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Chris Waltz
Artistic Profile

Composer, vocalist, and songwriter Chris Waltz performs an eclectic blend of Celtic, Sephardic, Spanish and Wolrd music featuring original and traditional songs sung in Irish/Gaelic, Spanish, Latin, and English. Using voice, nylon and steel string guitar, and whistle, Waltz brings to life the melodic language of each tradition. With his powerful yet gentle voice, each song is finely crafted so the audience can experience the passion and emotion behind each turn of the melody. He fills the room with a mystical, otherworldy feel. Waltz is one of the few male Gaelic singers around. Mixed with his wit and humor he shows off the playful side of Irish music. Singing from within the depths of his soul, Waltz has the rare ability to really connect very deeply with his listeners. Using lyrics of his own and from Renaissance poetry set to newly composed music he creates a presence of the mystical. Waltz often incorporates the exotic sounds of gypsy and Middle Eastern music into his arrangements. With his smooth handed guitar playing and deep, clear tenor voice he’ll transport you to ancient worlds.

Chris has performed at churches, concert and folk venues all over the country, enabling him to share his strong yet elegant stage presence with many people. Waltz was recenently hired by Riverdeance as the next lead singer and is currently waiting for the next opening. Waltz has opened for and performed on stage with the Celtic Supergroup Dervish, Virtusoso Celtic composer / Bouzouki player Roger Landes, and LegendarySinger/ Songwriter Tish Hinajosa.

According to one fan, “Chris’s more contemporary material reflects the transpersonal spiritual journey we’re all on. He’s very reminicent of Loreena McKennnitt with his pure and clear voice. Chris was instrumental in forming Triana, a Celtic world music ensemble, which performed a blend of original and traditional folk music. He was the ensemble’s main composer, writing and arranging most of the music they performed, including many pieces with multi-vocal parts and instrumental accompaniment. Since Triana’s separation Chris has been performing solo.


Ellie Blair, Celtic & Beyond, KTAO Radio: “Chris Waltz’s enigmatic, sensuous voice will transport you to ancient lands. He’s a musical mystic, a brilliant songwriter, and instrumentalist with a natural sense of Celtic world music.”

George O’Brien, Arizona Irish Music Society: “Chris has an extraordinary mix of contemporary and traditional material spanning the globe. He’s probably what true Celtic music is capturing the purity and diversity of our ancient culture with one of the clearest voices I’ve ever heard.”

Location: Sacramento

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