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Some of the Specialty Entertainers available directly from Crazy Wolf Entertainment

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Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Najah

Najah!—a dramatic, joyous belly dancer with style & class appropriate for any age & every occasion, with a passion & intensity that engage her audience, and a 1000-watt smile. Najah is a consummate performer with amazing stage presence and charisma. Performances “customized” to the occasion, with unique, elaborate, gorgeous costuming keyed to the season or event. Her extensive performing background, exciting music selection & playful audience rapport combine to create an exotic work both subtle & dynamic, dazzling & hypnotic, interacting with audience members or focusing attention on a guest of honor. Najah’s shows are enhanced by finger cymbals, veil, sword-balancing or cane, working closely with the event planner to ensure you get the entertainment you want! For a truly captivating party, consider Najah’s specialty: performance combined with a belly dance lesson emphasizing creativity, fun, your unique sensuality & individual empowerment. With a solid foundation in American Cabaret style, she incorporates moves from other styles & dance disciplines, creating a beguiling fusion of technically polished moves & cultural flavors—Najah!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Freyja
Freyja is a professional bellydancer who began her study of dance in early childhood. Her dance background includes ballet, jazz, hip hop, ballroom, salsa, club dancing, flamenco, Indian and Indonesian dance. Freyja fell in love with bellydance through her first teacher Ansuya, who inspired her to pursue this dance form whole heartedly. Over the years she has studied with many different teachers and being a life-long student, she continues to study seriously with Frederique David and master teacher Suhaila Salimpur. Freyja has performed all over California, including the Staples Center (home of the LA Lakers), The Ford Ampitheatre and various restaurants and nightclubs. She has also performed extensively in the North East, Canada and Europe.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Juggler Bob
Juggler Bob
Bob Whitcomb-World's Strongest Juggler-He has delighted audiences across North America and throughout Europe with hi comedy juggling show. He has performed for both Bush and Clinton at the White House and has appeared on such national and international television shows such as America's Got Talent, America's Funniest Videos, Record Breakers. He has appeared in movies on both the small and big screen.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book FUSION
Fusion blend Martial arts, Hip-Hop, Break dancing, Gymnastics and tricking to create an extreme display of talent, strength ability and power unlike anything you have ever seen before. Fusion has brought performers together from all over the UK, ranging from the tender age of 12 up to 23 & are all World Champions in their chosen sports.

Fusion was founded by at the end of 2005 and has already gained a great deal of recognition, within these past few years. We have performed all round the World at corporate events, sports fashion shows for Nike, Adidas and Reebok, B-BOY and Hip Hop dance Championships, Martial arts kickboxing shows, trade shows and also for film and tv.

FUSION have tremendous skillz, great personalities, absolute dedication to their sport and are here to deliver their knowledge to you. We are available for Shows no matter the time slot, the number of people, the budget, we can cater and film work, photoshoots, and seminars on dance,Martial arts, and tricking

The ThunderChickens
The ThunderChickens are a 4-piece Rock-n-Roll band based out of Michigan. Fronted by the visually vivacious vocalist Melissa May on vocals, violin, harmonica, and guitar, the band delivers an over the top, high-energy rock show. Jekel is on lead guitar without a pick or shoes and with a unique, lightning fast, fingerpickin' style and vintage sound. Justin provides the dread-locked bass groove, while Kramer brings the jazzy thunder on the drums. Together they play it loud and sing it proud. The music is dynamic and powerful, it grabs the attention of all in ear shot. The covers that they choose to play are not typical yet they are songs that get everyone groovin' and immediately noticing the twist of originality applied by the Thunderchickens. The originals that the Thunderchickens play are written and played so well that even the first time audients find themselves dancing, listening, and trying to sing along like its thier old favorite tune. It is impossible to see them perform and not take notice.

