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Classic Rock Superstars available directly from Crazy Wolf Entertainment

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Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book KISSTERIA (KISS tribute)
Besides the classic Kiss staging, Kissteria's song catalog spans the entire 70's era of Kiss featuring ALL the standards with hard core fan pleasing Gems. Why?? Because KISSTERIA Can!! Enough said....KISSTERIA's Demon comes to the band with Years of tribute band Experience! He was featured on the set of KISS movie Detroit Rock City as an Extra in a couple of Key scenes.He has played with such bands as Hotter Than Hell, Dressed to Kill and Kisstory. Morbius uses the Punisher and Axe Basses and truly puts Fear into the Heart of all Kiss Fans with his Menacing Posture and Fire Breathing, Blood Spitting Charm....... Morbius is a Giant Size Demon if there ever was one!!!! Chris completely takes control of center stage as Paul Stanley himself! Chris' voice must be heard to be believed. From the stage raps to the higher range vocals, Chris' voice truly fills the room! Chris also shares key physical features of Paul such as the big brown eyes and Hairy Chest. He moves gracefully across the stage in full 8 inch heels doing such trademark moves as the Scissor kick splits and windmills. Chris has been playing Paul since 1999 when he got his start with Kissteria's Jerry. They formed the original Deuce based out of Philadelphia/South Jersey. Chris also toured with Hotter Than Hell across the USA in the summer of 2000. To say that Chris was born to Play the Starchild may be an understatement considering the fact that he actually shares Paul Stanley's birthday!! (January 20th) As an added bonus, Chris ends most shows with a guitar smashing finale!!!! Jerry is definitely the next best thing to Ace himself! Jerry's attention to detail is 2nd to none. From the makeup application to the exact costumes and Les Paul guitars, Jerry leaves no stone unturned. Walls of marshall amps behind him and Smoking guitar in hand, Jerry rips through every classic Ace solo with relative ease. Jerry's experience goes back to 1999 when he and Chris formed the original Deuce as stated in Chris' intro. Jerry has also played with Love Gun and toured Canada and the US East coast with Toronto's Dressed To Kill. Jerry and Chris were featured on Tv with Matt O' Donnell during Halloween of 2000!!!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book PASSION

PASSION is an exciting, high energy, variety, show/dance band pleasing audiences all over the country with their brand of live entertainment. Their ability to make each performance a personal moment for each audience member is unique. PASSION performs with exceptional vocals and musical clarity. Add crowd pleasing audience interactivity, charismatic stage personalities, choreography, costume changes and one of the biggest song lists you'll ever see and satisfy your insatiable appetite for fun! Whether you want your special event "over the top", "off the hook", or in "mood amore" PASSION is the perfect choice for your entertainment needs!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Benjamin Clark
Benjamin Clark
Hailing from the deep south, Benjamin Clark began playing the piano at the tender age of two years old. Within a few months, it was clear to Benjamin’s piano instructor that he had a prodigy on his hands.

At the age of 12, when most young boys are pursuing sports and academics, Benjamin was performing on stages in New York and later at 16, he had his own nine-piece band. Generating sizable buzz, the piano prodigy began performing with 1950s Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Lloyd Price. Best known for his authentic New Orleans sound and hits including “Stagger” and “Personality,” Lloyd took a liking to Benjamin and the two formed a lasting friendship.

Following high school, Benjamin continued performing on stages with acts including Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, The Coasters, The Tempetations, Little Richard and the Isley Brothers just to name a few. At the age of 24 Benjamin wrote arrangements, conducted and performed at Carnegie Hall with a 21 piece all star orchestra that included many arrangers and musicians that he admired as a kid.

Expanding his repertoire and status within the record industry, Benjamin began to pursue executive and managerial opportunities and later served in multiple promotional, direct marketing and A&R positions for several prestigious record labels including CBS, PolyGram, Warner Brothers, RCA, Macola and Brunswick Records. Under his creative and business direction, Benjamin worked with a host of artists including Jackie Wilson, Chi-Lites, Larry Graham and Dr. Dre. In addition, Benjamin also co-founded Devel Records with industry heavyweight Clive Davis.

Clearly a major force in the record industry, Benjamin’s resume reads like a Grammy nomination list and his talent is undeniable.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Taz Taylor Band featuring Graham Bonnet
Taz Taylor Band featuring Graham Bonnet
The Taz Taylor Band featuring Graham Bonnet.

Graham Bonnet is one of classic rocks most recognizable voices. He reached the pinnacle of rock superstardom in the late 1970’s headlining the first “Monsters of Rock” festival at Castle Donington in the U.K. as lead vocalist for the band “Rainbow”. The collaboration between Graham, & Ritchie Blackmore, (formerly of Deep Purple.) produced a body of work that spawned several radio classics including a Billboard Top 10 hit with the song “Since You’ve Been Gone” which is still in rotation on the playlists of classic rock and AOR radio through- -out the world. Over the past 3 decades Graham has worked with the best and biggest names in rock and been the voice of bands such as Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group, Alcatrazz, Impellitteri. His name is carved into rock and roll history and his voice provides the soundtrack for generations of fans.

Graham’s latest endeavor puts him front and center for The Taz Taylor Band. TTB is a Southern California based 5 piece hard rock outfit that features Taz Taylor as it’s guitarist, founder and namesake. Keeping with his tradition of teaming with amazing guitarists, fellow Britons Graham and Taz have produced a masterpiece of work that is fresh and relevant while paying homage to the gods of hard rock that came before.

TTB’s newest release “Welcome To America” is an exciting dose of melodic hard rock. Released in late 2006 in Europe and Japan, the CD has received dozens of enthusiastic reviews and recruited legions of fans. A European tour is scheduled for summer 2007. The US release of “Welcome To America” is slated for late summer, early fall 2007 with select US dates to follow soon after.

The “Taz Taylor Bands” electrifying 1.5 hour live set includes not only the best elements of current TTB melodic rock, but also a number of radio hits and fan favorites from Graham Bonnet's extensive recording career including... Since you’ve been gone - Rainbow (a top 10 hit and classic rock anthem) All Night Long - (Rainbow) Love's No Friend (Rainbow) Stargazer (Rainbow) Eyes of the World - (Rainbow) Lost in Hollywood - (Rainbow) Desert Song - (Michael Schenker Group) Assault Attack (Michael Schenker Group) Rock you to the Ground (Michael Schenker Group) Island in the Sun (Alcatrazz) Night Games - (Alcatrazz) and more...

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