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Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Next Doors
The Next Doors
A musically acurate, moving portral of Jim Morrison and The Doors for real Doors fans. We express a real passion for the music of The Doors and the talent of Morrison...The ceremony is about to begin.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book David Laflamme of It's A Beautiful Day

David Laflamme of It's A Beautiful Day
David Laflamme Band Members David Laflamme Violin Vocals

Linda Baker Laflamme Vocals

Val Fuentes Drums

Toby Gray Basses

Gary Thomas Keyboards

Rob Espinosa Guitars

Michael Prichard Percussion

Famous for their song "White Bird", a melancholy ballad that stood out not only for its memorable vocal melody and "seize the day" message, but also for front man David Laflamme's slow-burning violin solo. Multiple albums were laced with classic cuts such as "Hot Summer Day", "Bombay Calling," "Girl With No Eyes", "Wasted Union Blues", "Time Is", "Dolphins", "Misery Loves Company", and many more you'll remember. Today the band performs the music of It's A Beautiful Day along with newer material, moving effortlessly from an almost folksy sound to ethereal jazz to psychedelic to straight on rock & roll performing selections from three new CDs and over seven of their previous albums. The show is enhanced with David Laflamme's delightful reminiscing of the San Francisco Summer of Love Days and 40 plus years of performing. The current band boasts the longest continuous lineup of 8 years with 4 of the 6 members going back 25-40 years! David LaFlamme on violin and vocals, Linda LaFlamme vocals, original drummer Val Fuentes, 28 year veteran Toby Gray on bass, Rob Espinosa on guitar and Gary Thomas on keyboards.

Press Text example: Famous for their song "White Bird", a melancholy ballad that stood out not only for its memorable vocal melody and "seize the day" message, but also for front man David Laflamme's slow-burning violin solo. Multiple albums were laced with classic cuts such as "Hot Summer Day", "Bombay Calling," "Girl With No Eyes", "Wasted Union Blues", "Time Is", "Dolphins", "Misery Loves Company", and many more you'll remember. Today the band performs the music of It's A Beautiful Day along with newer material, moving effortlessly from an almost folksy sound to ethereal jazz to psychedelic to straight on rock & roll performing selections from three new CDs and over seven of their previous albums. The show is enhanced with David Laflamme's delightful reminiscing of the San Francisco Summer of Love Days and 40 plus years of performing. The current band boasts the longest continuous lineup of 8 years with 4 of the 6 members going back 25-40 years! David LaFlamme on violin and vocals, Linda LaFlamme vocals, original drummer Val Fuentes, 28 year veteran Toby Gray on bass, Rob Espinosa on guitar and Gary Thomas on keyboards. Bo Django

(“Gypsy Jazz” and more)

Bo Django, an exciting new musical group, plays the fiery music created in the 1930s and ‘40s by legendary French Gypsy guitarist, Django Reinhardt, and carried on today largely by European Gypsies and non-Gypsies alike. Known today as “Gypsy jazz,” “Gypsy Swing,” “Hot Club” music, or “Jazz Manouche,” Bo Django’s sound combines European sophistication, American jazz, and the signature harmonies and emotional intensity of Gypsy music everywhere. In addition to Gypsy jazz, Bo Django intersperses songs with Latin rhythms, French “musette” waltzes, and other popular and jazz numbers. Unique-sounding Gypsy jazz acoustic guitars, a pulsing string bass, and (with the quartet option) European-tinged jazz violin, create an irresistible blend. Bo Django’s music appeals to people of all ages – from children to seniors. From plaintive ballad melodies to blistering solos, passion and inventiveness are the common threads.

Bo Django is the culmination of its members’ efforts to create a high-quality Gypsy jazz group with “the right” sound. After performing numerous times at various venues, the group named itself Bo Django, in honor of Django himself.

Bo Django performs at private parties, public events, festivals, weddings (even including the wedding march, if desired), restaurants, wine bars, and all sorts of indoor and outdoor events. Dress is according to the client’s wishes, from casual to suits to tuxes. The members of the group are courteous, mature, and responsible.


