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The HagerRivera Project
It all began In 2000, when Raul Rivera meet Joe Hager through a musicians wanted ad in The "San Diego Reader". Raul Rivera was looking for a snappy drummer for his , "then", soulful, jazzy, rock-n-espanol group "La Vagancia". Joe picked up some tunes on a CD from Raul the first day they meet at Raul's house, dug it for it's latin-jazzy flavor, came in 5 days later with everything down tight ready to play their first gig together @ the Famous Whisky A GO GO on Memorial Day! Raul Rivera and Joe Hager worked diligently, writing, rehearsing, and producing a 5 song EP Entitled LA VAGANCIA "Cinco Rolas Ep" self- released in 2003, co-produced with long time friend/engineer Phil O'Keefe (Alien Ant Farm, Skeletons, Voodoo Glow Skulls) establishing the former name La Vagancia as a force. Despite the lack of a permanent bass player, La Vagancia became a power duo playing parties and clubs through out San Diego, Riverside, LA, and Orange counties. At such venues as: Winston's (Ocean Beach, San Diego), Blind Melon's (Pacific Beach, San Diego), Caf Seville (Downtown San Diego) The Famous Whiskey A GoGo (Hollywood, Ca), The Westwood Brewing Co. (Westwood, Los Angeles), The Knitting Factory (Hollywood, Ca), Zen Sushi (Silverlake, Los Angeles), the 2002 Rock and Roll Marathon (San Diego) with live coverage of their music by NBC Channel 7, Dream Street (San Diego), and regulars at The Rhythm Lounge (San Diego).

In 2006 The Duo decided to rename their long awaited arrival of what they really were, The HagerRivera Project! The two began joining their abilities, creating ideas focused on tight live shows that flowed with emotion, musicianship, and soul. As the two booked shows through out San Diego their idea of mixing various styles, and original material was instant magic! Vibrating rooms with the rhythm that Raul and Joe had envisioned! Finally, the true fullness of what playing music together is all about, the celebration of two great friends, and brothers magical ability to not discuss, or think about the music they play but just throw down and play with true freedom. A relationship that started six years pass through an ad became a life need.

They are able to play low & lounge or loud& LIVE! For any purpose that is ready for thier magic. They currently are recording a new flawless release for Vino Records

Location: S. Caliornia, US

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