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Len Barry

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Len Barry is a Philadelphia legend. Len and his three platinum number one records have lived in the hearts and minds of Philly's radio and record listeners for 30 years. He is someone they've grown up with all their lives. Len Barry is a world class name who still lives on Philadelphia's streets.

Academic excellence, sports expertise and the blessing of a golden voice that has sold 20 million records, achievements for three people would indeed be commendable. These, however, are the conquests of one man. Len Barry is an exceptional person, and exceptional people do exceptional things.

This college educated holder of three classically huge recordings started out achieving by playing three years on the legendary Overbrook High School, City Championship basketball teams of 1959, 60, and 61. His teammates, Wayne Hightower, Ralph Heyward, Walt Hazzard, and Wali Jones became All Americans, and N.B.A. heralded professionals. Len went on to become the lead singer of the world famous "Dovells", and later duplicated the successes of "Bristol Stomp", and "You Can't Sit Down", with his own classic "1-2-3", as a solo artist. This natural born writer has the magic of charming conversation at his command, instinctively. Len Barry, degreed in Social Communications, tours the world both singing and lecturing. He has been behind the microphone all his life. He is a natural! His knowledge of sports is paralleled by his historically based-socially cognitive mind. It is difficult to find any issues that Len is not well read on, and highly opinionated about. He combines instinctive recall of specifics wit h a powerful antenna for the general emotional state of the times.

Len Barry is an individual driven by high personal standards and goals, who still deeply feels the pain of life's daily problems. He combines confidence and humility with an incredible drive to excel at every new task he undertakes. He is a rare mixture of teacher and doer. His capabilities catalystically inspire awe, admiration and outrage.

Len Barry is not afraid to stand up for what he stands for. He is a great communicator whose charisma hypnotizes audiences. He lights up hearts, eyes, minds, bodies and phone lines.

Len Barry is exceptional!

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