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Stand Bac "The Real Fleetwood Mac Tribute"
Stand Bac - "The Real Fleetwood Mac Tribute" is the definitive Fleetwood Mac Tribute. An authentic recreation of the music and incredible stage production of the legendary Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac! The Stand Bac experience captures the mystical atmosphere, look and sound of these enigmatic Rock and Roll Hall of Famers with outstanding vocal and character performances from a cast of some of the most respected professional musicians on the East Coast. Each member of the cast is dedicated to the authenticity of reproducing Fleetwood Mac studio recordings while replicating the very best of every live performance. Stand Bac brings the haunting melodies, sublime vocal harmonies and punctuating rhythms of Fleetwood Mac to life during every show. Collectively the band has traveled throughout the United States performing in theatres, amphitheaters, festivals, clubs and private events for crowds of 5,000 and more. Sit back relax, clap or sing along to what is truly the "real Fleetwood Mac Tribute - Stand Bac.

Location: Notheastern US

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