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Ian rodesIan rodes
I would like to introduce myself, I am representing a country recording artist,singer/songwriter and performer here locally along the east coast of Florida from Cocoa to Miami, including Nashville, TN. (Tootsies, various venues around printers alley), Louisville, Ky., Southern Georgia, Birmingham, Al. and other areas made available to me. My name is Patrick Oliveri and I've been following the career of artist IAN RODES, and have been directly involved in almost every aspect of his development. In brief, IAN has sold over 4000 Cd's, carries a strong fan base which sells out every performing date we schedule, has a extensive catalog of t-shirts, photos, etc. sold at every concert and online.

IAN writes all his own original material, copyrighted and BMI registered and owns and operates Inasence Music Group a division Elijah Records and has very recently returned from Nashville working on four new songs produced by the in-comparable Kenny Royster. He just finished a brand new photo shoot and two music videos in Dolly Parton's Studio, Two Monkeys off 16th ave. Nashville, Tn.

I have created a web site about 6 months ago and up-loaded Ian's Press kit, bio, pics and songs with over two-hundred people daily visiting the site. Along with over 4000 plays on the first hit single "Hillbilly Redneck Southern Rebel Country Club". Ian is hosting a benefit for a young 8yr old boy on the 29th of July which has already made local news coverage and cover stories in three newspapers, with the attendance to be near 3000 people as it stands now. I would like to make available to you access to all available press kit information, pictures, master CD and publicity material along with DVDs of live performances for your review to possibly consider IAN RODES as an artist you may be interested in managing and scouting for a possible record deal.

I understand that your time is valuable to you and it's not my intent to waste your time or my own, please only serious inquiry's apply. IAN has been heard by Mr. DAN TRUMAN from Diamond Rio, and feels its only a matter of time before he gets signed. IAN has worked with reputable songwriters in Nashville, who already have hits on the charts and know the industry hes not a a newcomer who knows nothing! He's extremely professional and knows where he is going and his fans back him all the way!

So in closing I would like you to please consider IAN as a possible business endeavor as he is already generating large profit returns. Please go to the website first and call me second, I can ship you next day air the entire press kit, please note that YOU WILL NOT NEED to do any investment in professional demos, pictures or music videos, all is lined up for you to take it to the extensive list of contacts you have with the many years of experience you have developed for yourself and I honestly believe that signing IAN RODES to a management deal will only bring you future success for both parties involved.

Location: Florida

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