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Some of the Country Musicians available directly from Crazy Wolf Entertainment

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Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Rondavous
Rondavous is a six piece band, which include two females out front. Rhonda has an incredible voice and a dynamic personality. Along with Pandy's harmonies, it sets this band apart from the rest. Not to forget Joe (bass player) and his contribution vocally. The talent and showmanship of the musicians in this band are admired and respected. Our clients usually comment on our high energy and how we get our audience involved. We love what we do and it shows. Yes, we are a country band. But toward the end of the evening, if the audience is a little crazy...we can really mix it up! We are there to do the best job possible and to make sure everyone has a great time!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Charley Jenkins and Haywire
Charley Jenkins and Haywire
Charley's love for country music has been a life-long passion. "Country is who and what I am. It is only natural for me to sing the songs that I love and relate to." . With the success of this album and the personal advice from George Strait, Charley decided to push his career to a new level. It was in Nashville that Charley learned the “ins and outs” of the country business. He became personal friends with Tony Martin, Mark Nesler, and a number of Nashville "greats." He performed on Nashville Star and became good friends with Miranda Lambert. He also played and sang at writer’s shows and bars on the famous Broadway Street in downtown Nashville. He sang at the Wild Horse Salon and with Tim McGraw’s band. He finally realized he was ready to jump in and move forward. Over the past two years Charley has been writing and gathering songs for a new album, "'Round Here." He wanted this album to show who he is and what his music is all about. The title "'Round Here" is so fitting. Charley is proud of where he is from and the people who have influenced his life. It was this love that brought Charley back home in the summer of 2004 to help with the farm and to be with his family and his father who was battling cancer. "Coming home was an easy decision for me, and I will never regret it. The time I had with my father until his passing in August will always be sacred to me." The 'Round Here album is a tribute to his father and he personally wrote the song Hero At Home for him. Being home also turned out to be a blessing as he started dating his future wife and the love of his life, Brooke. As Long As I’m with You, another song from the album, expresses his love for Brooke and how she brought him from a time of sorrow. Top Nashville writer, Tony Martin who has written 11 number one songs such as Third Rock from the Sun, Just To See You Smile, Living and Living Well, and Settle for a Slowdown said this about Charley's album. "I love Charley's album, but it upset me that the song I love the most, As Long As I’m With You, is one I didn’t write — Charley did." In the past year, Charley’s career has been gaining steady momentum as he has opened for many top 20 country headliners including LeAnn Rimes, Little Texas, Lonestar, Ty Herndon and Josh Turner. Charley has sung country music for tens of thousands. His performances are always a little different and he has an unusual ability to customize his show to fit the personality of any crowd. His ability to write, sing, and play great country songs along with his compelling ability to entertain has made him not only a hometown favorite, but a favorite wherever he plays. His high energy and raw emotion makes the audience feel a part of every performance.. Dan Truman of "Diamond Rio" says this, "Charley Jenkins' album "'Round Here" truly reflects the person he is. It's great, it's real, and it’s full of energy and passion." That's what Charley is all about!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Thomas & Wallace
Thomas & Wallace
"High Energy" country singer/songwriters that cover "Top Charting " country songs and originals. Also do "oldies" ( Elvis, Roy Orbison, Motown, etc. ) and Southern Rock.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Center Lane Band
The Center Lane Band
The Center Lane Band was formed in January, 2006, when lead singer and rhythm guitar player, Eric May moved to Gillette, WY from Denver, CO. Amazingly, after only two weeks, the band was out playing local bars in the Gillette area. In February, 2006, the band competed in a Battle of The Bands in Casper, WY and won! As a result of winning, the band played for a crowd of over 7,000 people at the Winter Nationals Monster Truck Show at the Casper Events Center in Casper, WY. This event led to the band being booked for the remainder of 2006 in addition to numerous radio, newspaper and television appearances. As soon as the public knew who the band was, and how they sounded, The Center Lane Band was THE band to book.

