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°LUCHAFER! A Mexican Wrestling Extravaganza°LUCHAFER! A Mexican Wrestling Extravaganza
The idea of Luchafer comes from the unique and creative minds at Puscifer, The American Rock band led by Maynard James Keenan.

Luchafer is Lucha Libre troupe brought that brings a high flying, action packed yet comedic style of dramatic wrestling entertainment to form the baddest Mexican Wrestling show on the planet! Each member has a worldwide personality of their own that when fused together creates the magic.

The evil pair (red team) consist of La Mano Rojo, and Alacrana Plata

The good pair (blue team) consists of Senior Valiente, and La Sirena

The wild card of the show is a very small man dressed in black who pretends to be the servant to both groups, pouring some magical elixir that makes the wrestlers forget their rage, and their mission.

Luchaferís mission is centered around a classic puscifer character - Billy D - who has been locked up in a mexican jail, under mysterious circumstances. the red team is trying to get the key to the jail cell, and the blue team is trying to protect the key, so that Billy D doesn't fall into the "wrong" hands.

Somehow, both teams are beaten by this little man in black, who ends up being a luchador in disguise - El Catrin! We don't know if El Catrin is a good guy or a bad guy!

The battle that leads to this outcome is both impressive, and ridiculous.

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

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