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Breathing new life into the Iowa metal scene, Illtrip is the new breed of heavy-groove-melodic-urban metal. Established in 2000 this quartet has provided listeners with an innovative sound assaulting their senses with low tuned electrifying guitar riffs, smooth yet thunderous percussion, eclectic subsonic bass lines, and street wise bone crushing melodic vocals. In the last 6 years Illtrip has opened for countless National Acts with their heart pounding live performances including Papa Roach, Chevelle, Dry Kill Logic, Stuck Mojo, Hed (pe), Five Bolt Main, Candiria, Index Case, Modern Life is War, and Cellador. Illtrip continues to push the envelope of metal music and encompasses the influence of many more genres within its compositions. An up and coming metal power Illtrip has added many more songs to their repertoire in the last year and continues to write taking the music into new directions showing their song writing maturity and their technical skill performing the pieces. The true excellence of Illtrip is their ability to perform their music live. Through sheer energy and animalistic emotion they have truly mastered their craft turning even non metal fans into believers.

Location: Des Moines

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