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George GalfoGeorge Galfo"s Mystics
George started his career in the entertainment industry as a member of the Overons in 1958, which later became The Mystics. He sang second tenor as an original founding Mystic member. Made appearances with the Mystics on: the Clay Cole Show; American Bandstand; Alan Freed's "Big Beat Show"; Jim Gallant's Bandstand in CT, Alan Freed Stage Show at the Brooklyn Fox, toured with Cavalcade Of Stars, run by the General Artists Corp., made a few Palisades Park appearances hosted by Cousin Bruce Morrow. He was a back up singer for Connie Francis on her 1959 release "Tommy" and for other artists who were under the Laurie Label umbrella.

George is EXCITED being back in the limelight with his own group George Galfo’s Mystics. He takes pride as the New Voice of “Hushabye” the group's biggest hit along with the leads on “Don't Take The Stars”, “Darling I Know Now". He can be heard on all the Mystics original recordings.

The Mystics under his trademark George Galfo's Mystics have been taking South Florida by storm. .George Galfo's Mystics tunes are getting massive amounts of play on oldie radio stations around the country, worldwide on the Internet stations.

George looks back with pride as a new day has begun. Keeping those harmonies coming, original Mystic, George Galfo, has formed his own celebrated group. Joining him are:

Joe Neary; Sang with Valiants, Four Surfmen and Paramounts in CA. Former First Tenor with Reunion in 1980 he had the honor of being asked by Dion to work for him which lead to becoming the First Tenor for Dion's tour during 1997-1998 and on Dion's "Deja Nu" CD featuring the hit song, "Shu Bop (The Lost Track)"

Mike Miller: Former lead singer of Harmony Street, performed for Pres.Clinton and the First Lady. Sang with Vito and the Salutations, Islanders on Relic Records Label, MGM Records under the Mgt, of Gino Morelli. Appeared/sang in the movie "The Root of All Evil", starring Ron Palillo. Wrote jingles for radio stations like WCBS-FM in NY, wrote two original songs, Harmony Street and Christine. Sung the National Anthem at Shea Stadium. He is thrilled to have been asked by George Galfo to help carry on the name of The Mystics.

Anthony DeFontes (In 1969, recorded under Capitol records with a band called “Koala”. Joined Reunion in 1979 singing 2nd tenor and leads. In 1989 was invited to tour with Dion. Performed with Dion at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Westbury Music Fair, and Universal Amphitheatre in CA, appeared with Dion on televised New Year’s Eve special “Rockin’ the Night Away”. Did backup vocals on Dion’s album “Deja Nu”. He is excited about performing with George Galfo’s Mystics and looks forward to keeping the Doo Wop music alive

The sound of George Galfo's Mystics harbor the soft breezes of harmony perfection and applause continue to shine a glow. George's group continues the quest of keeping the sounds of harmony doo-wop alive in our hearts.

Location: SE Florida

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