Live MP3 Song Samples: Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4


The Lineup Violin - David Laflamme

Guitars - Paul Gruen Ned Ripple

String Bass - Michael Price


The Musicians David Laflamme Beginning his musical education at age five, David grew up to be a violin soloist for the Utah Symphony Orchestra and performed in numerous concert halls around the world. After moving to the Bay Area in the early ‘60s, he became an icon in the underground scene, performing with people such as Jerry Garcia and Janis Joplin. After co-founding Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, he joined It's a Beautiful Day in the mid-60s, which released the classic hit, "White Bird," followed by more albums. In addition to classical and rock violin, David has for many years loved and played jazz violin and the music of Stephane Grappelli, the great jazz violinist who accompanied Django.

Paul Gruen Paul has been playing guitar since he was nine years old, progressing from folk to classical to rock to bluegrass to Django and to jazz in general. He has performed Django’s music off and on for thirty years, and playing Gypsy jazz guitar is Paul’s greatest passion. He grew up in Los Angeles but lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina for several years, where he helped found the Europa Jazz Quartet and also performed with members of the Squirrel Nut Zippers. Paul teaches Gypsy jazz, straight-ahead jazz, bluegrass and other styles of guitar playing, as well as banjo and ukulele, at Tall Toad Music in Petaluma and Music X in Santa Rosa. He also builds acoustic guitars.

Michael Price Michael is a professional bassist and music educator; his musical journeys have taken him through jazz groups, classical ensembles, rock bands, r&b outfits, Gamelans, and University diplomas. The other members of Bo Django appreciate that Michael is one of those rare string bassists who connect musically with the audience and consistently receive enthusiastic applause. Michael says he rarely has found such excitement as in this group, and he simply loves being part of Bo Django.

Ned Ripple Ned has been playing guitar for roughly four decades, beginning with the early 60’s folk craze and quickly progressing to jazz. Soon after moving to the Bay Area in the early 70’s, Ned heard the fantastic music that Django created, discovered "hot jazz" in general and never looked back. Throughout the 70's and 80's he performed in many local well-known clubs with various “jive” vocal, hot-club-infused jazz bands. Ned has also appeared on local radio stations and in a nationally-syndicated film. In addition to being a member of Bo Django, he also performs with his jazz vocal group, On the Air, and with The Hot Club of Marin.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Original Cornell Gunters Coasters
The Original Cornell Gunters Coasters
When these guys hit the stage WATCH OUT they mean business, and generate some MASSIVE harmonies. During the Coasters’ heyday, they had a string of rhythm & blues hits that was generously seasoned with humor and sung in an infectious, up-tempo doo-wop style. Because of this, they sold more than 130 million records and secured their place in the Rock N ‘Roll Hall of Fame. They ranked one of the most popular musical groups in America, having carved out a legacy for themselves as purveyors of riotously funny and socially incisive songs. These days the trio has been reconstituted and is comprised of Charlie Duncan, Lionel “Z” Pope and Tony Scruggs Their concert typically starts with some humorous Coasters classics, such as Searchin’, Love Potion Number Nine, Smokey Joe’s Cafe, Young Blood, Poison Ivy and the beloved Charlie Brown. For the “Charlie Brown” number, the line “Why is everybody always pickin’ on me?” is joined in by several out loud. While the trio sings, they clown around with the audience and each other; they also perform some fancy footwork. Performing songs from such diverse artists as Little Anthony & The Imperials, Lou Rawls and Brook Benton not to mention an eclectic tribute to Luther Vandross, and other originated tunes on their play list. The smooth sound of Cornell Gunter’s Coasters will fill any room with a show that combines value, high energy and passion you won’t find anywhere else! Vigorous stage presence, a broad appeal to their audience The audience will be dancing in the aisles!

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Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book  Swearingen, Beedle as Simon & Garfunkel”

AJ Swearingen and Jonathan Beedle as “Simon & Garfunkel”
AJ Swearingen and Jonathan Beedle as “Simon & Garfunkel”
Swearingen, Beedle as Simon & Garfunkel”
AJ Swearingen and Jonathan Beedle have been performing this remarkable tribute to the music of “Simon & Garfunkel” for more than a decade and their sold out shows prove the effect on their audiences is undeniable. A chance meeting in 1991, in a local club in Bethlehem, PA, brought these two talented artists together. A brief introduction and moments later they were blending their voices as if they had been performing together for a lifetime. AJ’s warm baritone and Jonathan’s soaring tenor combine flawlessly to capture the essence and magic of “Simon & Garfunkel’s” sound of the early years in Greenwich Village. With a quiet stage and an acoustic guitar, A.J. and Jonathan re-create the memories of the classic hits and obscure songs of “Simon & Garfunkel.” Discover why audiences are cheering for this duo as they capture —the magic of “Simon and Garfunkel.”


Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Bobby Messano
Bobby Messano
If you’ve never heard of Bobby Messano, he was born in NJ very close to NYC. He grew up at a time when a young guitarist could work hard, learn his craft and maybe become a guitar hero...(or at least play on a record or two) His main influences as a young guitarist were Jeff Beck,BB King,Eric Clapton,Duane Allman and Jimi Hendrix. He also listened to as much Beatles and R&B as possible.Bobby played in NJ club bands from the time that he was fourteen years old, and by the mid seventies, he had become rather well known in the North Jersey area.His first big break came when Craig Leon and Seymour Stein of now famous Sire Records tried to sign him to a solo deal. Being young and maybe a lot scared, he graciously declined the offer and waited to fade into oblivion. By a strange quirk of fate (or maybe because someone was desperate) he received a call a few months later from John Scher’s office. A band that John managed, named Stanky Brown were in need of a lead guitarist. Bobby auditioned,got the gig, and went on the road opening for ,KANSAS,The Allman Brothers,Outlaws,Boston,Beach Boys Steve Miller and others. He then joined the band STARZ, who were already world famous,recording Coliseum Rock with them. STARZ toured with RUSH, TED NUGENT and STYX. Bobby then settled into the session,scene playing on records including BENNY MARDONES’ “INTO THE NIGHT”.He then joined FRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTS.With the KO’s he played headlining shows and opened for Toto and The Beach Boys. Bobby also continued his session work in NYC recording with Clarence Clemmons and playing on many MTV jingles and drops. In 1983 he took 6 months to do a European tour with STEVE WINWOOD. Bobby also recorded with Fiona, Joe Lynn Turner, Robey and David Hasselhoff. In 1987, he was the guitarist on LOU GRAMM’S “MIDNIGHT BLUE” tour. In 1989 Bobby released “MESSANO” on Relativity Records.It garnered amazing reviews and airplay and is still listed in many Top 50 lists for AOR Classics. In 1990 he made a decision to put a band together doing Rockin’ Blues and Funk. Bobby and his crew traveled hundreds of thousands of miles with over 2500 shows. In 1997 he recorded his 2nd solo CD,DOMINION ROADS. It was released on Ichiban/EMI Records, which went bankrupt. Bobby searched for a label to re-release the CD and moved from Virginia to Nashville. In 2002, DR found a home with Fishhead Records in Ohio. The renamed and remastered CD came out as HOLDIN’ GROUND and garnered a First Round Grammy Nomination and rave reviews from Radio and Press. Bobby lived in Nashville for 9 years, touring with Alecia Elliot, Steve Holy,Rodney Atkins and Jimmy Wayne.In 2006 he co-Produced the Shadows of KNight CD, “A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER” and toured on the “LITTLE STEVEN UNDERGROUND GARAGE BAND TOUR”. Bobby relocated to NYC/NJ in 2007. His acclaimed 1989 “MESSANO” has been re-released,and he is finishing the follow-up to “HOLDIN’ GROUND” , “TRIALS TRAUMAS TRIBULATIONS AND DEMOS”.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Tony Stevens SLOW RiDE Original Foghat
Tony Stevens SLOW RiDE Original Foghat
Featuring original Foghat member Tony Stevens. Former "Foghat" drummer Eddie Zyne who had also toured with "Rick Derringer" "Hall and Oates" and "The Monkees".

