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Lonna HardinLonna Hardin
Ever since Lonna Hardin has been old enough to talk it has been evident God planted deep within her a love of singing. Looking back now, the deeply thoughtful and surprisingly laid-back 31-year-old laughs when she reminisces about her innocent and inquisitive youth. “I would always walk up and down my high school hallway singing,” she said. Raised in both Texas and Michigan, Hardin was so passionate and outgoing about her voice, her classmates asked her to sing at school events. She also became president of the James Cleveland Music Workshop of America youth chapter in El Paso, Texas and sang a song called “Ordinary People” on Charles Fold’s album. At her graduation her class asked her to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” For her soulful rendition, she received a standing ovation and an incredible memory. As storybook as this upbringing sounds, however, Lonna’s life was not perfect. She fought with real life issues, in particular an obsession to be perfect. In turn, she struggled to feel like she measured up to others. Just like any human experiencing real hurts and healing, Lonna always turned to two things to find comfort – first of all God and then her voice. As an adult, she recommitted herself to Christ and then began doggedly chasing her dream to become a professional singer. “I kept pursuing it and pursuing it,” she said. She recorded her first independent CD titled “I Praise Him” in 1999. She has opened for Gen. Colin Powell, Marvin Sapp, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Ben Tankard and many others. She was also honored to perform at the Vietnam Veterans Wall. In 2005, she signed with and took one step closer to her ultimate life goal of being a successful gospel singer. While her professional career is on the rise, as an adult Lonna has continued to wrestle with very real issues. “I have experienced some hard losses,” she admits. Through her soulful, earthy voice, she is able to minister about love and the need for healing. She sings about the loneliness and is not afraid to express her humanness. But she also sings about God, the answer to all of these struggles. In fact, it is this emotional stamina that drew David V. Taylor, founder of, to Lonna. “Lonna is real. Lonna is a person who has endured a lot, she knows how to struggle and Lonna knows how to be victorious over her struggles,” Taylor said. “She has an ‘overcoming’ personality and demeanor that appeal to people who want to go beyond life's hurts and struggles.” When listening to Lonna’s soulful voice, her intelligence and humanity become so clearly evident, Taylor said. Still, through her neo-soul style and inspirational lyrics, Lonna also is not ashamed to address her imperfections.

Location: Michigan

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