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Legends of Comedy

To book artists and talent such as Legends of Comedy for your corporate event, private party, fundraiser, or club, just use our Talent Request Form or Contact us.
The Legends of Comedy is a fantasy production show that has something for everyone: Featuring the timeless humor of George Burns, the wit of Roseanne, the topical jokes of Jay Leno, the zany antics of Robin Williams, the nostalgia of Jack Benny,the bantering of Joan Rivers, the riotous escapades of George Carlin, the classic comedy of Abbott and Costello, the rapid fire delivery of Rodney Dangerfield, and the wacky musical marriage of Lucy and Desi, (plus many more) all wrapped up in the most unique look and sound alike show appearing in America today. Some of the top daytime talk shows report that their highest rated theme shows have been "look-a-like" shows. The Legends of Comedy rides the cutting edge of the best of stand-up comedy, along with the success of other long running popular variety shows like Legends in concert.

Superstars From Past and Present

The Legends of Comedy features the biggest comedy stars from the past and present, all together on one stage in an amazing simulated comedy extravaganza that always leaves audiences thoroughly entertained and cheering for more. The talented celebrity impersonator artists pay tribute to the comedy legends who have earned their place in the hearts and smiles of audiences around the world. The show is as diverse as the many comedic legends who preform in it, and offers a wide range of comedy - from observational humor, to gut busting jokes - and is hosted by Bill Kirchenbauer (star of the long running hit ABC sit-com Just The Ten Of Us). This critically acclaimed show has to be seen to be believed. As one critic put it: " The Legends of Comedy is so true to life the audiences forget they are watching impersonators."

Custom Tailored for your needs

In addition to being unique and hilarious, The Legends of Comedy is as versatile as the wacky cast of celebrities that perform in it. We can customize the size and length of the show to fit your corporate event or venue size. Small, large, long or short The Legends of Comedy can be made to order without losing one belly laugh, Like a well made suit, you will be amazed at how well our show can fit your needs. The Legends of Comedy is also audience friendly. We have designed programs for older audiences, younger audiences, corporate audiences and can even offer one that appeals to people of all ages!

Legends of Comedy always adapts to the dictates of your good taste. From "G" rated to "R" rated, we can deliver laugh after laugh. You'll hear nothing but compliments from your audiences because we can deliver the show you want. Be a legend in your own time, give your audience the gift of laughter.

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