With Billy Livesay, from "Clarence Clemons Temple Of Soul", on slide guitar and lead vocals, and multi-instrumentalist Tommy Hall on guitar, keyboards, harmonica and vocals, this powerhouse foursome has just completed their debut CD titled "Join Together". The CD was produced by "Slow Ride”, mixed by Steve Gordon (Betty Wright, Rob Thomas, Zakk Wilde) and mastered by Michael Fuller (Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, The Eagles). Slow Ride is currently touring playing Foghat classics, originals, and wailing blues.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Rick Ferrusi Presents: with BIG BANG THEORY

Alive and Kickin'
Honey Dipper
Rick Ferrusi Presents: with BIG BANG THEORY,
Rick Ferrusi Presents
Rick Ferrusi Presents: with BIG BANG THEORY
Rick Ferrusi Presents: with BIG BANG THEORY, Original Members of National Recording Artist, D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival) ®. Rick Ferrusi on the drums, and Mike Lepond, the Bassist of D.O.A. and Symphony X, along with Tommy Dee, the Lead Vocalist of D.O.A. on Guitar, Keys and Vocals, known for their (Dead On Arrival / Alive and Kickin') world wide release CD. Including: Donnie Shickle as the Lead Vocalist fronting the band, also with Lead Guitarist Gary Cappuccio, wailing his amazing lead guitar riffs. Covering, (Classic Rock ) and (Modern Rock) also songs of the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's to Present with a Modern Edge. BIG BANG THEORY is a rock cover band out of Middletown, N.Y. They put this project together to create an ultimate arena rock style party band, and gig the northeast as much as possible. They have over 180 songs under their repertoire, including classic rock, new rock, 80’s metal, even oldies from the 50’s and 60’s. BBT's members come from a hard rock / heavy metal background, so they're always putting their own influences on their renditions of the songs they perform. They are also known for breaking into wild ad lib jams during their live Arena Rock type sessions. They like to give their fans rockin’ versions of their old favorites, but also creating something new and unheard of at every show!

Dawn Robinson from En Vogue
Dawn Robinson from En Vogue & Lucy Pearl is going to be available to do SOLO shows at casino's NATIONWIDE as of May 15th 2008. You know her as the prominent lead singer of the groups En Vogue & the million selling side project Lucy Pearl. You heard her lead the charge on hits like "Don't Let Go" from the "Set It Off" soundtrack to "Hold On", "Whatta Man" featuring Salt N Pepa, "Givin Him Somethin He Can Feel", "Never Gonna Get It", "Free Your Mind", "You Don't Have To Worry", "Give It Up, Turn It Loose", "Dance Tonight" & "Don't Mess With My Man" from Lucy Pearl, the "Firm Biz" single featuring Nas, AZ, Dr. Dre, & Foxy Brown, & her award winning performance in the Eddie Murphy & Martin Lawrence film "Life"! To date En Vogue has won more MTV Video Music Awards, Soul Train Awards, & American Music Awards than ANY female group in history! As the dominant & most recognizeable voice in BOTH groups, Dawn has produced a show that chronicles the hits that launched her voice into the heads of over 200 million listeners worldwide & brought the 90's pop/r & b music scene to prominence paving the way for TLC, Destinys Child, & Beyonce to name a few. Dawn is currently en route to Europe & The West Indies with En Vogue to headline shows with Shakira, Rod Stewart, Diana Ross, & Whitney Houston! When she returns in mid May she will be looking to do some shows at casinos across the country & give the world something we can feel!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Element 115
Element 115
Inventor of "NEO-CLASSIC Rock," this act from Phoenix, Arizona is in a league of its own.

With high-tech wizardry, and classic rock sound, this rock show is a sight to see with its 12-foot plasma video wall, and space alien named AL on the drums. Computerized and robotic lights, wireless mics and instruments, and a family of three multi-instrumentalist, vocalizing humans bring a show of original music discussing the good-times and bad-times of today.

Oh, and they also cover the rock greats of the 70s and 80s!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Long Island Street Survivors

Hair Of The Dog
The Long Island Street Survivors
The Long Island Street Survivors
The Long Island Street Survivors
You learn a lot of history when you have spend what seems like days on end on a tour bus with Artimus Pyle. We have been the touring band for the legendary, Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame drummer of Lynyrd Skynyrd Artimus Pyle along with the original Backup singers Leslie Hawkins and JoJo Billingsley (The Honkettes) for the last 3 years. We know our Skynyrd.

