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Everchanging Nomad
Three years ago, longtime friends Damon Lynn and Vance Crofoot found themselves bored with the music they were hearing on the radio. Bad Xerox copies of the Grunge Era, they called itl, and wrote a powerful tune called Demons. The two had been composing songs as a hobby for years, often just to give themselves something more interesting to listen to in their cars, but this time, they knew they'd hit on something fresh. Careers and hobbies quickly took a backseat, and music and lyrics about the shattering of life's illusions started pouring out. The euphoria the duo felt after each tune was written inspired them to keep going, and they knew they wanted to share their truths about the reality of life with the world but in a fresh, innovative way, of course.

Their group name Everchanging Nomad is more than just a catchy moniker. Lynn (the lead vocalist and lead writer) and Crofoot (harmony vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, secondary writer) chose it because, as Crofoot says, "It describes us in more ways than one, from the major changes we've gone through in our lives concerning our belief systems, as well as our growth as musicians".

The release of Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow , their insightful, lyrically provocative and musically transcendent debut, heralds the birth of a new genre on the independent music landscape, 'future pop'. It's an innovative sound based less on concerns for commercial categorization than the various stylistic muses inspiring the duo's creative lives. There are touches of 70s and 80s pop/rock, ambient rock, (Dancing Supernova boasts a lush, psychedelic vibe), organic indie flavors (thanks to Crofoot's raw strumming style) and even shades of disco, which they include unapologetically. While the two Portland natives draw from a wealth of musical influences, Everchanging Nomad is most inspired by musicians who have captured the independent mindset they seek to embody in their own music and marketing approach. As the duo stated, "We're at the stage now where we're eager to share our music and our message with everyone. We believe people will relate and connect with us, yet our initial goal hasn't changed since the days when we just wrote songs to amuse ourselves. We only create music if it moves us and we can have fun in the process".

Location: Portland, Oregon

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