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If you want me, the Greatest Performer in the History of History, I am him. Hire me for that special event to make it more special than you realize. I make the air turn Green and wherever I appear it's Big News.

I play the music directly from a recorder and I'd request everyone "bring your favorite record to be destroyed"-GENERAL NEWS SYNDICATE

My music killed Rock twice, with Nuclear Warrior copyright 1984 the world's ONLY Original Words & Music and then with my incredible California Jam Revival Show. I will bring music and depictions of both including THE TAB COMMANDMENTS (the most unique Documents in Cyberspace check them yourself at Nuclearwarrior).

Read my Lead Story in the October 15, 2006 Boston Herald INSIDE TRACK Entertainment section and see what I did at the Behemoth 1974 California Jam too!

"Scott Lishine is (also) the greatest Filmmaker who ever lived"-BOSTON HERALD Sunday October 15, 2006

Hire the most exciting Person today in the History of Humanity now. I Work Cheap! Remember, my Music is bigger than the Beatles and I'm a Social Reformer the Likes of which you have never seen before. Your constituents will be thrilled and shocked. I'm the biggest thing since King Tut! ;-)

Location: New York City and will travel

To book I AM BIGGER THAN THE BEATLES, Please contact us