A few of the band’s performances are as follows:

Casper Events Center, Casper, WY. Winter Nationals Monster Truck Show

Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City,SD. Harley Davidson Road Tour 2006

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Sturgis, SD. Various Venues

The Ponderosa, Hulett, WY. Ham ‘n’ Jam/Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Mike Lansing Field, Casper, WY. Casper Rockies Baseball Game

Cowboy’s Saloon & Dance Hall, Casper, WY. Regular appearances

Boot Hill, Gillette, WY. Regular appearances

Jake’s Tavern, Gillette, WY. Regular appearances

Ricky Melton
Ricky Melton.....Singer/Songwriter. Emphasis on the songwriter part!!! He's been called the Bob Dylan of country music, on more than one occasion. Lacking confidence in some areas, but more than willing to brag about others, Ricky says.... "I can't sing as good as the RASCAL FLATTS, and I don't look as good as KENNY CHESNEY, but I feel I can write as good as anybody, and in most cases......better". Many critics agree. Born and raised in the rolling hills of eastern Ohio, where country music is all that can be heard, a young Ricky rebelled. "I remember being 4 years old and singing along to every PRINCE song from Purple Rain. I hated country music, I wanted to be a skinny black guy dressed in tight leather humping the stage.....I was such a ass". After short lived phases of Rock, Pop, and even Rap music, a mediocre student, and an even worse football player, teenage Ricky turned to his first TRUE LOVE, COUNTRY MUSIC!!! "It was my only hobby in high school....GARTH, GEORGE STRAIT, RANDY TRAVIS, and MARK CHESNUTT, they were the best." The love affair continued as Ricky ventured off after high school, joining the armed forces, eventually serving in Operation Enduring, and Operation Iraqi freedom. "I was stationed in Texas for about 3 months, and while there I had the opportunity to learn about a completely different type of music......TEXAS MUSIC!!!! No rules, No gimmicks, just good FU$%^&$ music. And boy can the music be heard on Ricky's upcoming 2007 spring debut.....SIX PACK, a cd featuring 6 radio ready hits. Featuring everything from family love songs such as "One year Down" to the very dark, very personal "One Good Mama", but mostly, it just features good ole fashioned drinking music....that can be heard on the opening track, "Drink Beer" (the only song not completley self penned, it was co written with heavy metal artist Shelton Harris). "That's what people my age do...I don't care if your a rocker or rapper, black or white, gay or strait, rich or poor, if your in your 20's, and it's a Sat. drink beer" So to all beer drinkers and fans of good country music, beer sure to pick up the SIX PACK CD, priced at only $6.99, because it's sure to be a classic.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Shilo
Touring for over 10 years, Shilo has performed with many national country music acts including, Toby Keith, Lee Ann Womack, Charlie Daniels, Gary Alan, Lee Greenwood, Joe Nichols and many, many more. Shilo is becoming recognized for it's high energy, crowd interactive show all across the Midwest. A six piece band includes fiddle, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. Shilo is a fully self supporting unit that travels with sound and lights and a support staff. Along with club work at some of the largest clubs in the Midwest, Shilo also performs at countless fairs and festivals through the summer months.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Jerry Harmon
Jerry Harmon "The Smoky Mountain Gypsy"
"If it is possible to have to much talent in to many areas then Jerry is the guilty party! His lyrics are timeless. He has a very unique style, a great voice, and is an extremly gifted writer. He is a darn good musician with a great personality, and a heck of a storyteller. His is a show eveyone should experience".

