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Previous recording vocalists and band members have many music credits in the music business on the east coast. Pulling together because of the talent and drive to perform female rock due to the strong female vocals of Louise and Patty. Now with Liz in the mix, keyboards and vocals, and the guitar virtuoso Neil, the band has an overall killer sound which was so popular in the eighties. Truly this challenging music is timeless and Rockheart performs these classics from the 70's. 80's and 90's with a competent flair. They have an exciting closeness in a female vocal tribute not matched anywhere. "The vocals of Louise Marie can be compared with the likes of Pat Benatar, Rindy Ross, and or the Heart sisters" Quote Pittsburgh Music Review/John Antimary. Patty is truly the sister who can slam home the likes of Joan Jett with authority and Stevie Nicks with finesse. Truly a band to make your special corporate affair or mega private party be the hit of the season! Manager: Carla Bauer Myspace

Location: Based in Pittsburgh, Pa.

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