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Without A Cue Productions, LLCWithout A Cue Productions, LLC
Without A Cue has been performing murder mysteries in Philadelphia since 2001. Without A Cue is dedicated to providing the highest quality in murder mystery entertainment, and will STOP AT NOTHING to ensure that every murder is the best it can be. Some of the elements that set us apart are:

Ąc All of our shows are fully scripted. Although the actors are required to be experienced (and adept) at improvisation, and interaction with the audience is a must for a successful event, there is nevertheless a set structure to the show. Although some companies rely on complete improvisation, Without A Cue believes that the best mysteries have a beginning, middle, and end.

Ąc All shows are fully rehearsed. Although our actors are very experienced, they still need practice.

Ąc All of our actors are trained professionals. So please, don°¶t try this at home.

Attached is a list of our scripted shows. All of our shows are interactive comedies, and participation includes questioning suspects, dance contests, or possibly even playing a role.

Our professional actors greet you and your guests as you enter the room. As you mingle, you have the opportunity to pick up dropped clues, quiz the actors, and engage in vaguely witty repartee. Next, you will be seated for dinner , at which point you can discuss with your table mates what you have learned from interviewing the characters. Be sure to check on, around, and under your table - valuable information may have been left behind, such as news clippings, police reports, greeting cards, or strange objects(???).

After dinner, the actors return to begin the show, and you are transported to another time or place. The action may include members of the audience being called upon to act out scenes, judge contests, or simply provide a needed cue. Eventually, a murder takes place. At this point you are given some time to interview the suspects and fill out your ballot - for a chance at winning the big prize. After the break, the actors return to solve the mystery, and reveal the winner!

Location: Philadelphia

To book Without A Cue Productions, LLC, Please contact us