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Dickey Lee and Freddy Weller

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As Memphis was opening the doors of rock-n-roll to the world, Dickey Lee began his career in music. He signed his first recording contract with Tampa Records and released his first pop single in 1957. Promoted by disc jockey Dewey Phillips, "Dream Boy" was an instant local smash. It stayed at the number two spot on the biggest rock-n-roll station in Memphis for eleven weeks. Understandably, it was held from the number one position by Elvis and his hit single "Teddy Bear".

Dickey caught the attention of the hottest producer in Memphis. Sam Phillips signed him to legendary Sun Records while Dickey was still attending Memphis State University. A few years later, in 1961, he signed with Smash Records. Lee's first release became a number one national pop hit and million seller. "Patches" put him on the rock-n-roll circuit with the Beach Boys, Fabian, Bobby Vinton, Tommy Roe, and Freddy Cannon. His second release, "I Saw Linda Yesterday" also rocketed to the top of the pop charts. In 1965 he signed with Twentieth Century Fox and scored two more pop hits, "Laurie" and "The Girl From Beyond Peyton Place".

Equally as successful in country music, Dickey signed with RCA Records in 1971 and recorded as one of that label's top country artist for ten years. He could be heard on the airways with such crossover hits as "9,999,999 Tears", "Rocky", and "Never Ending Song Of Love".

The Dickey Lee sound is still strong and clear, his hits are delivered to his fans exactly as they remember them from the fifties, for his voice has not changed a bit. Lee adds to his show excitement, stage presence and crowd awareness that can only be mastered by 30 years in the business. He has entertained audiences in every state of Union, Europe, Canada, and New Zealand.

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