Ed Hensley former member of the Gatlin Brothers Band

Please go to and enjoy listening the samples!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Daniel Smith & The Fifth Amendment
Daniel Smith & The Fifth Amendment
Within Daniel Smith's rugged six-foot-five frame lies the heart of a poet and the warm, sincere and comforting voice of a best friend. Like those of Kris Kristofferson, Smith's lyrics are literate and well-defined meditations on life's uneven surfaces. Smith grew up in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, a small town just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. Although Cincinnati has long been a center of country and bluegrass music, Smith says his inspiration came from his parents' record collection, which tended to be heavy on albums by Conway Twitty, the Statler Brothers and the gospel-singing Gaithers. Like most boys his age, Smith also developed a strong affinity for rock music. In college, he began playing in his fraternity's rock band, No Exit, which made a sizable name for itself working the clubs and bars of Cincinnati and northern Kentucky. While still living in Kentucky, Smith recorded a four-song demo and "shotgunned" it by mail to Nashville record labels and music publishers. "Obviously, I didn't know a lot about the industry then," he admits. " But that's what I did at first, and then I came down to Nashville just to get the feel of everything." Smith's big break came in July of 2003 when he met Larry Sheridan and Robin Ruddy, the owners of Best Built Songs, a music publishing company, and Parlor Recording Studio. (Sheridan and Ruddy would later be honored for their work on the Grammy-winning folk album, Beautiful Dreamer: The Songs of Stephen Foster.) "I went in there to record a demo of a song called 'Thank You: Tribute To The American Soldier,'" Smith recalls, "and I struck up a relationship with them." Impressed by his songwriting skills and recording potential, Best Built Songs signed him to a publishing contract. Smith says he goes out of his way to keep his songwriting outlook fresh. He explains, "I write more from my own perspective, material that will suit me personally and yet still be commercial." Smith's "Thank You" is not an angry song as so many other tributes to soldiers have been. It doesn't lash out at terrorists or war protesters or threaten to kick anybody's butt. Instead, it is a dignified yet impassioned expression of gratefulness to those who've risked everything. Elsewhere, Smith writes and sings of honesty ("What U See Is What U Get"), the joys of a good marriage ("We've Got Love"), lessons learned ("True Measure Of A Man") and the benefits of living life on the edge ("What's Wrong With That"). "I'm Going Home," the song that sparked the letter quoted above, transports the listener from immobilizing despair to transcendent hope. Not a bad start. At its best, country music rises above the fluid sounds of steel guitars and quaint postcard images of home. It finds wisdom in the commonplace, joy in the absurd moment and strength in unblinking self-awareness. This is Daniel Smith’s territory and the landscape he shares with us in American Made.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Rickie Lee Tanner
Rickie Lee Tanner
At age 15 Rickie Lee Tanner began his dream of being a country singer, performing at opries in the Kansas City area, including the Kansas City Opry, Cass County Opry and The Big Creek Country Show.

By age 19 he had spent four years playing the opry circuit and working his way up to being a headlining guest, when the opportunity to front a band full-time presented itself. Rickie Lee got the job and helped propel Wild Ride to new heights, opening for national acts and touring the midwest as one of the Kansas City area's most successful country bands.

In 1998 Rickie parted ways with Wild Ride to spend more time with his baby daughter. For the next two years songwriting and learning to play guitar became Rickie's musical focal points. When he made the decision to begin performing again, he went back to his roots, back to the opry crowds that had first fostered his dreams of becoming a country singer.

In June of 2000 Rickie Lee entered the Country Showdown, a national contest for aspiring country singers to showcase their talents in hopes of winning national recognition and a large cash prize. Rickie Lee chose to enter using two of his original songs. He made it further in the contest than many of country music's biggest stars, which only strengthened his resolve that he was doing what he was meant to do.

At the beginning of 2001 Rickie Lee found himself with the chance to front a band again. Savannah was comprised of several veterans to the music scene, and offered a unique and solid sound that caught on very quickly. For nearly two years Savannah toured all over the country playing in huge dance clubs and state fairs. Rickie Lee further honed his skills as an entertainer week in and week out, establishing himself as one of the country's most eclectic showmen.

Following his time with Savannah Rickie formed the band Deuces Wild with friend and former Savannah member Chris Baker. Deuces Wild featured a higher energy sound and stage show that better suited Rickie Lee's style.

Rickie Lee parted ways with Deuces Wild when he chose to leave Kansas City to further pursue his career in the music business. In a tragic twist of fate Rickie Lee put his career on hold in September of 2003 following the death of his daughter. It was a truly difficult time for the Tanner family and Rickie had to keep his focus on family during their time of mourning.

Now Rickie Lee Tanner & Powder Keg have exploded on the scene! Their debut single "Highway to Nowhere" has achieved number ONE status on and the continued success of the song has earned them invitations to appear on the Nashville OnStage and Smart Country television programs in Nashville. With 3 more number one songs to their credit the guys continue to build a following for one of the hottest fastest rising unsigned acts in country music.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book K.W. Hoffman
K.W. Hoffman
K.W. Hoffman was Arkansas's only Hank Williams Jr. Impersonator, he is now SHOW CASING his singer/songwriter talent. K.W. Hoffman performs classic country hits of Artist's such as Hank Sr. & Jr. ,Conway Twitty, George Jones, Johnny Cash, Charlie Rich, Don Williams, etc. as well as his own ORIGINAL SONGS. K.W.Hoffman was born & raised in Arkansas. He has been performing locally off & on since the mid 90's. He started a Tribute to Hank Jr. in March 2006. He is Currently working on some original songs & clips in the studio, his new CD will be released soon. There is no show TOO SMALL or TOO LARGE for this Classic Country Tribute Show & K.W will travel to your location. He has performed not only in Arkansas but also in LA, MS, & FL. He has appeared on ABC's "The Next Best Thing", & WFTV 9 Florida, as a Hank Williams Jr. Impersonator. He has recently had a song featured on the Home Grown Section of Arkansas's most popular country radio station KSSN 95.7's website @ He was the only artist selected for the Month of October. His song "Your Everything In The World To Me" (THIS IS THE PERFECT WEDDING SONG!) is listed Nationally with the Clear Channel Network & can be found at this link for listening or any CLEAR CHANNEL station website. He has also been ranked in the TOP 5 Country Independent Artist's for Arkansas by's TOP ARTIST'S and was in the TOP 10 for several months.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Bryan Fontenot

