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Swetta Panjabi
My interests lie in the following:- Tarot Card Readings

Numerology ( using the science of numbers to predict the future, individual personality and events)

Name alterations using numerology ( Altering the alphabets of the name to match it to the destiny number of birth date for better success)

Graphology (handwriting analysis)


Color therapy (usage of different colors and thier properties to heal physical illnesses and removing of hurdles on one's path to success)

Vaastu Shastra (re-alignment of one's apartment/house to bring in positive vibrations and getting rid of the negativities)

Gemology (using precious and semi- precious stones to help one achieve their goals promptly)


Animal Psychics

and Dream Interpretations

I have written articles on all of the above and have also worked as a columnist for newspapers for their zodiac horoscope section.

I have a some bollywood clients too coming to me and they can vouch for my accurate readings.

I can also mail you some of published work if you are interested in looking at them.

You can also visit my website for further details.

Location: New Jersey

To book Swetta Panjabi, Please contact us