"We're not Impersonators, We don't try to play a part or live someone else's life We just pay tribute to the band, and to the men who touched so many lives and to those whose lives have sadly been taken from us." A Tribute

We have Been on the HBO series "Family Bonds"

We played for and appeared in Spin Magazine

We played aboard the USS Intrepid Aircraft carrier NYC

Not to mention, We are on both these great CD's With the Greatest Rock bands of all time. Our Original Band "Rebel Soul" released our single"Bull By The Horns" on Southern Outlaws And "The LI Street Survivors" Added "Heard It On The X" On "An All-Star Tribute To ZZ Top" The latest Cleopatra Compilation CD Aint life grand

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Voices Of Rock
Voices Of Rock
Voices of Rock is a live presentation containing segments of music

from the greatest classic rock bands of the 70's and 80's.

Says guitarist David Rode "This is the only act of it's kind to present

a true-to-form tribute to a variety of groups, instead of a whole show

devoted to one band." Diverse 5-10 minute segments showcase the

hits of over 10 supergroups.This is a multidimensional show with wide

appeal as opposed to the cliches of the single-focus tribute band.

Four journeyman rockers play a tribute to the classic rock that

unites generations in this show of Rock shows. In short sets of

the hits of such Classic bands as Journey, Foreigner, U2, AC-DC,

these pros breathe new life into this familiar music with a

unique 'best-of' show. This broad selection appeals to a wider

audience with the sophistocated tastes of today's listeners.

The Voice of 'Voices' is Pete George. His ability to nail the singing

styles of vocalists from Steve Perry of Journey to the young Rod

Stewart is phenomenal. Called "the man of 1000 Voices", he

sounds like these Rock titans in their glory years.

Indeed, the show relies on faithful renditions of these classics, and

not cheesy wig and makeup-fueled mimicry. The band looks

like rockers because they are, not because they are costumed and

coiffed. And the sound is real, with no gimmicks, sequencing or

prerecorded production.

The muscians are members of Topper, a veteran band with

over 20 years experience touring and recording. The show includes

original material from their CD compliation

"Only For the Money/Deluxe Edition", that fits in seamlessly with the

covers in the show. These guys are a band very much

like the groups featured in the show. Topper, a working

band with a large US and European fan base, has collaborated

to present "Voices Of Rock".

The promo DVD is recorded live in real time, with no overdubbing or

studio enhancement. Shot in a single take at Kerrigan's, one of the

Southeast's premere live venues, it is a true reflection of the

excitement of the show. What you see in the promo is what you

get: the raw thrill of real Rock, performed live with passion by pros

who care.-Bill Alexander

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book SURF CITY ALLSTARS

SURF CITY ALLSTARS The Surf City Allstars were formed in the early 80's with the band members who were touring with both the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean. The Surf City Allstars are now a full time endeavor for the band members. The Surf City Allstars are the best surfin' beach party band around on a par with their friends, the Beach Boys. Each member has had a long career in surf and beach music. When you hear the band, you get the authentic "SURF" sound and harmonies that were taught to the Allstars by Brian Wilson and Mike Love of the Beach Boys, and Jan Berry of Jan & Dean. The Surf City Allstars perfected their vocals and performance of all the greatest surf music hits through years of touring with the legendary Beach Boys and Jan & Dean.

The Line-Up

The Allstars are rounded out with Gary Griffin on keyboards (Beach Boys, Jan & Dean), David Logeman on drums (Jan & Dean, Mike Love's California Beach Band, Beach Boys), and Don Raymond on guitar (The Ventures, Jan & Dean). The band is also very pleased to add Philip Bardowell on bass and vocals after years of his touring with the Beach Boys, and Matt Jardine from the Beach Boys on vocals and percussion.

The Show

The Surf City Allstars will entertain your group with such audience participation segments as their famous "Air Guitar" contest, where the band gives away a brand new, autographed Fender Squier Stratocaster guitar; the "Wipe Out Contest" where audience members get a chance to play the famous drum solo with the Allstars and win autographed drumsticks and a T-shirt; our "Dance Contest" where CD prizes are given away; and even a "Hula-Hoop Contest" where we give away more CDs and a DVD. It all adds up to one great time for your audience in the best Beach Party experience that there is. The Surf City Allstars also bring the finest oldie's dance tunes to round out their engagements so everyone can dance to their favorite songs and have fun.

