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DJ Paul Edge

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Paul Edge aka Twister is an enigma. The DJ and producer extraordinaire seems to epitomise the very essence of underground club culture. Despite having run one of the worlds most successful clubnights, The Outer Limits - a night that featured virtually every ground breaking dj and live act during its 11 year run, (including Luke Slater, Mr C, Terry Francis, Laurent Garnier, The Advent, Billy Nasty, Andrew Weatherall, Gayle San, Colin Dale, Union Jack, Billy Nasty, Colin Faver, Eddie Richards, Derryck May, Robert Armani, Frankie Bones, Scratch Perverts, The Herbalizer and many more) headlined around the world to audiences ranging between 250 to 30,000, and produced some of clublands finest dancefloor moments as Twister in the last 10 years - he has managed to retain credibility and anonymity and a passionate underground following that has driven his website, to in excess of 150,000 hits a month from over 80 countries, with a live mix being downloaded over 500,000 times.

Perhaps highly respected Washington DC club night Sleaze summed up the Paul Edge enigma the best -

"Paul Edge made jaws dropduring his debut performance at Buzz, his techno electro fusion sound was still largely unknown. Pushing labels like Gigolo to an uneducated US crowd was indeed ground breaking, but this is what makes Paul Edge such a good Dj, from being one of the first DJs to play Trance in Canada in 1994, to introducing tech house to a packed Twilo crowd, Paul Edge consistently treads where others fear to go, perhaps his lack of worldwide "fame" stems from the fact that once other DJs catch on, he`s already moved on."

With The Outer Limits, Paul Edge developed an style rather than follow any particular genre, and whilst he can be considered as one of the people behind the music, what he plays now others will follow in 12 months, a characteristic that is reflected not only in his djing but also his production, it has also made it very difficult for the mainstream media to classify him. In 1998 he started promoting the term Tranz as an accurate description of what he plays. Tranz is not a musical genre, it is a style, fusing many musical influences into a dance floor friendly medium. In 2000 he put the Outer Limits aside following a highly successful 2 month Outer Limits tour of the USA with The Advent , ending in front of 5000 people in Nova Scotia, Canada, to concentrate on a new concept Remote Control.

Defying convention, Paul Edge took Remote Control to the USA, where the concept is now starting to take a hold on the US` clubbers imagination. As with The Outer Limits, Remote Control is pushing the envelope musically and helping to change people`s opinions of underground dance music.

The legendary Firestone in Orlando reported after a recent Remote Control event

"Paul Edge completely blew up the room. 506 people witnessed and felt a true dance music event in a city that everyone thought dance was dead in. It is not - there is a scene."

In April 2004 Paul Edge and The Outer Limits ended their 3 year association with One Love Management and are now preparing for the relaunch of The Outer Limits (Toronto) and Denial (Buffalo).

As a producer, Paul Edge, under his recording pseudonym Twister, has delivered some breathtaking moments in his excursions into the studio. From his first release the mainstream British media recognised the awesome talent of DJ Paul Edge, Mixmag stating in 1995 "Someday all trance records will be made this way".

His second release proved to be one of the defining moments in the development of the European trance movement, Metamorphosis of Narcotics by Twister went on to sell in excess of 35,000 units and has been licensed to over 50 compilations and continues to be licensed nearly 8 years later in its original version. Beset by label difficulties, the next release from Twister was Sequence 23 in 1998 under The Outer Limits ep, which although never released on a major label has sold over 10,000 units and been played by virtually every dj around the world, from Carl Cox live on Radio 1 (UK) to Donald Glaude (Live at Buzz).

Despite approaches from many major labels, Paul Edge and Twister`s unpleasant experience at the hands of a major has meant that all Twister and Paul Edge production continues to be released in limited runs on RAD23, a label owned and run by TOL23, Paul Edge`s network of companies. The djs who have supported Paul Edge`s production include: Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, MR C, Dave Clarke, Mistress Barbara, Stuart McMillan, Orde Miekle, John Aquaviva, Luke Slater, Donald Glaude, Trevor Rockliffe, Daz Saund, Eddie Richards, Sven Vaeth, Chris Liebling, Mauro Picotto, Angel Alanis, Cari Lekebusch, Daz Saund, Colin Dale, Colin Faver, Chris Liberator, Mrs Wood, Frankie Bones to name but a few

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