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Kenny Kenny "Phenom" Parker
Phenom AKA Kenny Parker is a Richmond, VA based M.C./Producer who’s music has been described as mainstream with that old school edge, something Phenom can’t erase from his music past. His latest release “The Gloves Is Coming Off” is sure to make some serious noise throughout the music industry, with its catchy hooks and club bangin beats. Phenom who stands at 6’0 210lbs of solid muscle has been compared to L.L. Cool J. with his electrifying stage performance and with the power he delivers in his vocals. You can clearly hear the musical influences of Rakim, Eminem, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson in the fabric of Phenom’s music. Phenom has been featured on B.E.T’s Rap City and has opened up for the likes of Jadakiss, Ideal and many others throughout his up and coming career. He’s also been featured on one of the top the radio shows in D.C. with D.J Billy Dee hosting clear channel radio with his listeners in the millions. With all the get crunked, I’m a gangsta, Look at the Bling Bling, now –a- days in Hip-Hop, Phenom is a breath of fresh air to the industry, providing a creatively fun and clearly entertaining sound. The sound that ultimately attracted the millions of fans to Hip-Hop in the first place. So turn it up, check it out and make way world… for the Phenom.

Location: Richmond , Va

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