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CHOPS & Assoc. Live AnimationCHOPS & Assoc. Live Animation
A live animation show is a new experience for nearly all audiences, and effectively engages and entertains everyone from the little 2-year-olds to serious corporate executives, depending on the choice of characters and scripts.

The technology used is portable and versatile, and has a "Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain" aspect to it. The performers use laptop computers to create the computer-generated animations in real time, so that when they talk, the characters talk. The images can be shown on large projections, small projections and flat screen video displays, accompanied by professional sound systems.

Our 15 years of experience in the tradeshow and corporate meeting industries enables us to be proactive problem solvers for producers who want to offer something new and different, that most people haven't seen before. We have a family of dozens of stock characters or we can create custom ones to suit your special needs and audiences.

A favorite show for children and moms at fairs is called "My Fish People," and features two hilarious "fish" who get acquainted, sing and tell stories about random acts of kindness to elementary school children and their parents. The display used is a 3-ft. diameter round "Bubble Screen," suspended from the inside of a canopy tent by fishing line. Performers Gary Jesch and Bob Duquense are "Digital Puppeteers" who work in a 8x4 ft control area nearby, and interact with the children. The audiences can come and go as they please, and many return to say hi to their "fish friends" several times during the fair.

At corporate events, the virtual characters, as they are called, appear on the screen as the "strange guy," asking humorous and difficult questions, based on scripts provided by the producers. Many large companies have used them over the years, with high degrees of memorability and effectiveness.

On the tradeshow floor, these characters can easily stop people walking by, and start discussions with them about their needs and interests, providing a point of conversation for real human sales people and booth staff to enter. When Jesch performs as a virtual character for tradeshow exhibitors, much of his time spent in advance of the show is in preparation to be an intelligent and qualified spokesperson for his corporate clients.

Bookings are accepted for 1-7 day events, 30 days in advance. References are available on request.

Location: Carson City, NV

To book CHOPS & Assoc. Live Animation, Please contact us