Trailer Park Pulp Fiction
Just Gettin' By
Bryan Fontenot
I met Bryan Fontenot, a few years ago, in a Nashville tavern. He was sitting on a barstool, on stage doing an acoustic version of any song requested from the audience. I was immediately impressed with his voice, showmanship and maturity, particularly he being such a young man. We hit it off right away and started writing and performing together. Since then, I’m proud to say, we have become more like brothers than friends. In addition to working together, Bryan recorded several demos for me, significantly improving each one with his remarkable sense of timing and harmony. Until you actually see and hear him, you may think that I’m exaggerating. But I can assure you that I am not. Bryan is the real deal. Exposed to a variety of musical influences growing up in Westlake Louisiana, Bryan Fontenot, guitar picker - bull-rider, has become a performer critically acclaimed, from coast to coast, for his outstanding vocals and electrifying stage shows. Standing in the circle of the Grand Ole Opry or among friends, he energizes an audience like no other. Country, Rock, Blues, or Western Swing, he brings his best every time he steps to the microphone. I was with Bryan at his Grand Ole Opry performance; live radio broadcast, small and large club appearances. Each time, the audience received the same incredible show. I’ve never seen anyone quite like him. I feel proud to have shared most of those stages with Bryan. He made me sound better than I was. Some performers have it, and some don’t. He has it! Blessed with a heart the size of Texas, Bryan treats each person he meets, young or old; with the same care and attention he would his own family. Music aside, Bryan is an honest, friendly, funny and charitable young man. Just recently, he flew from Las Vegas to Houston, at his own expense, to attend a fundraiser for a child battling spinal bifida. To meet Bryan, off stage, you might not sense the gift of music, which lies in the heart and soul of this polite and unassuming cowboy, or the obstacles he has overcome in his life. He underwent 13 hours of reconstructive surgery, after a bull took a dislike to him, lost his Mom to Hurricane Rita, a brother to tragic death, and just recently his Dad. No doubt the journey has tempered his music with blues and soulful authenticity that comes only with experience. Bryan's heart-felt vocals personify the body and soul of music and lyric. He's believable. Each song is like having a one-on- one conversation with a friend.

Monte Burke Songwriter Producer 2007

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book James Lann
James Lann
Country Music Rock"a"Tonk Music..We have fun and do original and cover tunes and please any and all crowds. We can cover old rock tunes too new country tunes and anything in between. It's all about the show and having fun and getting the crowd right there with you ...Lets rock out and have some fun.

Roger Weber
Roger Weber is a one man band with a full band sound thanks to technology. Roger performs songs from the 60's and 70's, today's country, classic rock and lot's of Jimmy Buffet songs.

Just the right mix of fun and entertaining music. Perfect for corporate events, private parties, outside deck entertainment, restaurants and bars.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Allen Brown
Allen Brown
Allen Brown is an up an coming Nashville artist signed with VMR Productions with lots of stage attitude and Rocking band to keep the shows HOT! Allen has played al over the U.S. and has opened for many well known country acts. If you need up to date Kickin Country Allens Browns your Man!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Stacey Mayo
Stacey Mayo
Stacey Mayo performs a mix of originals and well known covers with her five piece band.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Cowboy Max
Cowboy Max
Let The Cowboy Max show take your event back to the days of the untamed frontier with Southern charm and Western wit. You'll cheer the good guy as you enjoy an action-packed spectacle! With comedy, trick roping, bullwhip cracking and audience participation you'll see How The West Was Fun!!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Cyprus Creek
Cyprus Creek
We are a Southern Rock/Country Band. We bring a new sound to country. The band is made up of musicians from various backgrounds which we work with to bring a new sound to country/southern rock. The members of the band have had a great background in music both live and in the studio. Our set is a combination of both covers and originals which we customize depending on the type of show and audience we are playing for.

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