The Summer Of Love show
We play the signature hits of the songs from Monterey Pop '67 to Woodstock '69 in full costume. See the likes of Joplin, Hendrix, Grace Slick, Sly Stone, John Kaye & more. Wear your beads & tie-dye & expierience that far out era of the late 60's one more time.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Bruce Sarafian WORLD RECORD JUGGLER
Bruce Sarafian, first of all, is not just another juggler by any means. Bruce has held Guinness book of world records in juggling consistently since 1993 to this very day!

Bruce Sarafian has been a performing juggler at all the major Central FL theme parks (Universal, Islands of Adventure, Disney, Sea World, MGM, Animal Kingdom, etc) casinos, tradeshows, countless festivals, 5-star resorts and special events of all kinds. Also on the list of past events are numerous corporate clients including Microsoft, Coca-cola, Xience, NCR, Tampico, Wyeth, Chevron, Texaco, Best Buy, Pfizer, Cisco, Ross, Abbott Vascular, Medtronic, GM, Oldsmobile, Cox, Miller Brewing and Aflac just to name a few. Click HERE for more of a list of corporate clients.

Experience and quality of juggling speaks for itself. Bruce not only first broke the world record that held for over 60 years, but is also a 3 time national numbers juggling champion winner as well.

The typical outside show (usually 20 - 30 mins) contains lots of comedy along with technical juggling, regular unicycle, 6 ft unicycling, or even possibly the SUPER tall TRIPLE WHEELED unicycle, fire torch juggling, juggling chairs, balancing a 20 ft tall basketball net while juggling, juggling dangerous blades on a regular unicycle, and throwing balls in the air higher than most will ever attempt.

All outside performances are geared towards kids and adults and involves the audience in various routines!!!!! Bruce also does all of this in walk-a-round/roving sets as well. Bruce is always willing to sign autographs at each event.

Current Stats:

* Current Guinness Book record holder since 1993 with 11 balls.

(Broke the previous record of 10 balls that held up for well over 60 years.)

* Broke Guinness Book record again in 1996 with 12 balls.

* First Juggler to be listed by the GUINNESS BOOK for 12 objects of any kind.

* Currently ranked by the JIS committee on Numbers Juggling as #1 in 3 different catagories.

* Won national ‘Numbers Juggling’ competitions mulitple years.

* Won national 5 ball endurance competitions multiple years.

* Won European 7 ball endurance competition.

* Currently ranked by the IJDB as #1 in 9 different catagories.

* First juggler worldwide to ever juggle 5 balls for over ONE HOUR without a single drop.

* World Record holder for juggling 7 balls in a complete circle.

* First juggler worldwide to ever juggle 8 balls in a complete circle.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Tava
Tava is a professional Bellydance instructor, choreographer and performer (since 2000). She has performed in numerous theaters, restaurants and cultural events throughout the tri-state area and teaches an average of 7 classes per week. Tava is available for corporate events (store openings, fundraisers, premieres), weddings, showers, birthday parties (children and adults), and any other family-friendly occasion. Tava will design a performance to specifically meet your needs. Troupe performances or live music available *(no bachelor parties).

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Cirque Event
Cirque Event
Best cirque & variety acts. Novelty Entertainment is your premiere source of elegant corporate and special event entertainment. Providing the best cirque-style productions and the stunning acrobatic and rhythmic gymnastics acts.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Donald Patrick Howell
Donald Patrick Howell
Costume Performer who plays a variety of superheroes, pirate, and characters from sci-fi. Has activities ranging from balloon twisting and games for corporate and children's events. Specialty Show is Doctor Von Bubble and his Amazing Bubble Show in which a child and most adults can be placed inside of a bubble.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Dmitry Korneevich

Dmitry Korneevich

Our partnership Korneevich & Co. presents to you our original shows

Rope-dancing Plastic equilibrium "Showroom" Juggling with life rings Juggling with maracas and golden balls together with public

Patters and sketches

"Heart" "Cobra" "Drunken sailor" (Bottle-walking)

And a vast variety of other plastic skethes!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Navi Redd
Navi Redd
Let’s face it, men singing a Cappella has never been an unsightly occurrence…and these Cappella rebels bend all rules and regulations of this genre. 100% testosterone, 120% talent, Eye Candy and Ear Candy …..

