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Wolfs Robe/aka Flute ManWolfs Robe/aka Flute Man
Wolfs Robe was drawn to the haunting sounds of the Native American flute in 1984 and was taught the traditional art of flute making by a fourth generation flute maker. Wolfs Robe is now recognized as one of the leading performers and Historians of this beautiful, instrument. In the same class as respected Native American flute performers and Historians, Wolfs Robe has truly become 'one with the flute'. His flute recordings honor the musical traditions of his ancestors and the History of the Native American flute itself. Wolfs Robes commitment to preserving this instrument in every way is a great priority in his life. Wolfs Robe has a unique connection with various Nations and their traditions. This can most readily be seen and heard in his gift for beautifully mastering the tradition of flute playing ( from the Heart ) the way he was taught by his mentor, to compose original music that is truly 'Native American' in its structure, content and Heart.

Wolfs Robe has entertained audiences from around the World and performed at such places as The Grand Canyon in Arizona as well as Devils Tower Wyoming.

Wolfs Robe is a Traditional Native American style flute Performer and that means there are no songs written down, they are of the moment, and performed from the Heart. His Traditional solo concerts are truly an experience; he transports listeners on a journey to a World and Time almost forgotten.

Location: Missouri

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