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The Dirty RoyalsThe Dirty Royals
The Dirty Royals, based in both the UK and LA, emerged from the core of the UK band The Samurai Seven. The Samurai Seven achieved success in the UK and Japan with the release of several singles and their sold out CD release of ďLe SportĒ. Playing regularly to full venues as well as having the honor of being one of the late John Peelís, (of BBC 1 fame), favorite bands, The Samurai Seven landed in sunny California in August 2005. After soaking up the rays and vibes while playing numerous gigs across California and collaborating with a number of producers and other artists, a new direction, band line-up and sound was born. Having established the bandís new sound, musical range and an enthusiastic fan base, they returned to the UK wired, with new experiences, ideas, and a fresh new groove.

In September 2005 The Band was invited to Mid Point Music Festival (MPMF) in Cincinnati and with their new found energy they played to a packed to capacity crowd at Neonís Courtyard rocking the joint and garnering rave reviews.

After their return to the UK from MPMF The Samurai Seven disbanded added a new drummer from Los Angeles and reformed as the Dirty Royals. They continued to rack up positive reviews in the UK at locations such as The Troubadour, London, and The Cavern, Liverpool among others.

They have just returned from a brief LA visit where they performed an invitation only showcase as well as a 3 public performances at The Gig Hollywood, BB Kings, Universal City, and an acoustic gig at The Karma Coffee House. During the days the band was in the studio laying down new tracks for their upcoming CD.

Location: Oxford UK, LA USA

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