“A Cappella” of course meaning: No musical instruments, no back-tracks…using nothing other than brilliant vocal chords and astounding techniques, this together with eight hilarious personalities on stage, ensures that crowds are up on their feet after every single performance.

Navi Redd is a Cappella group with a sting in its tail and its repertoire includes anything from Grease and The Beach Boys to Johnny Clegg and Steve Hofmeyr. Since the group’s inception early in 2004, Navi Redd have been amusing crowds all over South Africa, and the Brand Name has grown to be loved by the public and widely respected by all involved in the entertainment industry … A Cappella for the people!

Theatre supremo Richard Loring had the following to say about Navi Redd:

“Navi Redd is one of those rare breed of artists who combine a spellbinding mastery of vocal sounds with captivating originality. This is seen in their innovative ideas in marketing and reaching younger and newer audiences in the music market in South-Africa.

Their vocal expertise and passion for their work, make them especially marketable in the South African Industry, where audiences have not been exposed to their work. I believe that Navi Redd is one of the most exciting, accomplished and promising vocal groups to emerge from South Africa…”

Navi Redd has become a very popular artist for corporate events and has entertained companies at their :

Conventions (SAB Banquet Awards – Cape Town) Award Functions (Car of the Year 2006) Sport Events (Nedbank Million Dollar Golf Challenge) Motivational Road shows (Standard Bank) Conferences (KPMG – Fancourt Golf Estate) Brand Name Roadshows (Miller Draft & News Café) Ladies Days (Mornings) (Spar) Yearend Functions (BASF South Africa)

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Mario the Magician
Mario the Magician
Mario the Magician offers magic shows, stage illusions, walk-around magic, and more for all kinds of events. Be it a children's birthday party, or a large-scale corporate event, Mario's magic is a unique entertainment option, sure to spark conversation and smiles.

Mario the Magician
Mario the Magician offers magic shows, stage illusions, walk-around magic, and more for all kinds of events. Be it a children's birthday party, or a large-scale corporate event, Mario's magic is a unique entertainment option, sure to spark conversation and smiles.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Illusionist David Garrity
Illusionist David Garrity
“IllusionQuest” Description

“IllusionQuest is a spectacular show!” Joyce Capitao – Written Guest Comment Six Flags New England – Springfield, MA

“IllusionQuest” is an exciting, family-oriented, full stage, magic and illusion spectacular! Illusionist David Garrity and his magic team appear, vanish, pass through solid objects and even float people from the audience! The performance also features audience participation, situational comedy and is set to a custom-edited musical score!

“IllusionQuest” has received high praise wherever it has been presented. “IllusionQuest” has recently been seen at Turning Stone Casino in NY, Tribeca Performing Arts Center in NYC and has been a featured part of the entertainment package at Six Flags New England in Springfield, MA for the last five years!

--- This performance can be scaled to meet the needs of your venue and event ---

"Magic&Beyond" Description

"There was nothing but raves for your show from everyone." Rozanne Gates, Entertainment Director First Night - Westport/Weston, CT

”Magic&Beyond” is a one-man illusion show that features unique, theatrical and visual magic, audience participation, comedy and a custom-edited musical soundtrack. In this performance, you will see a table mysteriously float, objects that appear and disappear in the blink of an eye and witness the difficult and suspenseful “Straightjacket Challenge!”

This show is entirely self-contained, can be performed in nearly any situation and David provides his own professional sound system for dynamic sound reinforcement. Your audience will never forget this unique theatrical entertainment experience!


Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Eric Kearns - Voices Of Legends
Eric Kearns - Voices Of Legends
The amazing ability of this singer to duplicate the vocals of so many different artists leaves everyone talking about his performance long after each show. Eric Kearns has been captivating audiences for years with his unique talents, and now his "Voices of Legends" show is available for you to treat your guests to a night they won't forget. From selecting songs, to providing the proper sound system, to working within any time constraints that you may be dealing with, be assured that your special needs will become his concern too in making your event a complete success. Don't miss out on having this Elite Performer entertain at your Corporate Function, Private Party or Restaurant/Venue!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book DOC SWAN
A full-time pro for thirty years, Doc Swan has amazed and amused audiences of all ages with his one-of-a-kind magical comedy, juggling, fire-eating, escapes, and (very unusual) variety acts. Available anywhere in the northern hemisphere indoors or out (on his own self-contained stage).

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Wacky Waiter
The Wacky Waiter
It's 5 minutes before show time and your guests are anxiously awaiting tonight's entertainment. You panic, your comedian had to leave because his wife went into labor! You explain to your guests you have a backup for the evening. It's a staff waiter, but it's his first night on the job.

Look no further, introducing ... The WACKY Waiter!

This formal but buffoon-like waiter creates havoc, mayhem and laughs galore. Either as a stage or strolling act, bringing his dinner diversions to parties for all sizes of events. Awards banquets, cocktail hours, Christmas parties, corporate sales meetings, or any event that you want to produce fun and memorable times, The WACKY Waiter is your guy!

"The Wacky Waiter's contribution to our event was promised! I heard from dozens of people that their sides were split and mouths were sore from watching him at our AFRDS Networking Luncheon in New Orleans. What fun!" -Vickie Mabry Associate Director AFRDS

"From the moment The Wacky Waiter walked in until he departed, you could almost feel that magical comedic "presence" that adds a sense of enjoyment to any party atmosphere! Many of our guests were still asking "Was that waiter with the hotel staff?" That is exactly the unexpected edge we wanted to present as people arrived, were seated and began the night's festivities." -Todd Willman Marketing Manager GGS Information Services, PA

"Our employees continue to rave about The Wacky Waiter's performance! Loved the audience participation -it was Great!" -Norm Randall Entertainment Committee Dutch Gold Honey, PA

"From start to finish, The Wacky Waiter kept the audience laughing. Great audience participation!" -Banquet Coordinator ASA of Central Pennsylvania, PA

"What a great act!" -Jim Cerra Kanawha Valley Builders Association, WV

"The Wacky Waiter was great! Stupendous!" -Leonard Maltin Film Critic Los Angeles, CA

Here are just a few companies that have experienced The WACKY Waiter: IBM Exxon Blue Shield TV Guide AMP High Associates Nationwide Insurance Dart Container US Food Service Mirage Hotel & Casino Quaker Oats People's Bank PA Dentist Association PA Gas Association General Electric Caterpillar Inc. Engineer Research of MI Bank of Hanover Mon-Health Systems Federal Mogul Corp PA Food Merchants Fidelity Federal Bank NY Marriott Marquis PeopleSoft Showboat Casino Peco Energy Co. Pepperidge Farms Edison Energy The Horst Group Zook Molasses Co Val-Pak Norelco PJ Dick Mortgage Bankers Assoc. First Union PCS One Conoco Inc. Lancaster Laboratories Y & S Candies Exellon Accu-Sort Systems Dodge-Regupol Gateway Reality Boose Aluminum HB Reese Co. Keystone Young Pres. Building Industry Assoc. Handy & Harmon Herr Potato Chips ICISF

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book A & I Entertainment Cirque Style Events
A & I Entertainment Cirque Style Events
A & I Entertainment Inc Las Vegas & Nationwide Company, specializes in offering Exceptionally Unique Theatrical presentations for Exclusive Special Events and Corporate Entertainment. Cirque Style Production Shows, Aerial Shows, Ice Carving Shows, Fashion Shows, Dance Groups, Musical Groups, Laser Shows, Special effects, First Class Models and Mach more Available at:

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