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Guy Bavli - Master of the Mind
Guy Bavli - Master of the Mind, is an entertainment experience like none other.

A renowned performer and “mentalist,” Guy Bavli astonishes audiences world-wide with mind-mesmerizing performances that put you in touch with the seventh sense of your mind.

The Entertainer

One of the world’s most popular “in-demand” entertainers, Guy Bavli has performed at prestigious entertainment venues and casinos including Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and Carnegie Hall in New York and in more than 50 countries world-wide.

The Experience

Bavli redefines entertainment, as we know it. Hang on to your seat…you’ve never seen anything like this before! With the mystery and showmanship, a performance by Guy Bavli is a journey into another realm that will leave you spellbound and speechless.

The Talent Bavli’s astounding talent and ability combines mystery, humor with psychology, physiology and intuition. The mystery commences into a memorable evening of belly-laughing, mind-engaging fun. Leave your logic at the door and venture beyond the imagination where everything is possible.

The Audience With Bavli, the audience is in for a real treat…a true feast for the mind and imagination. Your experience will never be the same. Immerse your senses in the world that is Bavli. He dazzles you with unbelievable mind-teasers that defy reason. Each show outmatches the next as Bavli takes you on an adventure filled with hypnotic excitement, entrancing entertainment, and intriguing fun.

The Occasion

Guy Bavli is perfect for many occasion! From large entertainment venues to corporate galas to television shows…Bavli will make your next event one your audience will never forget! Bavli offers unique marketing alternatives to corporations. A dream come true for public relations and marketing professionals, Bavli tailors his performance around your product or service to engage your audience. He is pure, perplexing entertainment…mystery and fun all wrapped into one!

v Main Event Performances

v Publicity Stunts

v Corporate Parties

v Product Launches

v Trade Shows

v Awards Galas

v Private Parties

v Master of Ceremonies

v Anniversaries

v And so much more!

Discover the mystery that is Bavli - Master of the Mind.

Location: FL

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