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Norman Hedman's TropiqueNorman Hedman's Tropique
Quote “In the tradition of Mongo Santamaria, Hedman is a passionate percussion pioneer who designs a hybrid of creative Latin sounds with multi-genre grooves.” –Tony Mowod,WDUQ

Taken by Surprise: Gavin Jazz Charts Top 10 five weeks after release. Grammy®nomination list. Sold out New York City's Jazz Standard club. One Step Closer: Top 10 Gavin Jazz Charts. Grammy®nomination list. Healing Hands: Two months on straight-ahead jazz charts, and four weeks on Gavin Jazz charts. Peaked at number 14. Movie Soundtracks: Ali, Shaft, Dr. Doo little2 Performance Highlights: Opened Santana, Kenny Garrett, TakeSix. Work with Alicia Keys, Arturo Sandoval, Nancy Wilson, Chico Freeman, New Kids on the Block, Hilton Ruiz, Grady Tate, Daryl Hall, John Hicks, Stanley Turrentine, Pat Martino, Bobby Watson, Mya and Des’ree.

B I O G R A P H Y-New and inventive concepts, clean, tight lines and original compoitions are now the irresistable hallmark of this bonafide hitmaker’s success. If you migrate to more than just one musical genre, you will love Norman Hedman's numerous number one recordings. A weaver of polyrhythmic rha psodies with hints of R&B, Hedm n’s music cr osses breezy island grooves fused with Latin jazz traditions. Formed in 1995, his group,Tropique, maintains the rhythmic value of Latin music. Hedman’s fusion of multi-cultural rhythmic structures, expressed with a fresh and different twist, earns broad appreciati on. With accessible albums also characterized as world, Latin Soul or Latin Jazz, t his maste congero has apassion for percussion.

Location: New York City

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