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Early in life, I began a journey toward music with a strong upbringing in the church. My Mother was a kind and caring soul, she made a friend wherever she was. Her name is Toni Katherine and she was considered by all her nine children their best friend and spreader of love. Now, my Daddy was a very strict and quick, military type, studied life as if still stationed in Stuttgart, PGermany, but without regards to anyone he loved them too. Raised on Plum Creek Bottom in Randolph County, IL, on a hoggy farm, 4H became a point of interest after digging water wells by hand and bucket and picking up sticks from acres my dad had us kids to clear--after that, 4H was a picnic. But from long days as a farm kid, and new friends through 4H, I heard the feelings of others in the songs, and the sounds they made. It was the same sounds that told how I felt, so we all made the sounds and they all felt good. Learning to play music and singing bacame the highlights of the night after chores and all. Gathering in the empty or just un-occupied barns, sheds or corn fields in the county. Some of us regularly had to put up hay too long and couldn't make it home to clean up, but still came to share their souls through music and sounds. "Sometimes we'd sit close in a circle and sometimes we wouldn't" but, through it all, you could still feel the sounds of the soul, some present and some not. So now I play and sing the songs of the country world on which I and others lived. You'll hear the richness of the black soil on the bottom lands of Randolph County in the voice, sounds, and songs I have written and perform. My vast colletion of original material was written as it was felt, as not to falsely create pain, sorrow, love or happiness. It will bring you on a journey of life through music and song. So please, rest your feet and enjoy bluesy, country, gospely, and some plain old "get along wit it" music in the styling of Keith T. Dismuke and The Sawdust Band.


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