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DJ, Arranger, Producer, E:DJ has been in the music realm since the age of 19 and now is working a record deal said to be unlike any other out there. As well, he has 8 album compilation mixes already in the works set for release soon and 2 new double CD albums set to be out by spring 2007. And now a composer, E:DJ has a single set to be out in the stores late 2006. He is also working on a tour deal as well as a one of a kind concert set for Cairo in 2008 and a music video. E:DJ is also working on a series called “Back To The Basics” where he will join new and known talent for a series of albums set to be out for release over the next few year. E:DJ is one busy bee.


Born in Cairo E:DJ moved with his family to Cardiff Wales at the age of 5 after climbing to the top of his grandmother's piano & was caught unaware of the audience behind him as he was reciting the award winning music theme of Love Story after hearing the closing credits only once. E:DJ by default not only had a love for music but very obviously was playing by ear before he even knew that he was playing. After living in the U.K., Germany, the Netherlands and many more countries throughout Europe E:DJs passion for music continued to grow as he was taking piano lessons. In 1979 he moved to the U.S. at the age of 8 where he lived in Washington D.C. & was introduced to the turn tables for the first time. E:DJ never really cared for the turn tables at such a young age, not knowing that this will be one day his piano. At the age of 14 he moved to New York where he was talked into spinning his very first compilation at his junior high school for their annual junior prom, he very much wanted to play piano but it really wasn’t the right type of atmosphere for it but a more party environment. He continued playing piano after all yet his passion for compilations continued to grow. At the age of 19 he purchased his very own turntables, mixer and speaker and from there it went. After touring with Dave Seamen in Texas on a very short stay, he decided that it was time to go pro. Dave Seaman has inspired the aspiring E:DJ to go for it. His very first live gig was also in Texas a few years later, this club featured an outside speaker system to attract people to the club & they came running when everyone heard E:DJs mix. Since he has been asked to perform in many clubs such as, The Room, Boca, Mint & Licor. Today E:DJ is said to have some of the best trance compilation mixes out there.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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