"One would think that when you reach perfection, you couldn't get any better. Amazingly enough though, Dean and the Surf City Allstar Band did. Your musical talent is, of course, legendary. Beyond the talent, your down-to-earth and charismatic personality makes everyone comfortable and brings everyone at the party together. Even when we challenged you to play 'non-beach' music, you came through flawlessly." - Nancy, Chesapeake System Solutions, MD

"We had our wedding on the beach and the Surf City Allstars were perfect for the reception and the ceremony, too! Our family and friends were very impressed. Everyone danced at the reception, from my three-year-old niece, to my 85-year-old grandmother!" - Hilton and Cindy Smith, Los Angeles, CA

I have seen the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean many times. The Surf City Allstars sounded better, to be honest, and had an even better show than all of them. You guys are incredible!" - Jason Chaffey Wellpoint Health Systems

"What a kick! Our beach party was awesome! The Surf City Allstar Band know how to rock. My employees are still talking about it. The are demanding a 26th Anniversary Party. P.S. Thanks for letting my son come on stage and play drums on "Little Old Lady From Pasadena." I hope he didn't break anything!" - Dan MacLeith, President Pacific Westline, Inc.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Kings Of Classic Rock
The Kings Of Classic Rock
They aren’t household names. . . . but they’ve shared the stage with lots of them. You’ve definitely seen or heard one or more of these guys at some point, either in concert, on TV, or on a CD or DVD. For over 25 years the members of The Kings Of Classic Rock have played for many of the great legends in rock, both in concert and in the studio.

They’ve toured and/or recorded with bands such as Iron Butterfly, The Animals, Edgar Winter, Sheryl Crow, The Fixx, Tears For Fears, Paul Revere and The Raiders, Vanilla Fudge, Genesis, Chuck Berry, Meatloaf, Percy Sledge, Lita Ford, Peter Gabriel, Olivia Newton John, Spencer Davis, Gary Myrick and The Figures, Loverboy, Buddy Miles, Manhattan Transfer, Thelma Houston, Jennifer Love Hewitt, DeBarge, Sugarloaf, Bobby Kimball and Simon Phillips (Toto), The British Rock Symphony, Brand X, Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Robbie Krieger (The Doors), Eddie Van Halen, Steve Lukather (Toto), Brian Auger, Jonatha Brooke, Glenn Shorrock (Little River Band), Dwight Twilley, Walter Trout, Eric Sardinas and more.

The Kings Of Classic Rock met while playing for Eric Burdon and The Animals, and a strong musical bond was forged. After years of very successful worldwide touring, the guys felt that somehow they had to stay together rather than go their separate ways and end up playing as hired guns for other artists as they had done for so many years.

So “The Kings Of Classic Rock” was born. The concept was simple; play the very best songs from each of their former bands, throw in some other great songs from the era, and create an irresistible set, as much fun to listen to as it is for them to play, and make it appealing to anyone who is a fan of rock music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

In addition to lots of touring, you’ve seen and heard them with their previous bands on numerous VH1 and MTV music videos, VH1 documentaries “Storytellers” and “Behind The Music”, PBS music specials, concert DVDs and many music CDs. With all this combined experience in front of an infinite variety of audiences, The Kings Of Classic Rock know how to deliver an entertaining, dynamic and powerful performance packed with hit after hit. The band was put together with the intention of being the ultimate classic rock band, and they are guaranteed to leave a great, unforgettable impression at corporate events, festivals and concert showrooms.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Art of Chaos
Art of Chaos
The thing you notice most at an Art of Chaos show is just how much they love playing. It is not just about making music for this Los Angeles-based alternative hard-rock band, it's more about having a conversation with their audience. Playing live gives these guys energy, and the audience picks up on that. The crowd becomes participants, and it fuels the band to dig in harder, take risks, and explore new ground. It's no wonder that Art of Chaos is building a strong following throughout southern California, Arizona, Texas, and the East Coast, delivering to audiences who are looking for something more in their hard rock.

