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Steel Breeze

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Steel Breeze is a classic "Hit" band that has been providing party music since 1976. The band's repertoire includes the party music of the 60's, the disco dance music of the 70's, and the pop/adult contemporary music of the 80's and 90's. Steel Breeze is fun entertainment. Through the evolution of personnel, Steel Breeze has maintained a dynamic and spirited stage presence. Starting out as a college party band, Steel Breeze evolved into a club act and then into a national recording act. Moving into the casing gaming world in the 80's and then into the corporate event world in the 90's, Steel Breeze has successfully performed in all applications. Having sold almost 1 million albums distinguishes the band even further. The following is a list of the band's players.

Rothchild - Lead Guitarist, Vocalist, Showman. Another member of Steel Breeze that started his musical career as a child phenomenon, Rothchild has been providing the electricity in the Steel Breeze show since 1985. In addition to providing excellent musicianship and stylistic vocals, Rothchild is a true stage personality. Bringing his flare and vitality to the stage has earned Rothchild highest praise from Steel Breeze fans and buyers. His high quality of performance and unique personality has mad Rothchild one of the most popular (and notorious!) performs in all of Northern Nevada. Like Bobby Thompson, Rothchild has recorded several CD's with Steel Breeze. And Rothchild has also earned performances and recordings with Tesla, Y&T, and several other notable artists.

Spike - Drummer, Vocalist, Comic. One of the newest features to the Steel Breeze Show is the wild stage antics of the performer known as Spike. Having spent a decade performing with Rob Hanna, Spike has built a reputation as one of the premier performers in all of Nevada. Spike brings a sensational combination of singing, playing, and providing humor to the stage. In addition, Spike has written songs and recorded with Sammy Hagar and members of the band Kansas. Spike has done live TV talk show appearances on a few different television programs. He is currently a Research and Development Artist for the DW Drum Company. Spike has also had endorsements by Converse Shoes and Budweiser. Witness the performance of Spike and Steel Breeze - a truly unique experience.

Tommy "T-Large" McLean - Keyboardist. The other new addition to Steel Breeze is the amazing play skills of Tommy McLean. "T-Large" also arrived from the Rob Hanna Band, where he spent the last decade touring all parts of the United States and Canada. Tommy developed his exceptional skills and mastery of keyboards in Southern California. As a respected musician in the L.A. Club scene for 15 years, Tommy also spent countless hours as a session musician. His recording contributions and credits in the album projects of the Orange County music world are extensive. Tommy was also featured in the major label Texas band Chastity Fox. Tommy now brings a musical depth to the Steel Breeze sound. The musical anchor in the Steel Breeze show, Tommy provides musical texture that is solid, warm, and of course, "Large". The perfect compliment to the Steel Breeze sound!

Bobby Thompson - Lead Vocalist, Bassist, Guitarist. Performing professionally since the age of 16, Bob has always been a naturally gifted singer and songwriter. Since 1987, Bob has been anchoring the Steel Breeze stage front and center. With his ability to play all instruments on stage, Bob has been asked to record and perform with many other artists, in many musical styles as well. By bringing his R&B roots to the band, Steel Breeze has grown far beyond the Pop/Rock roots of earlier years. Discovered by Steel Breeze while a finalist on "Star Search" in 1986, bob has also recorded albums with Alan Holdsworth, Tony McAlpine and with members of the bands Boston, Journey, Night Ranger, and Pablo Cruise. A true singer, Bob has performed the National anthem at Major League Baseball games, NFL Football stadiums, Championship Boxing, and other large special events.

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