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The Whip Its

Before becoming Las Vegas’ hottest new 80s’ dance sensation, the Whip-Its, recipients of the prestigious Hassellhoff Award for Excellence In Grooming, packed the dance halls of Western Europe nightly with their infectious versions of popular Eighties dance rock. But it wasn’t always that easy……


Born Dieter Louis Lewis, the enigma who would become known to the world as Sprockets was born in Vienna Austria to humble Tuba crafting parents. After a brief flirtation with a career in Extreme Naked Hang Gliding (a sport that unfortunately left him testicularly challenged), young Dieter discovered his newfound ability to mimic the voice of nearly any Pop singer. With this talent he would earn a residency at The Ham Shack in Bonn, wowing audiences with his remarkable voice and stunning spoken word poetry performances. This would be the twist of fate to bring him together with the infamous Ivana Humpalot.


Ivanas' rise to fame was typical. Born Ivana Cutchakakov, at the tender age of 17 she was already performing as the lead back up singer with Nena (of 99 Luftbaloons fame). At 19 she wed 89 year old wealthy German mattress baron Helmut Humpalot. Upon his mysterious death 2 months later she inherited his fortune and set out to use it to bring her unique musical stylings to Eastern Europe. During the 1986 failed coup attempt of Nena, she was dealt a tragic blow as the band refused to join her. In search of a new musical group, she partnered with American gal pal Martha Stewart, investing in biotech giant ImKlone. After Martha unwittingly took the company public, she was forced to move her research underground, research that involved the cloning of what she referred to as the "UberMusikan", a group of backing musicians that would be able to play any song better than all who had come before them. During this crucial time, Ivana ventured out to the Ham Shack to blow off some steam. Along with the packed house, she was mesmerized by Sprockets spoken word rendition of his original poem "Do You Want To Touch My Monkey?" and history was made.


Born from humble beginnings (test tubes to be exact), The band that provides the incredible music for these two superstars consists of guitarist #1, bassist #2 and a drummer who has eschewed any name and prefers to be addresed as AAAAARGH. Weaned in the laboratory on a steady neural feed of Frankie Goes To Hollywood (The live DVD), Van Halen II, and Kajagoogoo - The Greatest Hits, These superior musicians grown from the genes of Carlos Santana, Gene Krupa, and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers survive solely on a diet of fluffy hot IHOP pancakes.

Location: Las Vegas

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