Art of Chaos fuses nü-metal, alternative and hard rock influences to forge a sound uniquely their own. Founded just over a two years ago, the band includes guitarists Matt Ardisson and Miles Knowls, singer Brian Torres, bassist Jeff Sutton and drummer Dave Feldman. The five have been writing, rehearsing and gigging relentlessly, with well-received shows at the Hyundai Pavilion, Coors Ampitheatre, Shoreline Ampitheatre, Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre as well as shows at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard, The Key Club, Whiskey a Go-Go and the Troubadour.

The band just got done touring on the Projekt Revolution Tour with Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance after winning a contest against 135 of LA's top bands. The grand prize for winning the contest was the opening slot of the LA Projekt Revolution date at the Hundai Pavilion in Devore, CA; but after the members of Linkin Park saw Art of Chaos's over-the-top perform they quickly asked the guys if they could come along for more dates on the tour.

Art of Chaos… the name is an attempt to convey how these 20-something guys fight everyday to make sense of the world around them. But there's real chaos at play in their music, too – a constant tension between the hard rock rhythms, and deceptively simple melodies – that's always one step away from tipping the music over into pandemonium. When Torres sings, "Self-loathing and self-deprecating, looking in the mirror incessantly hating, Everything I was and everything I wasn't," it's moving. With the band driving beneath his vocals, it's jarring. Imagine Jeff Buckley or Thom Yorke writing for Tool or Linkin Park, and you begin to get an idea of what they're about.

Art of Chaos recently finished their second EP, "Crimson and Catharsis" which they hope to release in September. Armed with their new EP, propelled higher by their growing fan base, Art of Chaos is making waves in the LA music scene - one show at a time - with their infectious, inspired hard rock.

Art of Chaos is currently seeking representation and a label.

Discography "Lucid EP" released 2005 "Crimson and Catharsis" released 2007

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book THE SUMMER OF LOVE SHOW

Terry Brent: Band Leader, Drummer Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Terry ventured to the west coast at an early age to advance his drumming career. He played in numerous successful original and show bands until the year 2000, when he formed this late 60's tribute. Terry says, “Far out” before each show because he gets to lay down those groovy beats from the Flower Power Days.

Connie Early: Lead & backup vocals Rock ‘n’ roll is in her blood. Born in Cleveland, Ohio and into a family of singers, she was heard singing before she was talking. Connie stays fresh by training with the best and singing in other local bands. She brings to this act great variety and surprises by paying tribute to Janis Joplin, Grace Slick and Cher. You'll be doing double takes as Connie performs as all three gals.

Ron Olsson: Vocals, guitar & drums Ron comes from St. Paul, Minnesota and has had much success in the LA area since 1977 with many bands as well as with his solo act. He shows his complete vocal versatility while performing as Burton Cummings, John Phillips, and John Kay in this Summer of Love show. This guy from the north is red hot on stage and sinks his teeth into all his songs.

Gerry Davis: Vocals, guitar & harmonica Gerry is originally from Petersburg, Virginia, where he received his masters degree in vocal performance while enhancing his guitar playing. This provided the foundation for his goal to find his fame and fortune in the California music scene. After developing his musical skills further in local bands, he became a perfect fit for this band paying tribute to Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone and great R&B hits. Yes, Gerry does play guitar with his teeth!

Julie Dolan: Keyboards, vocals & percussion Nicknamed “Flower”, Julie was born in the San Fernando Valley, California which definitely places her roots in the west coast rock vein. She won best female keyboardist of the year at the all Access Magazine Music Awards and performs in two other tribute bands to keep busy between this show’s gigs. She shows that 60's is her favorite music and is featured singing and playing keys to the Spencer Davis hit “Gimme Some Lovin'”. If you think you recognize Julie's smiling face, it may be from her recent appearance on a commercial or TV show.

