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Jack Coen

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Jack Coen does not consider himself a baby boomer although according to statistics he qualifies. Yet he most definitely is not a radical dude. Jack is part of that last generation that came of age in the mid-70's; post-hippie, pre-disco, Nixon was gone, Carter was cool and Reagan was working on his impression of John Wayne.

Jack and his generation were ready to forget Watergate, Vietnam and dirty politics. He wanted to trust authority , forget world problems and party. Well, the party's over. Drugs aren't cool, sex is dangerous, peace is breaking out on one side of the world and people still don't communicate on the other. Jack tried to sever his ties to the 60's and in many ways he succeeded. But one thing stuck, there is more than one side to every story and that's the side he likes to look at. Whether it be politics, sports, religion, relationships, sex, marriage or children. He likes to find the other side. Some would call it having an open mind, he calls it common sense. "Good isn't all good, but bad isn't all bad, and comedy is in between.

Jack began his comedy club career in early 1980 in the showcase of clubs of New York City and in a relatively short time became one of the top acts in the city. He soon began to headline comedy clubs across the country. In 1987 he moved to Los Angeles where he became a regular at the Hollywood Improvisation. Jack has had numerous television appearances including: The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, Showtime's Comedy Club All-stars with Woody Harrelson, and MTV's broadcast from the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Quebec. Although he is a regular television performer, Jack is one of the few comics left who really enjoys working the road. Jack currently resides in LA with his wife Dawn, his six year old son Sean and 14 month old daughter Caitlin.

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