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The 6, 7eventy, 8 Tribute Orchestra
The 6, 7eventy, 8 Tribute Orchestra is a 31 piece group that performs many of the soul mega hits from as early as the 1960's to the 2000's.The orchestra puts out a funky, soulful sound while maintaining a very classy approach.

The show has been written so it can be presented as a seated audience show or a show/dance combination. The group has a 7 piece vocal group up front, a 7 piece rhythm section, a 6 piece horn section, and the option of using a 12 piece string section. The orchestra can also perform without the string section for smaller contract/venues, using a 19 piece configuration with the synth player covering the string parts.

Naturally, because of the size of the orchestra, the show is designed to perform for bigger venues and events and your audiences will receive a professional quality performance on every level with a large degree of variety under the soul/funk umbrella.

Location: Sacramento, CA

To book The 6, 7eventy, 8 Tribute Orchestra, Please contact us