David Abercrombie: Bass & vocals He grew up in Florida and somehow ended up in a commune in Arizona. After many years of playing bass 20 hours a day, he fell into the lap of this late 60's tribute and adds some flavor while singing the Lovin’ Spoonful’s hit song “Summer in the City”. David shows his true free spirit with his non stop visual excitement in this Summer Of Love Show!!!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Johnny
Johnny "Elvis" Thompson
JOHNNY THOMPSON Johnny is considered to be the Best Elvis Impersonator in the world by those who knew Elvis Best!Johnny Hosted the 2005 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet. The Late AL Dvorin and his family considered Johnnys show as 'Magnificient', Johnny has worked with Elvis Back-up singers, The Jordanaires, Charlie Hodge and others of Elvis Memphis Mafia.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Taxi Doll

Taxi Doll
Yes, it’s true about who you know in Hollywood but sometimes it's merely fate working her mysterious magic. That’s exactly what happened when five worlds collided. A mutual producer friend spearheaded the initial introduction of ultra-hot European lead singer Dhana and LA local producer/keyboardist Gregg. Shortly after, followed the discovery of drummer Jason, guitarist Matt and bassist Brian.

Named after the bouncy dolls seen in the back of taxicabs, Taxi Doll was formed to bridge the gap between pop-rock and electronic music.

Inspired by a mix of Garbage, Chemical Brothers and Blondie, the band quickly popularized a sound that is often referred to as “Rocktronica”.

“We’ve been so lucky to have all come together so quickly. I know it can take a long time to form a band, but we all love the same bands, Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp, Blondie, No Doubt, Garbage, etc. We used to meet on Melrose to hang out and talk about music, I guess you could say Taxi Doll was formed there.”

Since the inception of Taxi Doll, they have placed numerous songs in TV and Film, with “Waiting” charting 3 on the Billboard Dance Charts and now “Be With You” which is currently moving up the charts.

Their songs can be heard in the following movies and TV shows: "John Tucker Must Die" "Firewall" "Shall We Dance" "Laguna Beach" "The Hills" "CSI: NYC" "Veronica Mars"

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Brenda Jones
Brenda Jones
Brenda Jones
About Brenda Jones The Brenda Jones Experience: Any true lover of music can appreciate a powerful singer—a singer that leaves you in awe after mesmerizing you with a mystical blend of melody and lyrics, descended upon your ears with angelic-like wings. There's something extraordinary about a singer who moves, stirs and touches your very soul in musical ways you never knew existed. That's the Brenda Jones Experience. Who is Brenda Jones? She and her sisters made up "The Jones Girls," the Detroit trio that charted during the late 70's and early 80's with hits like “You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else” and the breezy jazz-laden "Nights Over Egypt.” Their professional career began with the popular Dick Scott Revue, a mid-west regional show that included the Dramatics. The sister act opened for Little Richard and the Four Tops playing 3500-seat venues. Famed writing and production team Holland-Dozier-Holland signed the girls to record after catching one of the shows. Together the Jones Girls provided backing vocals for a host of recording luminaries like Aretha Franklin, Lou Rawls, Teddy Pendergrass, Norman Connors, Curtis Mayfield and Linda Clifford to name just a few. However, it was the tour with Diana Ross that segued into a major label deal yielding four albums on the Philadelphia International Records and a subsequent release on RCA Records. But as dynamic as the Jones Girls were as an ensemble, they had just as much to offer individually. And this time it's Brenda who takes the spotlight. As a solo artist Brenda has worked with Peabo Bryson, Isaac Hayes, King Floyd, Jermaine Jackson, Mary McGregor and other notables. Her voice has been featured as a step out on numerous recordings because of its beauty and tone. Brenda has an identifiable core to her voice that piques your interest and sustains it. A student of the 'vocal past', she idolizes singers like Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae, and Nancy Wilson, emulating that same depth of artistic prowess. She has a freedom of delivery where the notes seem to leave her without obstacle, contrivance or force. Brenda’s voice is individual, of superior quality of sound. It showcases her timbre and sultry musical personality. Her low notes speak to the listener with directness and simplicity, and this same ability extends to the very top of her range. And if nothing else grabs you, for sure her captivating emotion will. As singing legacies go, Brenda Jones is still a very present force to be reckoned with.

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I'll Follow the Sun
"1964"...The Tribute
"1964"...The Tribute
1964 The Tribute recreates a 1964-1966 touring years Beatles concert just like you remember them.2800 shows and 23 years later this band is hands down the number one Beatles Show on Earth. If your thinking Beatles....get the best! 1964 The Tribute creates the magic.Dick Clark

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