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George LaMond

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George Lamond is an eternal romantic. This becomes clear in his new compact disc Entrega, his first under the Prestigio Recordings label of producer and promoter John “Gungie” Rivera.

He was born February 25, under the sign of Pisces in Washington D. C. and for George Lamond, love is the essence of life and his inspiration to sing. “I’ve been singing since before I could reason,” says the energetic performer who aspires to be known as ‘The hardest working man in salsa show business’. “All my life I knew this is what I wanted to do.” But even though he felt secure about what would become his future, George began to study architecture after graduating from the High School of Art & Design. It was during this time that this dynamic singer, who brings us the lively tune “Que Te Vas” (a salsa version of the song originally composed by Mexican superstar Juan Gabriel), walked his first steps in the genre known as dance music; the same music where Marc Anthony and India were initiated.

In fact, Marc was the first person who suggested he should record in Spanish. “We were in Los Angeles”, Lamond remembers, “and Marc told me he had just finished his first Spanish language production. ‘You have to listen to it’, he said. ‘It’s exceptional’, those were his words,” explains the artist.

At that time, George Lamond was already gaining popularity in the American music scene and he was not particularly interested in exploring a new market, although the words of his former back up singer and friend remained in his mind and dug deep in his heart.

Lamond topped the dance charts with the songs “Bad Of The Heart”, “Where Does That Leave Love” and “No Matter What”, a duet with Brenda K. Starr later remade by DLG as “No Moriras”. While recording in English George had combined sales of over a million units. But as a true Latino, George felt the calling of his Latin blood and decided to return to his heritage and record in Spanish.

And what to him had been the music of an older generation, became a new passion. He saw the turning point of tropical music, and was seduced by the intoxicating rhythms and traditional culture of salsa. He went to the studio and recorded a compact disc with ten exciting numbers that combine a ‘salsa pop’ sound with a unique voice that can’t be compared to anyone else’s.

Yes, its true, George Lamond has brought a unique style and the artistic experience of several years in the American music scene to the world of tropical music. In a musical production of Luis D. Cabarcas, who also made the arrangements, performed and composed some of the tracks, Lamond and his team blended musical and vocal styles to create a truly original production.

As an interesting sidebar, George confesses that his voice is the product of years of experience and self-training, since he has never studied vocalization. “Never”, he says emphatically and surprisingly. This makes his art even more admirable. So when you hear him in tunes like “Me Niego A Perderte” (by Yoel Henriquez), “Si No Estas Aqui”(by composer Mary Lynne Pagan) or “Amor De Entrega Total” (Venezuelan composer Ilan Chester), you will find a natural voice and charismatic force that could only come from within.

In his musical arrangements George Lamond moves without difficulty from a ballad to a tropical tune, from bolero to salsa. You will discover it for yourselves, when you listen to this production, where his main goal is delighting you with his total “Entrega”.

The Freestyle era came and went in a haze of smoke and mirrors, but one of a select few performers more than managed to maintain his hold on the spotlight; George Lamond. Week after week, George performs all around the nation electrifying crowds with his hot, dynamic, no-holds barred stage presence. Blasting out such hit songs as “Bad of the Heart,” ”Without You”, and “Look Into My Eyes”, George's appeal hasn't diminished one iota since his debut.

His newest release “The Hits and more” (coming off of Robbins Entertainment Records) promises to be a crossover success. From pop dance to salsa, this newest endeavor from the Lamond camp has something for everyone. “The Hits and more” LP, is a collaborative effort by such venerable producers as Chris Barbosa (of Shannon fame) , Carlos Berrios (Lisette Melendez) and a slew of other well known and up and coming talented producers, with George appearing as CO-producer on some of the cuts as well. Lyrical contributions by, Philip Andreula, Dominic Marabeti, Midnight Star, and George Lamond among others.

During his childhood, George delighted all with his renditions of Jackson 5, Menudo and Spinners songs. It wasn't until a high school friend, Kevin Perez, suggested to George that he come over to hang out while Kevin experimented with a four track recorder. To test out the unit, George, on a whim, sang the lead to the Luther Vandross/Gregory Hines single ”There’s Nothing Better Than Love”. Kevin played the tape around to some friends at school, the word leaked out about a new unknown with a great voice and George was persuaded, by his friends, to take his talent seriously. Following that the rest was history. With his first hit single, “Bad Of The Heart” (written by Marilyn Rodriguez and Philip Andreula), George ascended Billboard's Hot 100 chart to the top 25, as well as the number one position on Billboard's Hot Dance Singles. Following that, Mr. Lamond found himself engulfed in a whirlwind of television appearances, sold out arena tours and music award nominations.

George has performed with the likes of The New Kids On The Block, Patti Smythe, Jermaine Jackson, Debbie Gibson and K.C. and The Sunshine Band just to name a few. He's been profiled on Entertainment Tonight, made a guest appearance on The Rick Des Show, been prominently displayed on CNN's Show Biz Today, endorsed such top of the line products as Coca Cola, Reebok, Bang Bang, and was nominated in 1992 for Best Male Pop Vocalist, as well as, Best Male R&B Vocalist in the prestigious New York Music Awards.

Ligosa Records was the first to release George's runaway smash “Bad Of The Heart” which instantly attracted the attentions of Sony Columbia. One listen was all it took before Lamond began cranking out hit after hit. He enjoyed three albums and a string of Hot 100 singles including; ”No Matter What”, ”Where Does That Leave Love”, and ”Baby I Believe In You”.

He also achieved Top 10 success on Billboards Hot Latin Singles chart with the cuts “No Morira” and “Creo En Ti” (off his Latin LP. of the same name) during his stay at Sony Columbia.

Now on Robbins Entertainment Records, George's sights are set on repeating his past triumphs with his newest collection of, soon to be hits. None of the prosperity George Lamond has experienced during his past has been undeserved. Hard work, perseverance, and an immeasurable amount of vocal ability are the key contributing factors toward the success and longevity of his career. When asked about his feelings toward this album, George is quoted as saying, ”This album is going to make some serious noise!”

An anonymous author once said, ”There’s so much history it can’t help but repeat itself”. In the case of George Lamond that can only be a positive thing.

His is a name and a sound that will not soon be forgotten.

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