with 70's decibel-damaging boulevard beat, combined with 80's glam wham swagger--A volatile combination that leaves one wondering what the results would be if the Shangri-Las crash landed onstage during an early Motley Crue gig.

Starting out as a threesome of Laurens, Rocket released their first album, "Too Hot to be Bothered," in 2005. Evolving into a five-piece rock 'n' roll circus later that year, their first-ever live show was a headlining, sold-out smash at the legendary Viper Room. The E.P., "Girls With Candy Hearts" followed in early 2006.

Since then, the girls have travelled coast to coast, honing their craft during the 2006 Van's Warped Tour, and during the spring of 2007 as direct support for Butch Walker. Rocket has also opened for the likes of Rancid, OK GO, Morningwood, The Sounds, Kill Hannah, The Honorary Title, The Dwarves, The Polysics and The Ark and has toured with SuicideGirls and The Lashes.

Most recently, Rocket appeared on Fox's American Idol Spin-off, "The Next Great American band". They made it to the finals and the top 8 in the competition. They were the only all-girl band in the competition as well as the only band chosen to make the finals with a female vocalist.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Last Laugh
Last Laugh
Great harmonies and energy along with superb musicianship. Last laugh has been a staple in the New England area since 1994. Corporate events, clubs, festivals, benefits, weddings, private functions. P.A. and lighting to accomodate 50 to 50,000.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Banana Convention
The Banana Convention
A little bit of soul. A little bit of pop. A lot of rock. An over abundance of fun. That's what The Banana Convention brings to every one of their performances, and that's what keeps the people moving and having a great time all night long.

Up front is the extremely talented and equally as beautiful Mighty Afrodytee (Shar Molina). She belts out her lead vocals with the power and soul of the greatest R&B singers of all time. Her range and energetic performances keep the audience engaged in every syllable coming out of her mouth - and her good looks don't hurt, either.

Percussionist and vocalist Oily McBride shakes the meanest tamborine this side of Davy Jones, and his dance moves always keeps 'em entertained. Bassist "Groovy" Palm O'Poodertoot keeps the funky flow going while drummer Fletch Bohanski's punk-like beats create the high octane fuel that lifts the band off the ground. Ray Torres on guitar has been banned in several non-smoking establishments because his licks come so fast and furious that the guitar neck catches flame. And Trinidad Jones on trombone adds that little something extra most bands just can't find.

With a spectacular blend of carefully chosen cover songs mixed in with their driving and dynamic original tunes, The Banana Convention and their musical extravaganza will keep audiences of all ages engaged, dancing, and having a great time all night long. Feet will ache, hearts will pound, and bodys will sweat from the sheer exuberance and intoxication brought upon them by The Banana Convention

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Harber & Miller Band
The Harber & Miller Band
The Harber & Miller Band are from Midland, Texas. The band came together professionally in 2005, and though they have only been together a relatively short time, they are getting notice all over the great state of Texas. They have shared the stage with names like Charlie Robinson, Stoney Larue, and Cory Morrow. Their first release, "Touching The Void" is available at Hastings Bookstores in Midland, Odessa, and San Angelo, TX, or pick one up at the next show. See you there! Just recently, The Harber & Miller Band won 1st Place at OurStage previewed almost 400 bands going against The Harber & Miller Band where we took 1st Place with our song "Yesterday's Fool"...

Enexia is a fast growing recording label based out of Southern California founded by Anthony Pratt. The company initially started under a mortgage banner in 2005 however has quickly evolved into an entertainment group.

The label presently represents some talented artists creating a buzz in their local circuit and also on myspace.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Uncle Fuzzy and the Jamshack Band
Uncle Fuzzy and the Jamshack Band
Uncle Fuzzy and the Jamshack Band. Folk Rock meets psychedelia. Hear our music on Neil Young's Living with War website.

Simone reintroduces unrefined sounds to a Pop/R&B scene populated by overly syncopated artistry. Simone has focused her career on restoring the art of melody and content to music. Her voice is smooth yet versatile, captivating yet soothing, delicate yet rich. Stunning looks and piercing green eyes complete the package to compliment her vocal talent.

Growing up in Akron Ohio, Simone took every opportunity to realize her dream of becoming a singer. Among her notable childhood experience, Simone sang for the opening of Inventure Place, the Inventor's Hall of Fame and performed the first national anthem for the Akron Aeros minor league baseball team. Although her early youth was characterized by going through the motions of singing and performing, it was only in her later teen years that Simone utilized music as her outlet for creative expression. She attended the University of Cincinnati College, Conservatory of Music where she studied music. Shortly after her college education, she began writing songs on her own, eventually moving out to Los Angeles to follow her career aspirations.

Simone's influences can be traced back to Broadway star Lea Salonga, explaining her potent and appealing voice. With age, she became interested in more mature R&B sounds from the likes of Aaliyah, Brandy, Mary J Blige, and Musiq Soulchild. Here preference for such soulful R&B is noticeable, as it is a central characteristic of her music.

Simone has most recently caught the attention of film-makers and production artists, as she was featured on the Alpha Dog Soundtrack, with the hit single "Marco Polo". She has experience performing live for various Disney and Paramount productions as a singer and dancer. Simone has also worked with recording artists Johnny Five and Lowd, from Interscope and Universal Records, respectively. Aside from her musical accomplishments, Simone has also been featured in the film "Glorius," which won the best film award.

With past accomplishments, Simone has grown into a music style that's all her own, teaming up with West Coast Music producers Royal XVI (Michelle Williams, Common, Varsity, Danity Kane, Charlie Wilson), vocal producer Curtis "Sauce" Wilson (Brandy, Neyo, Chris Brown, Frankie J, Fantasia, Paula Deanda), songwriters Tiwa Savanga, and James Fauntleroy respectively noted from the Underdogs.

Simone, managed by The Tesla Group, is preparing to release a series of projects currently in development. She is a gem among rocks, a multi-talented artist bound to shine in the music community.

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